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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Janice Daniels can't keep it shut (video)


Mayor Janice Daniels' friends break the law and cheat, again

I distributed a few lawn signs for the Recall campaign. One thing I learned immediately was that Janice Daniels went around to houses with Yes signs and whined her way into getting some startled Troy citizens to remove the signs and some (especially international people and business owners) to put up No signs. I learned it because people TOLD me.
This has been the modus operandi of the friends of Janice, like Martin Howrylak, in the years I have been involved in politics in Troy. They cheat and strong arm people and straight out lie. 
She and her buddies have capped our taxes (throwing the city into financial disaster), fought against the library and installed the tea party mayor who hid that she was tea party until the night she took office.
This year, it also became clear that Janice's campaign buddies were ripping off signs, dozens of signs. Signs posted legally. So the Yes recall campaign started to watch the signs, and sure enough, along came the a sign poacher.
And the police were called.
Troy Patch posted the story today at 4:
Man Caught Removing Legally-Placed Recall Yard Signs
A Troy man may face charges after he illegally removed five yard signs Tuesday afternoon from the corner of East Long Lake and Rochester Roads.
The 62-year-old man was removing several Recall Janice Daniels yard signs from the Meadowbrook Plaza shopping center when a recall supporter confronted him.* Per Patch policy, the man's name is not being published unless he is charged.
“We’ve been doing stakeouts," Recall Janice Daniels co-founder John Kulesz said. "They’ve been disappearing as quickly as five minutes after we put them up."
Kulesz, who was not one of the two individuals watching the signs on Tuesday, said the man "pulled up and started taking our lawn signs down and throwing them in the trunk of the car.”
"The signs were legally placed," Troy Police Capt. Robert Redmond said Wednesday. "We took a police report. It will be turned over to the city attorney’s office for review."
"We will pursue that as we would any other request for a criminal charge,” Troy City Attorney Lori Grigg Bluhm said Wednesday, adding they must determine if there is enough evidence to proceed. “We want to look at this fairly quickly."
Read more here

Teach the cheaters the ultimate lesson.
Recall Janice Daniels!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Outsiders in the Recall issue?

If you listen to ANYONE on Janice Daniels' side of the world, you'll hear that all of Recall Janice Daniels money, volunteers and petition signatures came from out of Troy.
And of course, that's not true.
I've heard many in the parade of (mostly) men who support Daniels say that they know it's all outside influence.
They know nothing.
But here's what we know about the No Recall campaign. They have a PAC and the leader of the PAC is from Alpena.
Because outside interests -- REAL NOT IMAGINARY-- outside interests are fighting Daniels' fight for her. They are bankrolling it and they are in key positions in her campaign.
A bus even rolled into the Polish Center last week from the national Americans For Prosperity -- the Tea Party branch of the Koch Brothers' multi-million dollar fake "grass roots" coalition.
That's a perfect example of the hypocrisy of Daniels and her followers -- the wrongly accuse someone else of doing exactly what they are KNOWINGLY doing.
And if you don't believe it's true that Tea Partiers across the land want to help Janny, here's the evidence from a Free Press article last week:

Also in the crowd was Casey Hill, 20, of Alpena, the head of a political action committee called No Troy Recall. She's living temporarily in White Lake Township and is working to help save Daniels' job.
Hill, who didn't address the crowd, said afterward that keeping Daniels was tantamount to
"keeping the conservative movement going in Michigan."
In Daniels' case and in other recall efforts around the country, Hill said, "It's liberal groups using the recall process to stamp out the tea party movement."

Save Janice Daniels save the Tea Party?
Certainly they must have SOME people to protect who are qualified and not ridiculous disgraces to their community?
Here's a little commercial we did last year when Janice Daniels was getting lots of outside support.
Vote YES to Recall Janice Daniels

Patterson a fan of Daniels'? Probably not (video)

Janice Daniels' website and mailers all include a photo of her with L. Brooks Patterson, as if he is a big fan of hers.
You can decide whether that's true by watching this news piece on Patterson attacking Daniels.

