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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are You Talking out of Your Hat?

In recent months, the debate over city issues has warmed up again.  We had a relatively quiet late winter, but now that the seat of mayor is up for grabs, the rhetoric has been dialed up by some of Troy's most zealous ideologues.

If you follow the Troy Patch, you've seen some of it.

If you don't should.  At least you should before you open your mouth.

Unfortunately, not all loud talkers in the Troy arena think it's important to know the facts before they open their mouths.  One particular Troy Patch blogger repeatedly spews falsehoods, innuendo and downright offensive material.

Partially to combat that, several other informed voices have been participating in the conversation.  If you are informed, consider helping.  If you aren't informed yet, here's a very helpful piece that lists a place to start to get some facts as we are thrust toward May 7th.

Know the facts...then raise your voice.

Work to help Keep Troy Strong.
Keep Mayor Slater on May 7th.

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