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Thursday, October 3, 2013

There She Goes Again

Oh, Janice Daniels...will you never learn?

Nearly a year ago, Ms. Daniels was successfully recalled from her position as Mayor of Troy.  No small feat, the recall seemed to have nearly silenced the most divisive politician Troy had seen in a while -- or ever.  Yet like scum on a pond, Daniels rises to the surface periodically to speak on conservative talk radio to proclaim her patriotic beliefs.

You see, Janice stands for "regulatory law."  She desires to "strengthen and empower" families. She wants to "protect retirement income for seniors."

That's right...she stands for empty campaign statements, fluffy and meaningless phrases, and scare-tactic sound bites targeting seniors.

What Daniels also seems to stand for is misrepresentation couched in over-blown verbosity.  Now attempting a run for city council, she is up to the same old tricks. In the space of a slick, glossy, two-sided (and might I add EXPENSIVE) mailer, she dizzingly arrays text and image, ignoring standard grammar and punctuation rules and -- seemingly -- originality.  As explained here, she all but directly plagiarized the mailer Councilman Dave Henderson used in his campaign.  Not only does this beg the question of who, exactly, is behind Daniels (and perhaps who WAS behind Henderson, a man who has since distanced himself from the worst of the political vermin in this city), it leads us to wonder how this woman thinks she even has a prayer of gaining a seat on council.

Sent to us by a reader, here is her most recent campaign mailer, fact-checked and corrected for your viewing pleasure.

Read for yourself.  And then tell Ms. Daniels we don't want her brand of government here.

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  1. Is this for real?? She must be more deluded that we could have imagined. I'd also think the shame of being recalled would have caused her to lay low for a while, but I guess not. I think Pennington and Fleming will keep their seats, and Ellen Hodorek will get the 3rd. I will actively work against Janice Daniels. Our city DOES NOT need that again.