Janice Daniels' little anti-city staff hate speech (video)

This is the speech in which Janice Daniels accuses city staff of opening her mail (which they are supposed to do) and tells the city manager she has no faith in him. It also includes a statement about the only employment that is admirable is "private sector" jobs. Another knock against city staff.
The funny part is her saying she whipped it up over the weekend. Ha! I guess it was a bunch of Martin Howrylak's old accusations and nonsense all strung together. Because in spite of the fact it's nearly impossible to find a photo of these two together, make no mistake that Janice Daniels and Martin Howrylak are the best of political friends.
Recall Janice Daniels.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Literal Truth: What a No Vote Gets Us

The Mayor and her antics have been a really valuable source of teaching for the citizens on many levels.  But as a language arts teacher, I especially love how she helps me by giving me examples of literary techniques.  The two she uses best are HYPERBOLE and IRONY.

Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It's often used to create strong feelings or impressions, but is not meant to be taken literally.

Here are some examples:

EXAMPLE 1:  a supporter of the Mayor recently stated that there was an "AMAZING show of support for Mayor Janice Daniels" during a pre-council meeting rally in her honor.  Here is a picture from that event:

I count roughly ten individuals, one of whom is a child who cannot vote. Amazing is one word.  I can think of a few others.  Coincidentally, that same supporter, also pictured, stated that the TPD was in force that night "in case things got out of hand."  Actually, they were represented in force at the meeting because they were being honored for winning a sharpshooting award.  But let's not let facts get in the way of our hyperbolic statements...

EXAMPLE 2: the Mayor is a businesswoman who brings that experience to her position as Mayor.  She claims her real estate experience as part of that resume of skills.  She has also referred to herself as a small business owner.

Click here to see the business the Mayor owns. 

Methinks her business acumen is "knot" quite what we were led to believe.

EXAMPLE 3: the Mayor would show us how the city budget has enough money to fund five libraries without the need for a dedicated millage.

She later retracted that, labeling it herself as an example of a "hyperbolic statement" made by a private citizen.  She's was hyperbolic, and she was a private citizen -- RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE.  Her silence at the budget study sessions was deafening, though, showing that her knowledge of municipal operations was also represented in a hyperbolic way.

Irony has several definitions and uses, but the one that applies here is "situational" irony --  the contradiction between what one expects and what actually happens.

EXAMPLE 1:  The Mayor prides herself on the fiscally responsible use of tax revenues.

She holds her "no" votes on every single Transit Center vote up as proof.  She has also voted down every measure I can think of in the city budget that would have had anything to do with the nominal increase of an operating millage (like the pass-through type millages that cover our sewage/garbage service) or the spending of city monies on things she calls wasteful -- like the membership in the Michigan Municipal League.

But IRONICALLY, once the majority council passed the resolution to pay the MML membership dues, she spoke up enthusiastically about wanting to attend the next MML conference on Mackinac Island for "networking."  On the city dime...

EXAMPLE 2: The Mayor opposed the Transit Center Project and termed it a wasteful use of federal funds that should be sent back to Washington to offset the national deficit.

Now, we can talk all day long about how inane and ignorant her stance on this was given that the money would never be sent back to offset anything except another city's ability to thrive.  But the real point is that she voted no on the use of federal funds, loudly and piously.

Last week, she accepted federal funds from Bob Gosselin for improving roads.  There was no talk of wasteful spending, only a simpering photo-op with her long-time mentor.

Janice Daniels's abilities as Mayor of Troy are a hyperbole until themselves; everything about her skill in leading this great city has been blown out of proportion and exaggerated.  

Janice Daniels actions, voting record and public statements have been the epitome of irony.  She speaks out of both sides of her mouth, and is anything but honest and transparent.

Voting no on the recall means three more years of this style of leadership.  If that's what you really want...go for it.

But if what you really want is a strong Troy, poised to move forward into the future with sound leadership, integrity and prosperity...VOTE YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS ON NOV. 6.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Janice Daniels: Never a friend of the library

This video reminds us what citizen Janice thought about children speaking up for the library. There were several in the audience that night, including my neighbors.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Janice Daniels - Overwhelmed and Unqualified (Video)

Janice Daniels was asked a simple question.
"When you ran for mayor you said there was a slush fund the mayor and council were hiding that could fund 5 libraries. So where's the money?"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Must WANT to Be Recalled, Part Third: Put Her Out of Our Misery

So here we are, victims yet again of the ineptitude of our infamous and controversial mayor, Janice Daniels.

