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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Celebrating Diversity - by proselytizing????

At the June 18 Troy City Council meeting, the people's mayor Janice Daniels told us that we should admire her for all of the wonderful things she has done.
One thing to be proud of, she tells us, is this:

Yes, indeed. With dozens of nationalities and languages represented in Troy, we are the second most diverse city in the state of Michigan, behind only Ann Arbor in our international-ness!

Now how can I complain about that? That's wonderful! A multi-cultural event here in Troy brought to us by the mayor we all thought was a closed-minded bigot who only cared about straight, white Christians.


She's promoting an event about proving how much we respect our neighbors from other lands by letting them teach us about their cultures. Here's the website of the Who's My Neighbor group putting on this event. Isn't it lovely and selfless and welcoming?

So why is this wonderful organization doing this?

Because they are missionaries, of course.

Scour their website and you won't see a single word about Christianity, missionaries, or bringing out people of all religions for the purpose of trying to convert them. Hmm, I wonder why?

Perhaps because if they did, people wouldn't come?

The first event they held like this was in Dearborn, MI. Hmmm, why Dearborn, I wonder?

Way off the Who's My Neighbor website, if you search enough, you can find what they are really about. This is a post on the organizers' blog, called "Going Places with God," describing the event in Dearborn:

Today we had the privilege to share at a Barbecue planned by our friends in Dearborn, MI. It was a cold and cloudy day but that didn't stop over 150 people coming out. They were there from Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Palestine, S. Korea, and USA! As well as Syd from N. Ireland. The sun came out as we started to speak and everyone stayed and listened as we talked about Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. We promised we would all pray for their nations at this time. Jesus is King over all the earth. It was wonderful to see everyone stay and listen as Syd & I spoke for 30 minutes about God's good plans for us all and how Jesus paid the price for our sins to be forgiven and our place to be secured in God's family in His Kingdom, the only Kingdom that is secure in these unsecure times.

Now religion is fine. All religions. But pretending an event is about diversity, to get people from all nations to come out for the express, secret purpose of trying to convert them, is dishonest at the least, offensive and xenophobic at midrange. For our mayor to promote it seems a wee bit exclusionary to me.

And that's certainly how it felt to the Jewish woman in Troy who pointed it out to me. Is Troy now exclusively for and about Christians?

This is another of-the-site communication to people about the Who's My Neighbor event in Ohio:

We invite you to take part by first praying for this great opportunity to reach out to the international community amongst us. If you would like to become more involved, you can have a booth to display the outreach (particularly the international outreach) of your church or organization. We are asking for a small donation to cover the cost of the tent and tables. Your members can also help out with many aspects of the day, the KIDZ ZONE, the evangelism team, or other behind the scenes jobs.Everyone is invited! Its a great place to bring all the church family and their friends - people who don't yet know Jesus, will have a great time!

I remember hearing Janice Daniels say on a recent TV appearance that she is a Conservative Christian when talking about her POLITICAL stance. Why mention religion? Isn't she the type of persoan all jazzed up about the myth of Sharia law coming to America? Doesn't she know America is a land of laws, not religion? Does this mean that the mayor of the second most diverse city in Michigan cares only about Christians and converting all the rest?

Just what is her intent????????

We already know that she doesn't like gay people and believes they are mentally ill, sickly and should be kept away from genteel society and given no rights.

We already know that if you are a loathesome bigot who hates public transportation because it brings people from Detroit to Troy (and he hates Muslims, gays and teachers as well), you are welcome in her world and she will demand that you be given 20 minutes to speak before city council.

We already know that if you use ethnically insulting terms about Chinese people, Mayor Daniels will put you on the most important commission in the city.

So what does it mean that she intends to mine Troy's international community, not for the richness of their culture or for their points of view, but to try to convert them?

Once again a member of our city government, this time Janice Daniels, reminds me of Stephen Colbert's buffoonish, conservative alter-ego who spoke at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner, ridiculing people who think like her:

And though I am a committed Christian, I believe that everyone has the right to their own religion — be you Hindu, Jewish, or Muslim, I believe there are infinite paths to accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior. (It's a joke, folks)

Now you can tell me that Janice has every right to promote this event. Sure she does!

