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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dave Henderson Supports Janice Daniels 2.0

Does anybody miss the bad old days when Janice Daniels was Mayor?

Apparently Dave Henderson does, because he's supporting a Janice Daniels clone for City Council.

I speak, of course, of Paul McCown.

Like Janice Daniels, Mr. McCown is an active user of social media. The only difference is that he's attempting to hide his Tea Party opinions. Because if he was honest in his opinions, he would never be elected to hold an office higher than dog catcher, let alone city council.

But before we get accused of making false accusations, let's look at statements Mr. McCown has made on his now-private Twitter account and compare them with Janice Daniels.

First up, both Janice Daniels and Paul McCown share a love of Trevor Louden.

Janice has interviewed Louden on her radio show, while Mr. McCown goes out of his way too see Louden when he makes public appearances. On his now private twitter account, Mr. McCown said this:

If you don't know who Trevor Louden is, the Wikipedia page about him is very revealing. Trevor Louden believes socialism is either a mental illness or character deficiency, communists are responsible for supplying much of the world's illegal drugs, and he follows the “Zenith Applied Philosophy” which is described as a “combination of Scientology, Eastern mysticism and the ideas of the American John Birch Society.”

So Louden's crazy beliefs lead him to hunt for socialists.  But then again, so does Paul McCown. Again, from his Twitter feed:

As you can see, Mr. McCown believes that United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), is a socialist organization. Yes, The organization that “promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child in 190 countries and territories” is a Socialist plot. That's a big glass of Janice Daniels brand crazy sauce.

And just to round out the similarities between him and Janice, Paul McCown supports candidates the espouse virulent anti-gay opinions:

If you can't recall who Ken Cuccinelli is, he's the former Gubernatorial candidate from Virginia who opined that homosexuality “brings nothing but self-destruction, not only physically but of [the] soul.” Sounds a bit like the unrepentent homophobia of our disgraced former mayor, no?

Clearly, Dave Henderson hasn’t learned the lessons from Troy’s national embarrassment. The only question is whether or not Henderson knew all of this before he gave McCown his support. If Henderson didn’t know, it reveals his underlying incompetence and shatters any trust you should have in him. If Henderson did know, shame on him for supporting someone as divisive as Janice Daniels.

None of this should be a surprise, however. We're talking about Dave Henderson. This is the candidate who suggested we fund the library through the installation of parking meters:

The lesson here is clear: Dave Henderson is still a Tea Party radical, looking to promote other Tea Party members.  We need not return to the bad old days of Janice Daniels just because Dave Henderson wants them.

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