Once again, Troy is the laughingstock of news sources, print and television media and the social network around the nation.

Here is what I had to say to our Mayor, her fellow City Council members, the City Manager, City Attorney and administration of Leadership Troy:

Dear Council and Ms. Daniels,

Enough is enough. 

The Mayor's antics last Monday evening at the council meeting were quite possibly the most reprehensible and clearly purposeful acts of disrespect I've seen from an elected official in this city.  Instead of simply reading a proclamation in honor of the outstanding citizen of Troy, Mayor Daniels chose to politicize a situation that is inherently absent of political ideology.  Instead of holding Mrs. Kerwin's lifetime of service up for example, Ms. Daniels chose to make a laughingstock of Mrs. Kerwin and the organization that chose to honor her.  For years, Leadership Troy has worked to promote what makes Troy great: service by all for the one purpose of making this a city worth our residency.  In one moment of selfish partisanship, Ms. Daniels showed us she has no concern for anyone but herself.

Her treatment of Mrs. Kerwin has once again propelled Troy into the local and national spotlight.  As a result, Janice Daniels has now disrespected every resident of this city.

We can hardly afford one more black mark at the her hands.

Since the Mayor is clearly not self-aware enough to see how bad she is for Troy, I encourage every council member, the City Administration and the governing members of Leadership Troy to request her resignation immediately.

As of this evening, I've not had a response from anyone on council.  However,  Mr. Henderson had this to say today on his public Facebook site:

"i have.chosen not to johnny pile on anything the mayor does, there is no shortage of groups ready willing and able to do that. let the recall run its course and see where we are at"

And his assessment of the reaction from the crowd while the Mayor argued with Mrs. Kerwin:

"my comments about the rudeness ocurring in the back of the room is a concern. you do realize thats a form of bullying and intimidation right? i certainly cant imagine anyone condoning that. none of us were raised by wolves, but many act like it. the kerwin presentation was odd, im not sure where the information the mayor presented came from. i know what i read. the whole evening was full of political manipulation on all sides. and i was told this was an apolitical role."

Mr. Henderson is quite clear on his stance regarding the Mayor and her probable recall:  he will be voting no, as he stated at the October 8th Council Meeting.  So he won't criticize the MAYOR for what she does, but he WILL criticize those who reacted to her antics.  I was there...those outbursts were SHOCK at what was happening.  It was horrific.  But Mr. Henderson calls it bullying.

Have you had enough of this yet?  If so, you can do two very helpful things:

1.  Write the council yourself and encourage them to demand her resignation.

2.  VOTE  YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS on November 6, 2012.  

She Must WANT to Be Recalled, Part DOH

And now let's hear from local media...

From Deadline Detroit (Click to read entire article)

Leadership Troy named Kerwin their 2012 Troy Distinguished Citizen last month.
The Troy City Council followed suit, issuing a proclamation honoring the city’s “distinguished citizen.”

That’s nice.

What’s not so nice is what happened when Troy Mayor Janice Daniels presented the proclamation to Kerwin at Monday’s Council meeting.

For some reason (maybe voices in her head told her it would be a good idea) The Janice interrupted reading the proclamation to say Kerwin’s “Distinguished Citizen” honor was awarded by the “Troy Democrat Club.”

From Eclectablog (Click to read entire article)

Janice Daniels: too stupid to govern

Tea Party Mayor of Troy, Michigan and all around embarrassment to the state of Michigan Janice Daniels is in the news again for once again displaying an astonishing level of ineptitude and stupidity. I have written about Daniels multiple times in the past and it’s hard to say which of the highly offensive and insulting things that she has done is the worst. This instance certainly must be a top contender.

And GOSH, aren't we lucky.  Thanks to Janice, Troy's news has now gone nationally viral AGAIN...

