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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Dirty Tricks Will Come...

There's an election coming up in May, an election that will determine who completes the Mayoral term started by Janice Daniels.

And because there's a election coming, there is one question on everybody's mind: When do the dirty tricks start?

Because it's not a matter of “if,” it's more of a matter of “when.”

I know that dirty tricks are coming because the person who brought you Janice Daniels is the same person working with Marty Knollenberg.

I speak, of course, of Glenn Clark.

Glenn Clark is famous for his dirty campaign tactics. In Macomb County, he worked for Kim Metzler and her campaign for State Senate, vying against Leon Drolet. It was a campaign so full of lies, it led to a lawsuit alleging defamation, libel, false light, and slander. It's rare for a campaign to end in a lawsuit, so we should probably review the facts.

The Meltzer campaign sent out a piece of literature stating that Drolet “Introduced legislation that would allow homosexual gross indeceny on public places,” Drolet “opposes traditional one-man, one-woman marriage,” and that Drolet was the “biggest supporter of homosexual special rights.”

Don't believe me? Here's the first few pages of the legal complaint:

As rare as a lawsuit arising from a senate campaign is, it's conclusion was even rarer: Meltzer apologized to Drolet. Meltzer admitted, in writing, that her campaign lied. For his part, Drolet was unequivocal about the source of Meltzer's dirty tactics: Glenn Clark. Drolet told the OaklandPress, “Meltzer’s campaign consultant, Glenn Clark, has a longhistory of specializing in reckless, gay-oriented smears (and) ...his obsession with persecuting gay people has come to define him.”

But attacking opponents isn't the only thing Glenn likes to do. He's more than happy to use dirty tricks against other Republicans.

Back in February, the Troy-Clawson caucus of the Republican party was holding a convention at the American Polish Cultural Center. Barbara and David Harrell, leaders of the caucus, set up an audio-visual projector for a presentation. When they attempted to give their presentation, David Harrell discovered the power cord to the projector was missing. A witness had seen Glenn Clark enter the room, allegedly to distribute literature. And the surveillance video revealed that the only person to enter the room besides Harrell and the witness was Glenn Clark.

Why did Harrell suspect Glenn Clark? We'll let Harrell explain. In his police report, Harrell states, “Glenn has been doing several things to undermine anyone that doesn't do what he wants and this is exactly like him.”

Read the police report for yourself:

So there you have it: Glenn Clark, political operative and source of slander and dirty tricks.

And who is Glenn Clark working with? Marty Knollenberg.

As a point of fact, Glenn Clark was the point person for Knollenberg's “Town Hall” meeting.

And, of course, it's not the first time Glenn Clark has worked with Knollenberg. Knollenberg and Clark were working together as far back as 2011.

So it's not a matter of “if” the dirty tricks get used against Mayor Slater, it's a matter of “when.”

It's what Glenn Clark does.


  1. The local GOP is messed up and morally bankrupt. It seems that they will even turn on each other, but no surprise there..."there is no honor among thieves", not talking literal thieves here but the principle stands.

  2. Don't forget Knollenberg's most recent campaign for Oakland County Treasurer which was littered with outright lies and smearing by innuendo against his opponent, incumbent, Andy Meisner. This is the one I found most egregious. From the Oakland Press:

    "Another allegation is that Meisner is taking a fee or bonus, along with a commission that is allowed to a county treasurer operating a delinquent tax revolving as long as the treasurer was in office before 1999 — which is not the case with Meisner, who took office in 2009.
    Meisner said Knollenberg’s campaign ads on television and on Facebook suggest he took the payment.

    “I never received any fee or perk of any kind,” Meisner said. “In fact, I was the first county official to refuse the taxpayer funded car and cell phone, I’ve taken a voluntary pay cut every year and I’m refusing the $500 bonus payment given to county employees.”

    More from the article: