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Monday, January 21, 2013

Has Troy escaped the fat only to fall into the fire?


from Linda

I recently read an article about a Troy home invasion in which the intruder identified himself as “Santa Claus.” While this may seem amusing, it brought back a somewhat comedic, if not truly disturbing, video I had viewed recently.
That video was the recording of the Troy City Council meeting which took place on
Monday, January 14, 2013. As many of you know, I am usually in attendance at these meetings. Unfortunately, or fortunately, (depending on how you want to view this) I was unable to attend this week.
The most, shall I say, “entertaining” aspect of the meeting was “public comment.” For anyone who wants a clear picture of some of what has been transpiring in Troy and resulting in negative attention on our fine city, they need only watch this. They should then start to understand some of the misguided, ill-willed, unbalanced, irrational, etc., etc., types of individuals that subject the leaders of our fine city to endure continual ranting and raving of continuous misinformation and nonsense. Even comedians and fiction writers know better than to continue to use the same content. I will say, however, that Monday’s meeting did introduce some new players and new claptrap for the viewer’s digestion.
My point in writing this is to inform the citizens of Troy that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to not only governing, but also living in Troy. Our city leaders and we, as citizens, have been subjected to much of the same behavior as was evidenced on Monday, in the previous 5+ years. To say that it is something new would truly be fiction. The citizens need to wake up and become responsible for all that is Troy. By that I mean, do your homework. Remember those who speak at these council meetings. Look up that of which they speak. Do not take the words of any of the individuals speaking during public comment as “gospel.” While it is quite apparent that some of the speakers are a little light on facts and otherwise, still do your homework.
Think about the future candidates you would like to see run for our city leadership. Watch the city council meetings and see how people present themselves. If they are running for an elected office, look into their backgrounds, see what affiliations they have and what they have been involved in in the past. Are they truthful? Check your facts. Have they been a positive part of the community, or one that is always fighting against it? Have they done their homework? It’s easy to spout a lot of details at the podium, but can they back it up? Do they continually seek to inflect harm on others in the way of staining ones reputation, intimidation, bearing false witness, etc. Do they know the subjects they speak about? Do they try to inflict their judgment in a loud, threatening manner? Do they have a positive attitude about Troy and it’s future, or are they continually knocking down anything that has been done?
I do not want someone who will play games and stop at nothing for political gain. I do not want a “thug” and/or “gang” running my city. I want an elected official with knowledge, integrity, professionalism and dedication to our fine city. I will be watching, taking notes and doing my homework, will you?


  1. I think there are many bad apples running for Mayor. Maybe marginally better than Janice, but where are the good people?

  2. Okay then, let's get ready to recall the next person who's politics we disagree with but who wins fair and square. Who's really the political thug?

  3. Leave it to Linda Kajma to jump right back into the pot stirring, tired old antics that so many have gotten tired of. its going to be really difficult to move forward if people are stuck in the past. Nothing new here, SOSDD. Moving on.

    1. I'm not tired of it and I'm listening to her. We must be ever vigilant to keep the extremists out of Troy governance. If anyone can smoke 'em out of their holes, she can!

  4. Dan Brake and Kempen are basically Janice clones. To have either of them as mayor would be a nightmare. It would be nice if Robin Beltramini would throw her name in the ring for mayor. She'd do a fine job. There are a few people from Trust who would make for good candidates too.

  5. Yes, Dave, god knows it would be terrible for Troy's citizens to pay attention to the list of bozos and hate-mongers who have put their hats in the mayoral ring.

    That Linda...what a pain.

    1. FG, If you mean Anon January 22, 2013 at 7:40 AM, nice try, but wrong.

      -Anon January 22, 2013 at 7:40 AM
      (NOT Dave).

  6. Anonymous 7:40: According to "Urban Dictionary"

    Pot Stirrer:

    "A person who feels it necessary to try and create more drama in regards to a situation/arguement/debate in which they are an outside observer. Usually by way of a comment or statement."

    First, I am hardly an outside observer.

    Second, have you watched the video of the meeting? Talk about drama, etc.

    Finally, I am moving forward. As has been evidenced in the past year, people are starting to pay attention and not take all the political ranting and raving as "gospel." There are, however, some who will still buy it, but that is why it is important to get the facts out early. We want voters to make informed decisions based on the facts, not the drama, fear tactics, etc.

    I'd also like to remind you that our community could move forward as a whole if we didn't have so many clowns trying to entertain them for a vote.

    Just doing my best for the city that I love.

  7. Linda speaks from a fact-based place. And tells it like it is. Thank God.

    1. Troy deserves whatever clown is next elected mayor. And next time it won't be so easy to recall The Honorable Bozo T. Clown. At least you could work around Janice Daniels. That's politics AND politic.