 From Huffington Post...(Click to read entire article)

Where Troy Mayor Janice Daniels goes, controversy always seems to follow.

And even an action as innocent as presenting an award at a City Council meeting resulted in headlines for the embattled mayor, who is the subject of a recall election in November.

She Must WANT to Be Recalled...

If you missed it, Troy Mayor Janice Daniels made news again this week.

There's a lot I COULD say.  But I'll let some of our readers speak first...

From Rhonda...

               Monday night’s City Council meeting was possibly one of the most sickening events I have witnessed in this city in a while. And I have seen a few. Yes. I am upset about many of the things that Mayor Daniels has said and done over the last several years. But Monday was really beyond the pale. 

                When the Mayor decided with malice and premeditation, to falsely claim that Mary Kerwin received her Distinguished Citizen award from a “Democrat club,” she took her petty, partisan behavior over the cliff. What was she thinking? To get in one final slap in case she is recalled? To attempt to scuttle Mary’s run for State Rep. and prop up her pal Howrylak’s or to throw red meat to the few supporters in the audience that night? 

                Whatever her rationale it once again shows why this women is not fit to hold the office of Mayor. She does not own the Mayor’s seat. It was simply loaned to her by citizens. She should be setting an example for leadership.  As the Mayor, all that is required is to stand up and read the proclamations regardless of one’s personal views, without editorializing on the content of the document. If she couldn’t bring herself to read it, then she should have asked the Mayor Pro-tem to do so. What she did that night lowers the office and tarnishes the body. Again. I will not go into the myriad of ways that she has done that over the past year, but this time she did it on a topic that NOONE can dispute. That giving a lifetime of service to others and your community is a non-partisan issue. 

                Having the good fortune of being honored by the Friends of the Troy Public Library at the Leadership Troy banquet, I will tell you it is humbling. To be in the company of so many citizens that give of themselves and their time to this city is a great honor. When the committee reads the accomplishments of the individual’s that are awarded the Distinguished Citizen’s Award, it makes you so incredibly proud and in awe that someone finds the time in their busy lives to do so much for so many. It also makes you a bit ashamed that you should be doing more. Leadership Troy is an organization that the Mayor should be thanking every day of the week and singing their praises from the treetops. Because as a Tea Party, small government believer, non-profits and volunteers do the work that she claims government shouldn’t be doing. SHE should be volunteering for these groups.            

           Mary Kerwin deserved to have her moment of recognition. I am sure that over her many years on Council, she read and congratulated countless individuals and groups. She has done more for the schools, city and non-profits in the city of Troy than the Mayor will ever hope to do. Volunteers are diverse people; citizens, voters, parents, businesses, students that accomplish so much good for our community that it is unconscionable that a city official would take a public pot-shot at a dedicated citizen for personal pleasure. And make no mistake, it was for Mayor Daniel’s personal pleasure as is evidenced by her refusal to acknowledge the facts and her laughter.  This was not a mistake, an “understanding from the paper,” or any other euphemism that is being bandied about. It was deliberate and shameful and embarrassing. She owes Mary Kerwin and the citizens of Troy a public apology. Once again, we are the butt of ridicule in the media on a national stage. 

                Volunteers are the engines that make this city work. Saturday October 27th is National Making a Difference Day. I urge all citizens of Troy to go out and give back. Find an organization through Leadership Troy that could use an extra hand. When focused on a common goal, volunteers cast aside political ideology to work hand and hand for something beyond themselves. And this is as it should be. Let this be the beginning of changing the focus, tone and conversation. Give back to Troy positively. It feels good. It is good. It does good. 

              We ALL need that more than ever. 

 From Linda...

I had prepared something for last night’s council meeting.  Since I didn’t have time to read it, and due to the deplorable conduct of Janice Daniels, I have rewritten it.

