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Monday, July 24, 2017

Don't sign the anti-Town Center petition!!!!!

Please, if you live in Troy please DO NOT sign the petition about the Troy Center Development. The holder will claim the petition is intended to give the right to vote on city development. What it will do is end the ability of the city government to do its job and go into standard contracts that it has always done.
Some examples? From the city attorney, if the ballot proposal the petition supports succeeds, all of these agreements (and far more!) would probably have to be added to November ballots every other year:
  • The agreement with the Troy Historical Society for use and management of the Troy Historic Village.
  • The agreement with the Troy Racquetball Club for the use and management of the tennis courts on the civic center site.
  • The agreement with Camp Ticonderoga, leasing the restaurant building and parking facilities.
  • The agreement with Troy Beaumont Hospital, allowing Beaumont employees to park in the south part of the Flynn Park parking lot.
  • The agreement for the Troy Baseball Boosters and Troy Cowboys and others to use the sports fields in City parks.
Really? We want to spend our days micromanaging the city government? No, what would happen is that the anti-taxers would all vote down everything and we would lose it all.
This is where I came in back in 2009.
This is a disastrous mess, brought to us by Marty and Frank Howrylak who brought Troy to its knees back in 2008-2012 by trying to close the library and the nature center and kill off everything about Troy that made it special. Not to mention -- the Howrylaks brought us Janice Daniels. Case closed.

PLEASE don't sign the petition until you are sure you really know what it means.
Read the whole city memo here:

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