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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why Does Doug Tietz care more about POLITICS than TROY?

Doug Tietz got his panties in a bunch over the idea that the city would invest $75,000 in two of Troy's cultural gems -- the Historical Museum and the Nature Center -- yet he went out of his way to ensure Troy would pick up the 50 grand tab for the May election.
He didn't simply support the costly special election, which served no other purpose than trying to get a conservative mayor in, he actually pushed it hard in Lansing and the media. You don't have to take my word for it -- read the Trust FOIA'd documents here.
Doug Tietz and his bosses Glenn Clark, Boss Bob Gosselin and Marty Knollenberg were pretty darn quiet over their concern for state law BEFORE Janice Daniels was recalled. One might guess they too were happy to see her go.
So CM Doug, why is investing in Troy's culture -- that serves our children and property values so well -- a waste of money, yet spending $50,000 on this dumb election was something you believed in?
Why do you folks ALWAYS support your political ideologies above Troy's interests?
That's bad leadership!

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