Janice always said how she loves Troy and all its people, so I was quite surprised when I attended the Troy Leadership annual dinner and she wasn’t there.  This annual event, that everyone who is anyone who cares about Troy makes every effort to attend.  So I have to assume, she either forgot, didn’t receive her invitation, there was a conflict or in fact she didn’t know.  But, wait, she did have to sign the proclamations for Mary and for the individuals who were honored from the various organizations that help make this city what it is, even though she did not read them.   Again, I struggle with her priorities or lack thereof.  These fine individuals give of themselves yearly reaching out to others.  I understand she has a conflict of opinions with Mary Kerwin, but that does not excuse this lapse in recognition.  Mary is still one of her constituents, as are all of the recipients. 
I applaud Mary for her fine achievement.  She has a diverse array of education and experience.  This gives her a well rounded view of the issues.  She is a true leader.  This was a clear slap in the face to those who do so much.

But let’s not stop there.  Janice, in her inept way had to go one step further in trying to discredit Mary’s fine achievement.  Last night, as Janice was “attempting” to present Mary with the proclamation, Janice claimed it was an award from the “DemocraticParty.”  Understand, I mean no disrespect for them.  However, Janice could not even read the proclamation properly!  Even when told she was incorrect, she continued on her course of misinformation, because as we know “if Janice says it, it must be true!”  Mary had to politely point to it and suggest she just read what is there.  How embarrassing and shameful!  This is the mayor of our fine city?  What is the next embarrassing moment we are to witness?

I’d question Janice on how many of the committees, that are part of Leadership Troy, does she serve?  What has she given to the city that is not in an effort for political gain?

This woman just doesn’t get it.

I met with her earlier in the day during her “office hours” and, not surprisingly, learned more about how really inept she is.  That is another post later.

She needs to be stopped, this is just another reason to VOTE YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

What IS personal? Howrylak has no idea

Oh my.
I've taken a lot of hits over my post from this week. I admitted I went too far, but you know what? Some people really don't get it. They don't get why some of us truly detest Martin Howrylak and his friend Janice Daniels and their mentor of political evil, Bob Gosselin.
Somehow you fans of Howrylak think that talking about people's life stories is personal, yet that when politicians cheat and play games with people's lives and city services, well, that's just POLitics.


So gather 'round, children. Listen to some stories about what "personal" means.

Personal is when Janice Daniels the citizen encouraged the people of Troy to fire as many city workers as possible. I remember her saying at a city council meeting, 'Why do we need all these expensive people like lawyers and library directors? Why can't we just hire normal people?' Howrylak and Daniels have shown their disdain for real people for YEARS. Their lies and political game playing have caused people financial harm, emotional distress and lost city services.

That's personal, folks.

As a matter-of-fact, the terrible 2008 tax cap brought to us by Howrylak, et al, lead to the laying off of dozens of Troy citizens. I mean, I know that Howrylak, whose current heart's desire is to get elected so he can live off taxpayers' money, despises people who live off taxpayers' money and that he clearly didn't care a whit as people were laid off in the city during the worst economy since the Great Depression. All he wanted was even lower taxes. Lay off more people with children and mortgages and responsibilities.

That's personal.

Personal is when people who loved the Troy Public library toiled 10 hours a day to try to find a way to save it. Howrylak and his political buddies strolled in and created fake proposals to put on the ballot, intentionally screwing with the ballot box. Do you know how the people who were trying to save the library felt when they learned about this little game? They were devastated. They were literally made sick by it. And the people who took around the fake petitions, pretending to be supportive of the library? They were laughing! And the people who found out that they had signed petitions that were actually going to harm the save-the-library effort? They cried.

That's personal.

Creating a fake scandal about Mary Kerwin by sending her a letter trying to force her not to play dirty (hahahahahahaha) and not to get personal, then personally attacking her over the letter that she never received -- questioning her integrity over a fake scandal he engineered? That's personal.

That's personal and scummy (and childish and stupid, actually). That's Howrylak.

I think it's fair to question a politician who wants to kill off all taxes, including personal income taxes, and bleed our governments dry. I think it's fair to ask just how much in taxes he has paid in his life. What does he know about the balance of taxes and services that the families of Troy moved here to enjoy? What does he know about paying taxes? What does he know about putting kids through school and needing libraries for those kids who are reading multiple books every week? I get to ask that. That's not personal -- that's a politician's background. Why must Howrylak hide his?

