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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glenn Clark Keeps It Classy!

If you examine the "Taxpayers of Troy" Facebook page, they describe themselves as "Troy residents, business owners & activists who are concerned about the direction that certain public officials want to move our city to."

"Taxpayers of Troy" says things like this:

Then you have the "Troy Republican Committee," who describe themselves as "an organization of Republicans from across Troy, Michigan. We are conservatives focused on nominating & electing Republicans in Troy, Oakland County & Michigan!"

The Troy Republican Committee says things like this:

So the "Taxpayers of Troy" is a front group for the "Troy Republican Committee" and they have no problem politicizing the disgusting acts at the Boston Marathon to attack Mayor Slater.

Way to keep it classy, Glenn Clark!


  1. Thank God Mayor Slater and the council went on with the celebration of life and our youth programs. To do any other thing is to bow down to evil in all its forms...including, apparently, those who seek to criticize in a misguided political attack.

  2. Unbelievable, and so obviously purely political, it shows they don't give a d**mn about what happened in Boston. May I suggest they do what most of us do, spend some quiet time on their own in reflection on the tragedy. Mawkish insincere public display of sympathy especially when not all the details is not desirable. Also, Boston bombing was appropriately noted in the pastor's invocation before the meeting.

  3. But this is the stuff keeps their base all riled up! It's how they keep electing people who do not represent the character of our city in any way to positions. And we as taxpayers pay their salaries and health care benefits. It's not the Republican way. But it sure is the TROY Republican way. It's disgusting. And unless you have time to pay close attention, you don't have a clue.

    These are the antics that get their followers to the polls. They always turn out more voters, especially at a special election time. If people do not want these people to lead our community, they better show up on May 7th and vote to Keep Mayor Slater.

  4. One of the commentators mentioned how the Israelis respond to terror attacks incl. bombings of cafes. They clean it up and open the next day to show resilience and return to normalcy asap rather than let the terrorists "win"