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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mike Bosnic – Too Partisan to Be Impartial

Want to know what happens when politicians put their buddies in judicial seats? You get a hotbed of partisan politics and judges who lack objectivity. So says former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver, who wrote a massive 700 page book detailing how then-Gov. John Engler sought to extend his political influence over the Michigan Supreme Court.

And now severely partisan politicians are seeking to enthrone Mike Bosnic on to the District Court seat so they can have a partisan activist in Troy's District Court.

You can tell that Mike Bosnic is a partisan activist by the way he's campaigning. He's campaigning like a politician.

Early on in his campaign he was more than willing to fight dirty. He sent out a campaign flyer attacking the integrity, experience, and ability of his opponent. (We have the flyer, but we won't propagate such scurrilous attacks by reproducing it here.)

These attacks are especially disturbing when the Michgan Judicial Code of Conduct requires all judges to “treat every person fairly, with courtesy and respect.” If Mike Bosnic isn't willing the treat people with respect in the competition for the bench, what would he do if wins?

Next, he sent out a campaign flyer where he's standing next to Troy's Tea Party darlings. There he is, standing there with a puffed chest next to Bob Gosslin and Martin Howrylak.

The very same Bob Gosselin who believed that Janice Daniels was “right on almost all her stands as mayor.” 

At this point, I think it's safe to assume that Mike Bosnic has Tea Party support because he'd be more than willing to advance a political agenda over being an impartial judge.

But doesn't it go without saying that you want judges to be impartial? You need judges to be fair, to listen to both sides in a dispute and reach their decision based on the letter of the law. We deserve judges who show courtesy to all sides and avoid interjecting their personal opinions into their decisions.

Which is why Mike Bosnic is simply too partisan to serve Troy as a judge.  But why take my word for it? The Detroit Free Press stated this fact months ago.

So when you cast your ballot this November, vote to keep partisan politics out of the judiciary.  Vote for Maureen McGinnis.

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