I think it's fair to question a man who puts a wife in his marketing materials who doesn't seem to live in this country. Is it honest to use her in those materials? Does she live here? I think that's a fair question. I am a voter. I already know up close and personal that he is dishonest. Yet, he wants to make a living off my tax dollars. I think I can ask that. This is a politician who says he gives a &%$# about transparency? (hahahahahahahahahaha)

Talking about people's families is personal. Yes, indeed.

Janice Daniels' and Martin Howrylak's desire to dismantle my city government is personal to me, because I have a home and children in this city. I moved here because it was supposed to be the best city for families around. But these yahoos don't believe in libraries and the public good. And now this man wants to do the same harm to our state.

You're damn right I have questions about whether he is qualified. You're damn right I want to know if he has ever held a job. You're damn right I want to know if he knows anything about what it means to be an adult. Of course I do. I am terrified of this naive man being in a leadership position in this state. He is dishonest and his ideas come from silly ideology rather than experience, logic and reason.

And the fact that his ideology and political gamesmanship are more important to him than the well-being of his fellow citizens in Troy and in Michigan, makes him a poor candidate indeed.

People constantly ask, "How on earth did that Janice Daniels ever get elected!?" She got elected because people didn't bother to open their eyes and simply observe the obvious facts.

Let's not let that happen again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who is Martin Howrylak - candidate for Michigan State House?

Who is Marty Howrylak?
-by Sharon

OK, then let's try again. I think it is astonishing that Martin Howrylak, the most anti-tax politician I know, has gone in just a few years from a confirmed bachelor, living with parents and having apparently little income, to a married man, with a business that put up a shingle in the last few months and has moved out on his own.
And why has this amazing metamorphosis occurred? Why are we seeing his TV ads and receiving piles of his glossy fliers in the mail, filled with pictures of his wife?
Because this anti-tax, anti-public sector politician is begging us to support his little family with our taxes.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Martin Howrylak's October Surprise

Looks like our infamous Troy Eagle Scout is at it again.

On the night Martin Howrylak was late to his own Town Hall meeting with State Rep. opponent Mary Kerwin, Troy residents were subject to an immature robo-call wherein Martin accused Mary of refusing to sign a pledge to run a clean campaign.

He also submitted this op-ed to the Oakland Press, whining about her lack of response to his purported request.

Mary Kerwin had an answer for Martin in this op-ed.

Now, one need only look at the lifetime accomplishments of each candidate to see that Mrs. Kerwin is not only CLEARLY more experienced and capable of the job, she also has a legacy of service, volunteerism, activism and leadership that far surpasses that of Mr. Howrylak. 

But putting all that aside, one could look ONLY at this campaign tactic to know who the obvious choice in this particular race should be.

Ask yourself -- with the history of grand-standing shenanigans that Martin Howrylak has, would YOU have accepted a letter from him at our home?  A letter from your opponent sent in this fashion:

It was an OBVIOUS set-up. Perhaps Mrs. Kerwin wasn't even at home each time this letter's delivery was attempted.  I know she's been awfully busy running a campaign -- I'm sure SHE didn't have time to attempt an entrapment like this, for example.

So what does Martin  Howrylak decide to do with HIS campaign time?  Slander Mrs. Kerwin.  Create drama around this letter and her supposed refusal to run a clean campaign.

He put the photo on his campaign Facebook page -- Mrs. Kerwin's address included, by the way.  *I* deleted that bit, as well as his...because MY PARENTS raised me properly.  When I responded on that page to inquire if he felt this was the work of someone running a clean campaign, my comment was promptly deleted, and I am now banned from responding there.

Seems Martin doesn't like being called on his tricks.  So we'll just put it HERE instead.

Let's plan a November surprise for Martin Howrylak.  Let's deny him the chance to live on our tax dollars.

VOTE FOR INTEGRITY...and clean campaigning.
VOTE FOR MARY KERWIN -- State Representative. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Illogical Logic

Listed below is an example of  the logic used by Mayor Daniels and her supporters regarding stances of Troy residents like me over the last two years.

We've shared some of this before -- check out this post from over a year ago.