The problem is that she is promoting it at city council meetings and on her website that she has made to look like an official city website. And why has she done that? Because the city won't allow her to use OUR official website for her shameless self-promotion.

And the city probably wouldn't approve of her dragging out our international community in order to proselytize to them.

Calmer heads in Troy

Speaking to a WDET reporter here.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Daniels' "alleged" comments

Four myths about Janice Daniels' homophobic comments being perpetuated by journalists and Janny herself:
1. Janice Daniels only insulted the LGBT community before she was elected, (nope, she's still doing it!)
2. She "allegedly" said something about mental illness (nope, she really did),
3.  She said "doctors" could tell adults the "homosexual lifestyle" is dangerous (nope, she said "psychologists" and she was talking to high school students), and
4. She made her comments in a "business meeting," apparently hinting that she said it to adults and not high school kids (nu-uh).

The truth is not hard to attain, folks. It's right here.

John speaks about the recall

Brilliant John Kulesz of Troy talks about his reasons for launching the recall petition drive against Janice Daniels.
Listen here:

Howrylak, Redux

Martin Howrylak, Troy resident, former City Councilman, wants to be your State Representative in Lansing.

He pins a lot of his experience on his time here in Troy.  In fact, all of it, actually.

So I thought some could use a reminder of how he served Troy.  Click right here:  HERE to remember some of his greatest hits.

And then vote for someone else...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Noted homophobe Gary Glenn loves Janice Daniels

I know it's a shocker, but a Michigan homophobe who is so anti-gay he is mentioned by name on the Southern Poverty Law Center's website, came out to the last city council meeting to warm our hearts and tell us that although he sure does hate homosexuals, he just adores Janice Daniels.
The two are so close in their thinking (he wants to criminalize being gay), that he compared being gay to smoking over 11 years ago, just like Janny recently did!
"As with smoking, homosexual behavior's ‘second hand' effects threaten public health… .Thus, individuals who choose to engage in homosexual behavior threaten not only their own lives, but the lives of the general population."
– Gary Glenn, president of Michigan chapter of AFA, 2001
This peach is actually running for the U.S. Senate!
You know, sometimes tea party types accuse me of thinking about these topics too much. But heavens, Janice Daniels and Gary Glenn are so obsessed with gay people one just has to wonder.... why?

Janice Daniels to appear at Lumberjack Festival

I'm just wondering... will there be any male lumberjacks there?

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Real Coffee Party

There was a Coffee Party in Troy today -- did you hear?  Robert St. Mary from WDET came to Troy to hear about our great city.  He wanted to know WHAT ELSE is newsworthy here besides our controversial Tea Party Mayor Janice Daniels.

Of course, he drank tea.  But don't judge him on that...he was VERY engaging, open and unbiased!

And there IS a lot of great, newsworthy information about Troy.  Despite our inept mayor, we are STILL a destination city for shopping, dining, and attractions like the Troy Public Library, Lloyd Stage Nature Center, Aquatic Center,  Historical Museum and golf courses.

In spite of the attempt to paint Troy otherwise, we are NOW and always HAVE BEEN a fiscally sound municipality.

And the schools?  Well, EVERYONE can agree that our school district is top notch.

Troy is the City of Tomorrow...Today.  We'll continue to move forward with innovation with our planned Transit Center.  We'll stay on the charts of education with a world-class library to complement our schools.  We'll provide first-class dining and shopping for visitors.

And when we recall Janice Daniels, we'll show the surrounding area that we expect our city government to be a common sense entity of elected individuals who represent the best interests of ALL Troy residents.

Troy is worth talking about.  Thanks for finding that out, Robert!  Come again.  Heck, we'll even spot you a cup of tea next time.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Actually, Mayor...

In every step of the way through candidacy, election and settling into office.  Janice Daniels has tried to take a national rhetoric and big-party politics and apply them to Troy.  She constantly repeats that she is a Conservative female committed to small government, low taxes and fiscal responsibility.

