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Friday, October 16, 2015

Dave Henderson Promises "No Games." Don't Believe Him

In Dave Henderson’s latest post on Facebook, he makes a pitch for, among other things, financial support for his re-election campaign. But if we’re being honest, Henderson needs someone to donate a dictionary to his campaign. Because Dave Henderson has trouble with some common English words. In this case, Dave Henderson doesn’t understand what “non-partisan” means.
City Council seats are, by design, non-partisan. It’s right there in the charter. Section 3.3 of the City Charter states that “members of the Council shall be elected on a non-partisan ballot from the city at large...” Furthermore, Section 7.2 of the Charter states that the “election of all city officers shall be on a non-partisan basis.”
But that doesn’t matter to Dave Henderson. For him, there’s only one important qualification one needs to be on council: Think like Dave Henderson. Never mind that Troy is ethnically, linguistically, and culturally diverse. The only thing that matters is Dave Henderson’s opinion. Which is why Dave Henderson is supporting overwhelmingly partisan candidates for City Council.
The sad thing is that he should know better. Oh, he’ll pay lip service and acknowledge that “the council is a non partisan position...” But for Dave Henderson, “world view” trumps every other consideration.
And just what world view does Dave Henderson champion? The Tea Party point of view, of course. He’ll no longer call it “Tea Party,” because that would damage his crafted image as a folksy guy who is “upfront about his opinions.”
But let’s not forget that Dave Henderson ran with that Tea Party darling, Janice Daniels. And he thinks that her successful expunging by the people of Troy was an “oddity.” Currently, he supports a candidate that believes UNICEF is a socialist plot.
Also recall that Dave Henderson has played partisan games in the past. Back when Councilman Fleming was elected to the County Commission, Dave Henderson sponsored Paul McCown to be his replacement. When he realized that he didn’t have enough sway to shove his hand-picked candidate down Troy’s throat, Henderson went along with the majority of council and voted to have the non-partisan candidate Steve Gottlieb appointed. We can read that decision as Dave Henderson doing the political thing in order to protect his image.

The ironic thing is that Henderson doesn’t consider himself a politician. Remember, when he first ran for council, he crafted an image for himself as a guy who is “not running again.” But then, as he discovered he liked the power and attention, he started eying the mayor’s chair. Now he’s a full-blown partisan hack plotting to take Troy back to the bad old days of partisan games by running with ideologues.
And here’s the thing about partisan games: They destroy good government and the public trust. Partisan games have frozen Lansing so we can’t get road funding. Partisan games lead to people like Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat being elected, then expelled from the State House, and the promised criminal investigation buried. Partisan games have made Washington D.C. a joke and given us a Congress with a miserable 13% approval rating. And Dave Henderson thinks that’s great because that’s his “world view.”
Right now, we have a non-partisan City Council. Council is working together, setting aside ideological differences, and are striving towards a single goal: Doing what’s best for Troy. That’s solid, non-partisan leadership.
Unfortunately, Dave Henderson doesn’t believe non-partisan leadership is the right thing for Troy. Dave Henderson is trying to bring back divisive partisan games to the council table. If this doesn’t disqualify him from serving on council, I don’t know what does.

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