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Monday, September 15, 2014

Martin Howrylak Thinks Us Fools

Does Martin Howrylak think we're suckers? Does he think we're fools?

Because that's the only conclusion I can come to after reading Howrylak's latest “announcement” on Facebook. You see, Martin fancies himself a “tax fighter.” He hates taxes so much, that's he willing to blow up Michigan's economy to prove it to you. So now he's realized that the tax on the pensions of senior citizens is “unfair” and he wants it repealed “now!”

But let's have a moment of honesty, shall we? Let's call Marty's announcement what it really is: A stunt. An antic, calculated purely to manipulate you into reelecting him.

Historically, Howrylak has always claimed to be a “tax fighter.” He thinks he's a proven “leader” and has run on all the times he reduced our taxes while on City Council.

However, Martin Howrylak has been in Lansing for TWO YEARS! And he just discovered the unfairness of the senior citizen pension tax last week! Just in time for the November election, when his name is on the ballot! What a coincidence!
You see, Martin Howrylak spends a lot of time calculating and crafting his image to prove to you that he's worth the salary our taxes are paying him. It's not true, however. Martin Howrylak has accomplished nothing in his two years in the State House beyond proving that he is a first class manipulator.
But why take my word for it? Let's look at more examples, shall we?
When Howrylak ran for Representative the first time round, he was happy to endorse Janice Daniels. We even have a picture of Martin proudly standing alongside his Tea Party friend. But after Janice was tossed out of office, she ran for Council. Did Martin support her? Nope. Martin couldn't be near the stench of failure, lest it get on him.
Earlier this year, when Howrylak was campaigning during the primary, who did he bring along with him? Why none other that our own Santa impersonator and reindeer farmer, Kerry Bentivolio. But once Bentivolio lost his primary bid in record-breaking fashion, who did Martin Howrylak find himself liking? Why, our very own foreclosure vulture, Dave Trott!

These are not the actions of a man with principles. These are the actions of a political operator, angling his actions to keep that sweet, sweet taxpayer money coming his way. So when you start receiving Martin's mailers bragging about the job he's doing, do yourself a favor: Recycle them. And do the same to Martin this November. Because B.S. makes excellent compost.

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