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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Marty Knollenberg has no intention of serving a full term as mayor

Marty Knollenberg has no intention of serving a full term as mayor
So why on earth would anyone vote for Marty Knollenberg for mayor of Troy, in a $50,000 special election forced on Troy by his supporters?
That is stone cold crazy.
The fiscal conservatives who are throwing our money away on this election want us to believe it's a GOOD thing that Knollenberg is running for a job he plans to dump out of early and then lead us to yet ANOTHER costly election.
Yes, it is those folks who always whine about how the private sector does a better job than the public sector who want to HIRE A MAN WHO WILL QUIT TO GET A BETTER JOB IN A YEAR.
One of the Knollenberg apologists even says it makes perfect sense that Knollenberg will turn in his letter of resignation, soon after being elected, over on Troy Patch:

"The council meetings I have attended have had a parade of good people from both sides commenting, all speaking the truth, often in anger and frustration. The council members all have to listen to this and still do their thankless jobs for the lowest hourly pay in Troy. Can you blame some of them for wanting to seek higher office after spending time in Purgatroy, oops, Purgatory?"
Oh, so Knollenberg has to quit early because being mayor of Troy is hard?
Awwwww. Poor fella.
This knuckleheaded lapdog simply offers more proof that Troy's self-described "fiscal conservatives" who want government to act like the private sector, are just a bunch of posers. They just want to be in power AT ANY COST!

Would you hire a manager who cost you 50 grand knowing he's going to quit a year later? Naw.

So... why would you hire Marty Knollenberg for Troy?
Hire Dane Slater.

He's no quitter.


  1. So this is our chance to have our very own Sarah Palin!

    Sarah Palin is a half-term governor, Marty can be a half-term Mayor!


  2. Is there any way to actually tie down Knollenberg as to his intentions for seeking John Pappageorge's Senate Seat? Has anyone asked the point-blank question? Now is the time for the question to be asked, and for the answer to go on record.

  3. He did answer the direct question when asked by one of Gosselin's puppets (Dale Murrish) in a blog on the Patch. His answer was less than direct. He artfully dodged it like the career politician that he is. By saying nothing, he said plenty. Here is his quote:

    "My commitment today is the same as it’s always been: serve Troy to the best of my ability. I've served Troy as a County Commissioner, as a member of the Parks & Recreation Commission, and as a State Representative. I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish for our community in those positions – I've cut taxes, reduced spending, reformed government, reduced my own salary, ended legislators’ lifetime health care benefits, etc....

    I believe it's a tacit acknowledgement by opposing campaigns that I've been an effective leader for Troy to suggest that voters would support me for higher office. But speculating about the future and engaging in hypothetical scenarios doesn't do anything to solve the challenges Troy faces today, and I'm not going to engage in that."

  4. Let's free him up to concentrate on that. Let's not elect him Mayor.