Well, Troy has small government, low taxes, and is fiscally responsible.  In fact, Troy has ALWAYS had small government, low taxes and been fiscally responsible.  We are the benchmark for many local cities...regional cities...heck, we're the benchmark statewide and even into the nation-at-large!

We keep hearing from Mayor Daniels and her supporters about waste, over-spending and bloated salaries.  But those who do their homework and are actually willing to look at facts find that to be completely and utterly false.

Granted, did Troy  make some necessary cuts to the budget to get through the recent economic down slide?  Was there some bloat to jettison?  Of course!  In fact, here are some examples of the "waste" Troy cut:

-- Police presence in the high schools.  The schools budget now has to account for private security. But hey, GOOD NEWS!  The school budget comes from your tax know, the same tax dollars that have seen drastic cuts over the last five years.

Right.  Our school are running on just as much of a loss as the city.  And now they have to make room for something that used to be covered by the city.

-- Community awareness programs run by the police department.  These have been cut drastically. Wonder why your kids aren't getting the same level of safety and drug programs like they used to?  No money.  Have we seen troubles with drugs in schools lately, like with K2?

Gosh, good thing we don't have that "waste" anymore, eh?

-- Police presence OVERALL.  Did you live here in 1978?  I did!  Troy was so much smaller, then, wasn't it?  Far fewer residents, shoppers and business people traveled in and out of Troy than today.

Well, too bad.  We now have the force of 1978 to cover today's increased needs. THANK GOD our dedicated policemen and stellar Chief Mayer work as hard as they do.  I worry about the toll it's going to take on them over time, though.

-- Parks and Recreation programs and staffing.  Remember when your kids and you could take any number of enriching classes taught by numerous teachers and volunteers?  Not anymore.  No money to pay teachers, staff to develop a program, or advertising to fill the classes.  One of the most economical resources citizens had to better themselves physically and emotionally is, for the most part, gone.

-- City employees...cuts leaving often ONE PERSON to run an entire department, such as in Community Affairs.  Don't like having to wait at a counter or have phone calls returned when someone has time?  So sad.  That's what happens when you cut "waste" like employees...about 1/3 or more of the staff has been cut.

-- Notification, mailings and publications.  Every time you hear a resident ask, "Why doesn't the city do this, tell us that, publish the other thing anymore???" it's because they don't have the manpower to do it all anymore.  There isn't money to mail it out if they did.

-- Salaries and benefits...the "lucky" employees that are left have taken at least 10% cuts, lost benefits and have furlough (unpaid) days on top of that.  The REALLY LUCKY ones been reduced to part-time status so the city doesn't have to pay for benefits or cut completely.  We know it's the same treatment lots of us have faced in our jobs.

But remember, according to the FACTS, civic employees in Troy were already paid at or BELOW the mid-range for the same positions.  Overall, public sector city employees are paid below similar private sector employees for the SAME positions.  Their salary trajectories are slower to rise and don't usually get as high as those in private sector, though benefits tend to be somewhat better to compensate.

This was all laid out in the ICMA report from last year.  It's interesting reading if you care to know the facts.

Think someone in the city STILL makes too much money?  Tell us why.  Give us comparisons.  Don't say, "Well, *I* don't make that much!" because that's not valid.  I mean it...if you can TRULY justify that opinion with fact, I'd be glad to hear it.  Until then, it's just sour grapes from someone who never seems to have any real evidence to back it up.

In two years of fighting to save Troy from ideology that is irrelevant, I've NEVER heard one single fact that makes any sense to prove that Troy employees are over-paid or over-compensated.  I've heard PLENTY of jealous sounding judgment from someone who believes they've been done wrong in their experience (like realtors who have taken a loss of income due to the housing slide).  Listen, I work in private sector parochial education.  You want to compare your poor salary to MINE?

I didn't think so.  And even given my paltry salary, you won't hear me complaining about someone being paid what they are worth.  (Oh, and Mr. Nosy Daniels supporter who was interrogating me at the council meeting about my job?  I don't belong to a union.  Never have.  Bet that deflates any argument you were trying to make about me, eh?)

