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Friday, April 5, 2013

Standing Up

A local civic group, TRUST, recently stated this on their Facebook page:

After Janice Daniels was recalled, the Michigan Secretary of State's office, through the Office of the Michigan Attorney General, pursued litigation to force Troy to hold a February election.

One of the questions we were constantly hearing
s was "How did the state become involved?"

To find the answer, TRUST submitted a series of Freedom of Information Act Requests to the City, Oakland County, and to the State.

Much information has been gleaned from those FOIA documents.  Much has been learned and/or affirmed about the backroom political wrangling happening that clearly shows -- at best -- unethical attempts to sway votes on council.

What it happily showed was that sometimes...people see through that.

Exhibit A: Bob Gosselin attempting to force his will on council members:

Exhibit B:  Dave Henderson -- after stating he'd received the e-mail and voicemails (plural...Bob was working it pretty hard, apparently) -- responds:

I applaud Mr. Henderson's actions in this matter.  It's gratifying to see someone refuse to bow to the political pressure of Bob Gosselin and company, and it's especially gratifying to hear Henderson reiterate what MANY of us thought.  This whole election matter should have been argued LONG before the recall was successful -- it just appears some never bargained that it WOULD be successful.

Keep it up, Dave.  We need it.


  1. Good item. And it is good to see how Mr. Henderson responded. Gosselin is quite the political operator. Totally small time and pathetic, but a real politician.

  2. Sue,
    I applaud you and Trust for sharing these FOIA documents. All good, factual information. Not rumor, hearsay nor innuendo. Just the facts, ma'am, I love it!

    I also commend you for giving credit where credit is due. Giving kudos to Councilman Dave Henderson for his stand up performance was a nice touch.

  3. I'm glad this was noticed and people are picking up on it! And I agree it is good to see how Councilman Henderson responded. He did the right thing and I appreciate that he took such a stance.

  4. Excellent post, through and through.

  5. The FOIAs has indeed been eye-opening. No wonder the deluge of Tea Party repeat (and I mean repeat, over and over again, wouldn't once a quarter, be enough for some of these folks?) public commenters at City Council meetings whenever an issue arises, they are orchestrated by Gosselin and Clark.

    Due to this special election brouhaha, I am never voting for: 1) Bill Shuette, 2) Bill Bullard, 3) Candace Miller, 4) Gosselin, 5) anyone involved with Glenn Clark.