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Monday, October 20, 2014

Martin Howrylak Chooses Politics Over Principles

Come, won't you, and join me in the Wayback machine. We're travelling back to 2011, when Martin Howrylak, candidate for Troy's representative in the Michigan House was demanding his opponent, Mary Kerwin, join with him in “committing to the people of our district and our state in running a clean campaign...and to focus on the issues, not personalities.”

What a difference a couple of years make. Care to guess if Martin Howrylak has pledged to run a clean campaign this time round?

Of course not.

At the risk of stating the completely obvious, Martin Howrylak has run away from his pledge for a clean campaign because his record is a disaster and it's easier to scare people with half-truths rather than be honest.

The half-truths I speak of came from an attack piece that Martin has been mailing around Troy. It claims that his opponent, Mary Kerwin, supported “controversial” plans to “take people's property without consent.”

It's complete crap, folks.

Here's the truth: Back in 2009, Troy was in the process of improving and widening Rochester Road. City Council authorized the City Attorney to to make unconditioned offers to purchase easements for those improvements.

The two resolutions that Howrylak complains about occurred in February and May of that year. When these resolutions came before council, they easily passed by with a majority vote. Care to guess who didn't support those resolutions? Yep, Martin Howrylak.

So it's simple. Martin Howrylak was against widening and improving Rochester road. But because City Council recognized the project as a vital capital improvement, anybody associated with the project is the problem. Not only is Martin playing fast and loose with the fact, he's being completely disingenuous about them, too.

(And Think about it: If Martin Howrylak was against improving Rochester road, can we really expect him to support Snyder's plan to repair our crumbling infrastructure?)

But back to the matter at hand: Martin's vanishing pledge to run a clean campaign. Where did it go? And why? There “where” is the easy part: Martin has tried to make is disappear. Martin has scrubbed the “clean campaign” pledge and editorial from his website. But because the Internet is forever, we can thank Google for maintaining a cached version of the page. And the Oakland Press was kind enough to keep the pledge on their website.

As to why it disappeared, you'd have to ask Martin. But we can venture a guess: Howrylak knows that he has accomplished nothing in his two years in the Michigan Legislature. He's refused to support vital road repairs and got himself kicked off every committee he served on. In other words, Martin Howrylak has failed.

So his only option now is to jettison his alleged principles, distort the past, and attack, attack, attack. It's what you do when you've failed and don't want to be held accountable. 

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