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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Congratulations Mayor Slater and Congratulations Troy!!!!

A few years of steady, calm leadership is just what we need.
Now will the nattering nabobs of negativity please put a sock in it for a while?
Or will they be at the next meeting crying, "Unfair, unfair, unfair!"
Can they ever accept the will of the people?

Any day that's a bad day for Boss Gosselin

Is a very good day for Troy!
We got rid of Janice Daniels, and got one of the best leaders troy has seen all in a few months.
If Boss Bob Gosselin, Doug Tietz and Dan Brake hadn't forced the state to sue us, it wouldn't have cost $50,000!

Monday, May 6, 2013

How could anyone vote for Knollenberg now?

Comment over on the Patch:
The mudslinging has not stopped. Another horrible robocall went out this afternoon slamming Mr. Slater with complete lies and twists of information. The idea that Knollenberg is going to be able to re-energize Troy when his supporters are as slimy and divisive as they are is nuts. The mailing this weekend and two robocalls are exactly what sucks the energy right out of this city. And they're from Knollenberg's camp. It's disgusting and is NOT Republican. I do not see how anyone can support him.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Barbara on Marty then. Barbara on Marty now.

It's always fun to see how politics makes for strange bedfellows.  Barbara Harrell, the leader of the Troy-Clawson Republican, is not shy with her opinions.

We already know that her husband, David Harrell, isn't overly fond of Glenn Clark.

But what does she think of Marty Knollenberg?  Back in 2006, she made her opinion known.  Here's how she described him:
like a deer in the headlights …except maybe noisier. His intellectual acumen and general brain power (or lack thereof) notwithstanding, his Daddy intends to see he doesn’t lose because that would make two losses in as many years. If you plan to retire and let your son inherit his kingdom on the Potomac, him being a two-time loser just won’t do!
Here's her quote, in full:

Now that it's 2013, has Barbara had a change of heart now that he's running for Mayor?  You betcha!  This is Barbara in April:

So...what happened?  How did Marty Knollenberg go from being "not the brightest crayon in the box" to "the most experienced candidate" necessary to "re-energize Troy?"

 That's easy to answer.  Barbara Harrell jettisoned her principles to become just another politician.  Just like Marty Knollenberg.