Those who are responsible for sharing any or all of this logic also include a current council member, frequent speakers at council meetings (names can be found in archived council meeting minutes, like for October 8, 2012); a failed school board candidate and Republican precinct delegate (who is also the main mouthpiece for Troy Citizens United on their current Facebook group page); and a controversial Troy Patch blogger.  Many times their inaccuracies have been pointed out and corrected, and yet they often continue to willfully spread them anyway.

Here is what these individuals and others have shared about residents like me:

We supported the Feb. 2010 millage = We must be tax-and-spend Liberals.

We supported the Nov. 2010 Proposal 1 attempt to fund an independent library and the Aug. 2011 library millage request = We must be tax-and-spend Liberal Crybabies.

We believe public libraries are the right of a citizen and should be available to all residents of a municipality = We must be tax-and-spend Liberal Crybaby Socialists.

We support our TPD and the salaries they earn, and we appreciate the work they do, like with the distracted driving ordinance, for example = We must be tax-and-spend Liberal Crybaby Socialist Communists.

Some of us are teachers, factory workers, police and firemen = We must be tax-and-spend Liberal Crybaby Socialist Communist Union Thugs.

We were appalled that our Mayor talked about human sexuality in ANY REGARD with our teens, especially when sharing inaccurate information on that topic = Not only must we be tax-and-spend Liberal Crybaby Socialist Communist Union Thugs, but we CLEARLY are not a Bible believing Christians.

We support RECALLINGING JANICE DANIELS = We must be tax-and-spend Liberal Crybaby Socialist Communist Union Thugs who CLEARLY are not a Bible believing Christians, and  we OBVIOUSLY are a Hate-Filled Losers with bitterness in our hearts.

Mayor Daniels and her supporters have a compulsion to boil down ideas to juvenile and simplistic soundbites.  That's because the truth of the matter is often confused by their spin, inaccuracies and rewriting of history and events.  Have you heard the Mayor claim she totally supports the library and its seven day operation?  Then ask her why she fought against every measure to keep it funded in a fiscally responsible way, and then even voted down HER OWN RESOLUTION to keep it open on Saturdays.  They're all about the empty buzzwords and catch phrases.

Here, then, is a phrase for you, Mayor...SHOW US THE MONEY!  You know, the money you claim was there to run five libraries.  More on that below...

Mayor Daniels and her supporters have a compulsion to inaccurately portray complex budgetary details and fiscal obligations in ways that make it look like there's always more than we need and that we're over-taxed.  That's because they find the process overwhelming and out of their grasp.
Now, I haven't been fully engaged for very long...about three years.  But for that ENTIRE TIME, I knew who Mayor Daniels was because she spoke or showed up for nearly every meeting I attended.  I saw her on the live broadcast on the nights I wasn't there, and I had read all her (inaccurate) op-eds. That woman was ALL OVER the budget of the City of Troy.  She claimed to have a business background, and touted her number sense.  She claimed there was oodles of much that we could run FIVE LIBRARIES with the surplus.  Except that now that she's the Mayor...she can't tell us where that money is.  She complained that she wasn't given enough time to learn the budget before the study sessions. 

THAT'S who you want managing your municipal budget?  Someone who told you she knew better than the previous manager and council, but NOW claims it's too hard?

Mayor Daniels and her supporters have a compulsion to judge individuals solely on perceived labels and/or job titles -- often without ever having met many of those whom they judge.  That's because they cannot see beyond meaningless labels to look at the entire picture of an issue and/or a person's beliefs.  One frequent speaker and supporter of the Mayor has been hounding me for weeks, asking me repeatedly, "Aren't you a teacher?  You're a TEACHER, right?  Yeah.  Yeah, I thought so.  Huh.  Teacher."  And then he'd smirk and walk away.  Seems he has the whole problem in Troy figured out:  IT'S THE UNIONS!  Those who support a Troy run with integrity, decency and honesty HAVE A LIBERAL UNION AGENDA JUST LIKE ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES!  Apparently that I a am a teacher proves it, and that means I MUST be the root of the problem in Troy.

