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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Janice Daniels hides her identity on campaign signs

I saw some "Daniels City Council" signs on my way to work today.
Obviously Janice Daniels didn't get the message that Troy doesn't want her when we recalled her last year.
Or did she?
By not using her first name isn't she actually trying to hide who she is from the casual observer?
Of course. That is what these enemies of Troy have been doing for years - attempting to win by tricking those who don't pay attention.
So please, Troy voters, pay attention. Get educated and tell your friends and neighbors that this "Daniels" is actually the Janice Daniels who made an international mockery of our city with her buffoonery.
Let's not have next year's lawn signs read -- "RE-recall Janice Daniels!"

Vote AGAINST Janice Daniels...any way you can.

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