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Monday, October 28, 2013

Dan Brake tells the Tea Party Tale of Troy

Read all about it here.

And if it's been too long since you've seen Danny in action, you can refresh your memory here.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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Will she or won't she?

Will Janice Daniels, our disgraced recalled mayor, show up for the League of Women voters "debate" at Walsh College tonight?
Won't it be fun to see?
Besides that trainwreck, however, tonight will be a great opportunity to see how the candidates measure up.

Here's the info. from Troy Patch:
The League of Women Voters of Troy Area will hold its Candidates' Night for Troy City Council onWednesday, October 9, 2013 from 7-8pm at Walsh College Auditorium, 3838 Livernois, Troy 48083.
There are 9 candidates running for 3 city council seats. Due to the number of candidates, we have altered our procedures somewhat. Not all candidates will answer every question and it will go in a rotation that will be explained before the program begins. We ask you be in your seats by 6:40 pm so we can explain this and the candidates can be mic'd for videotaping.
In addition, League will also take questions a little differently. You are welcome to submit
questions in writing in advance by sending them and click on "contact us". If you do not have computer/internet access, you may send the questions to us at our Post Office box which is LWV TA, P.O. Box 99322, Troy, MI 48099. Or you may write questions and submit them when you come to the event. Candidates will not
see the questions in advance.
This program is nonpartisan and will be shown as many times as possible on CMN public access TV channel and video on demand thru your computers via the CMN website.
Also available to voters will be a written Voter Guide obtainable at the Troy Library and Community Center and City Hall and also on

Thursday, October 3, 2013

There She Goes Again

Oh, Janice Daniels...will you never learn?

Nearly a year ago, Ms. Daniels was successfully recalled from her position as Mayor of Troy.  No small feat, the recall seemed to have nearly silenced the most divisive politician Troy had seen in a while -- or ever.  Yet like scum on a pond, Daniels rises to the surface periodically to speak on conservative talk radio to proclaim her patriotic beliefs.

You see, Janice stands for "regulatory law."  She desires to "strengthen and empower" families. She wants to "protect retirement income for seniors."

That's right...she stands for empty campaign statements, fluffy and meaningless phrases, and scare-tactic sound bites targeting seniors.

What Daniels also seems to stand for is misrepresentation couched in over-blown verbosity.  Now attempting a run for city council, she is up to the same old tricks. In the space of a slick, glossy, two-sided (and might I add EXPENSIVE) mailer, she dizzingly arrays text and image, ignoring standard grammar and punctuation rules and -- seemingly -- originality.  As explained here, she all but directly plagiarized the mailer Councilman Dave Henderson used in his campaign.  Not only does this beg the question of who, exactly, is behind Daniels (and perhaps who WAS behind Henderson, a man who has since distanced himself from the worst of the political vermin in this city), it leads us to wonder how this woman thinks she even has a prayer of gaining a seat on council.

Sent to us by a reader, here is her most recent campaign mailer, fact-checked and corrected for your viewing pleasure.

Read for yourself.  And then tell Ms. Daniels we don't want her brand of government here.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Janice Daniels hides her identity on campaign signs

I saw some "Daniels City Council" signs on my way to work today.
Obviously Janice Daniels didn't get the message that Troy doesn't want her when we recalled her last year.
Or did she?
By not using her first name isn't she actually trying to hide who she is from the casual observer?
Of course. That is what these enemies of Troy have been doing for years - attempting to win by tricking those who don't pay attention.
So please, Troy voters, pay attention. Get educated and tell your friends and neighbors that this "Daniels" is actually the Janice Daniels who made an international mockery of our city with her buffoonery.
Let's not have next year's lawn signs read -- "RE-recall Janice Daniels!"

Vote AGAINST Janice Daniels...any way you can.