Except I've never been a member of a union, teach in a Christian school, and I'm joined by over 8,000 who signed the petition to recall the Mayor and countless others who support it as well...

We need to put an end to this ignorant, mean-spirited and disingenuous bullying. 

We need to begin to unify the divide it has created in our city.

We NEED to RECALL JANICE DANIELS to set all of that in motion.

Vote YES to RECALL JANICE DANIELS on November 6, 2012.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Say My Name

If you’ve attended or watched a Troy City Council meeting lately, you may have noticed quite a lengthy lead in to public comment.  You can read the full text in any of the archived minutes, but the pertinent bit is as follows

…please do not use expletives or make derogatory or disparaging comments about any one person or group. If you do so, then there may be immediate consequences…

This entire portion was added to the rules and procedures as an outcome of the actions of Janice Daniels early in her term.  She encouraged the addition of these warnings to speakers for what one must assume was HER OWN protection.  

You see, in those early days, she had to sit through quite a few lengthy meetings in which all manner of residents voiced their strong opinions of her.  Many times she’s referenced the so-called “attacks” she receives via these remarks, though she never acknowledges that these statements are often REACTIONS to what SHE HERSELF has said.  Often, it’s a resident repeating the Mayor’s own words and expressing dismay.  

Telling the mayor you are unhappy with her treatment of you is, apparently, an ATTACK.

Fast forward to the last council meeting in which a supporter of Mayor Janice Daniels got up and got rolling with her comments.  She started with high praise for Mayor Daniels. 

Then she went off the rails.  

She spat out the names of the Recall Janice Daniels organizers and chastised them for their “radical, hateful and bully tactics.”  She accused them of being “twisted and sick” for enacting their legal rights by organizing the recall…oh, I mean “stealing our election process of Nov. 2011.”  

‘Cause you know…those over 9,000 people who signed the petition - many of whom were so eager to sign they grabbed the clipboards out of our hands - must have been coerced, frightened and brainwashed, right?  Insert heavy sigh and eye roll…

And then she had a special message to the women of the recall – including me – and venomously spat out our names, too.  Here is what she said to us:

I also want to point out several women who apparently have nothing better to do.  These women are not the voices of the women or the people.  These women are hate-filled LOSERS.  I can only imagine that they look into an enchanted mirror due to their bitterness, and this is what I want to say to you, “Get off your high horses.”

As you might imagine, there was some commotion in the chambers as this woman spoke.  Several audience members gasped (I was one of them!), others sat up and showed great shock on their faces, and even some of the council members looked toward each other or the  Mayor to see if she’d stop the OBVIOUS violation of the rules. 

My own daughter burst into tears later that night when I explained what was said about me and my friends.  "It's TOO PERSONAL," she cried, and she's right.

But what did Janice Daniels do?

She sat in her chair, smiling sweetly at the woman speaking.  She neither moved nor reacted.  And when the woman was done, she called the next speaker.  No emotion, no recognition of the slanderous and disparaging remarks.

Several others spoke, including more supporters of the Mayor.  Every one who spoke in defense of the Mayor disparaged the recall supporters.  Again, that was allowed to go on in spite of the rules the Mayor reads out loud each and every meeting.

When it was time for Council response to public comment, Dane Slater was quick to bring up the situation at hand.  At his prompting, the members of the council discussed what had transpired.  You can read an account of it on the TroyPatch.  Almost to a one, they agreed that citizens doing nothing more than engaging in the legislative process shouldn't be disparaged for speaking their opinion.  Private citizens shouldn't have to be called names for being in disagreement with someone else.  

The bottom line is that six members of the governing body agreed that what we’d heard was wrong, and that future incidents like that needed to be stopped.

One person disagreed with all the other six.  One person didn’t think anything we’d heard was awful.

That person was Janice Daniels.  

It’s time, once again, to call the Mayor’s behavior – and that of her supporters --  for what it is:  it’s bullying.  The actions of that woman in that meeting were the actions of a bully.

Janice  Daniels protects bullies because Janice Daniels IS a bully.

We have to stand up to the bullying that Janice Daniels has brought to Troy.