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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boss Gosselin Has Friends and He's Not Afraid to Call Them

So now we know that Bob Gosselin was attempting to force his will on Troy's City Council by undermining the appointment of Dane Slater to the seat of the Mayor.

Not only was Bob Gosselin undermining Troy's City Council, he was actively soliciting the Attorney General's office to sue Troy, as part of plan to force a February election with two of Gosselin's friends, Dan Brake and Ed Kempen, as the sole candidates.

The video that follows, taken on November 26, 2012, shows Bob Gosselin, along with Dan Brake and Ed Kempen,  as they try to force Troy's City Clerk to accept the applications of Brake and Kempen Mayor in a February election. They are accompanied by Mike Ross, James Grix, Nick Cherasaro, Minesh Baxi, Ksenya Fry, and Ray Watts.

The audio is faint, so we've provided a transcript.  It focuses on Bob Gosselin's phone conversation with Rusty Hills, the spokesman for the Attorney General's office.  The conversation between the two starts at approximately 05:10, when Gosselin can be seen pulling his cell phone from his pocket.

~ 05:32 [Gosselin] Is Rusty Hills there please? Bob Gosselin. It's kind of urgent. Sure. Thank you.

~ 06:12 [Gosselin] “How ya doing? Hey, listen, I'm standing at the clerks office in Troy right now and they refuse to take the applications for the election on February 26th, okay, like the Secretary of State's letter outlined and, uh, I talked to the Oakland County Clerk and they said that the clerk is supposed to take it regardless and hold it until we resolve the problem here, okay? And they refuse to even take the applications and the checks. And so we're going to leave them on the counter here and we got video of it and I think we're going have to push it your way so you can observe what's going on.”

At ~ 07:03 Gosselin puts his cell phone on “speaker” so everyone can listen.

~ 07:04 [Hills] “And you know, uh, it's just, just a mess, I don't know what else to say and I'm sorry it has to know, we have to go through all this...”

~ 07:13 [Gosselin] “Yeah, but uh, Chris Thomas, uh, you said, is absolutely correct from the Secretary of State's office on this matter, right?”

~ 07:19 [Hills] “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Thomas is right. Or seems to be. I mean, all he's doing is following state law, and state law says there needs to be another election so the local attorney simply has it wrong...

~ 07:33 [Gosselin] “Okay.”

~ 07:37 [Hills] “You know, I don't remember a situation like this in the past where, you know, the state has provided crystal clear guidance on what the law is and the clerk is going a different way...”

~ 07:47 [Gosselin] Uh huh. Well, its not so much the clerk as the city attorney Lori Bluhm who basically told the city to act...”

~ 07:56 – [Hills] “That's who I meant, yeah, I'm sorry...the city attorney has given advice that's directly in conflict with Secretary of State's Elections Officer...”

~ 08:07 [Gosselin] “Well, what happened here is, uh, Lori Bluhm showed up at the clerk's office and told Mrs Bittner, the city clerk, not to accept them and she basically came to the desk and said we aren't accepting them...okay...and we're...4:00 is the deadline for filing so we're on time, we're timely and so forth... um, what do you think is the next step here that we pursue here?

~ 08:31 [Hills] Oh, um, boy, that's a tough question...ah, you know I'm not a lawyer and I don't, we don't give personal advice in this situation...I, I do know an individual, I think it's Michael Ross, has filed a complaint with us...I passed it along to our attorneys...

~ 08:45 – [Gosselin] Sure, and he's here right now, matter of fact as a witness...

~ 08:48 – [Hills] “Yeah, and so, you know, we're, last I saw I was with Bill earlier today, he had put in a call to Ruth Johnson, and uh, she hadn't returned it when left Bill about 20 minutes ago...”

~ 09:02 [Gosselin] “Okay...”

~ 09:05 [Hills] “So we're, you know, trying to talk to her since she's the chief elections officer for the state...”

~ 09:08 [Gosselin] “Uh huh...”

~ 09:09 [Hills] And uh, see what she wants to do or suggests should be we need to hear back from Ruth...

~ 09:15 [Gosselin] “Okay, what we're going to do is take a copy of the filing form and also the video and get it to you guys, okay, like maybe tomorrow, just so you can have it for your file okay...I'll let you go okay? You have a good one...we'll see ya...”

~ 09:32 [Hills] Bye.

~ 09:36 [Ray Watts] We're ready to...we're ready for the campaign...

~ 09:38 [Gosselin] Okay, um, that is Rusty Hills of course, Bill Schutte's guy...

In the final few moments of the video, Dan Brake states that he's going to wait behind while Bob Gosselin says he has to leave for dialysis.

The moral here is simple:  If you don't want Bob Gosselin to control Troy, vote on May 7th to Keep Mayor Slater.


  1. The video comes from Minesh Baxi, who I recall as being one of Janice Daniels' staunchest supporters. A quick Google search also shows him to be a staunch Troy. Tea Party member.

  2. So why aren't Brake and Kempen running for Mayor? Oh, I see it was just a stunt and besides Boss Gosselin has his candidate now, Marty Knollenberg.

    It was a rich moment at April 15th council meeting when Brake accused Mayor Slater of taking credit for what former city manager John Szerlag did (i.e, brought the city through financial crises). There was a time not so long ago where Brake,, were ready to tar and feather Szerlag out of town. How these people live with themselves I know not.