None of this is news.  This has been shared on this blog repeatedly.  It's been in the papers.  It's been announced at council meetings.  Troy has been cutting, saving, economizing for YEARS...long before Daniels and her sound-bites came on the scene.

So actually, Mayor Daniels, take it from THIS Conservative-leaning female who loves her small government/low-tax/fiscally responsible Troy: your efforts really aren't needed here.  Troy is run well, has been run well, and will continue to run well after you are recalled.  Do us all a favor and stop spreading lies and innuendo.

Better yet...RESIGN.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So Many Questions...ONE ANSWER

Q:  What do you call someone in Troy who argued time and again against funding for vital city services, but is happy to not only use them...but claim credit for saving them?

A:  Mayor Daniels

Q:  What do you call someone in Troy who blames the former mayor and council for every WRONG thing in Troy, but who takes credit for every GREAT thing, including resolutions and procedures that were put into place before she was elected?

A:  Mayor Daniels

Q:  What do you call someone in Troy who votes AGAINST funding the annual membership with the Michigan Municipal League, but who is then the first one to express desire to take advantage of a conference on Mackinac Island -- ON OUR DIME -- sponsored by that same civic organization?

A:  Mayor Daniels

Q:  What do you call someone in Troy who blatantly bullied three individuals (including two teens)  by making her infamous statement about bringing in a doctor to tell them the "gay lifestyle" was "dangerous" (Click) during a community engagement session that was SUPPOSED to be about planning an anti-bullying workshop, but who then told anyone who would listen that the community engagement session was actually a "business meeting" and that SHE never said that, those weren't her opinions...just that she'd find someone who DID believe that and WOULD tell the teens??

A:  Mayor Daniels

Q:  What do you call someone in Troy who led the charge to change rules and procedures for speakers at council meetings, but who then blatantly disregards the rule that says speakers must sign-in so that she can call her cronies up -- BY NAME -- and give them the floor after all registered, rule-following speakers are done?

A:  Mayor Daniels

Q:  For that matter, what do you call someone in Troy who willfully breaks rules and procedures on a WHIM to do things like read diatribes attacking city employees into record that exceed her speaking time limit that resulted in L. Brooks Patterson lashing out at her?  (Click)

A: Mayor Daniels

Q:  What do you call someone in Troy who received more signatures to recall her than the number of residents who voted for her in the first place?

A.  Mayor Daniels

Q.  What do you call someone in Troy who requires an entire special category (click)  on a local news site in order to store the MYRIAD of news coverage about her antics?

A.  Mayor Daniels

Q:  What will you call someone in Troy who will be recalled in November, now that she's made the electorate at large exceedingly aware of her inability to govern according to the best interests of ALL residents?


Let's put a stop to the embarrassment, controversy, ineptitude and hateful bigotry.  Let's all look to the ONE ANSWER to the biggest problem Troy is facing.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gotta love the private sector!

Janice Daniels loves to tell everyone how much better the private sector is than the public sector. She even says that only private sector employment is respectable.
Today I have to agree.
I'm thinking of the horrible racist guy she demanded speak before the city council last year about the transit center.
Now, she knew that his basic reason for being against the transit center was because he wanted "Detroiters" to stay where they "belong." That's why he had slides in the PowerPoint presentation he gave (that she insisted he be allowed to give), that said if we had the transit center it would be a "mugger mover" and a "heroin express" to Troy/Birmingham.
Now in the private sector, that man lost his job for all of the disgusting things he said and posted on Facebook. Pretty right quick.
In the public sector, we have to work our butts off for months to get the opportunity to try to have her recalled next November, which is very hard.
Private sector fired his bigoted butt.
Public sector takes forever to try to recall Janice Daniels bigoted butt.
Private is better.

Help recall Janice Daniels, with your donations and your vote.

Rosy Glasses

Part of the reason it's difficult to ever truly believe some politicians is that they tend to play the same games.

They blame the predecessor for all the ills of the community at large.
They take all the credit for anything good that happens from the MOMENT they enter office.

We all KNOW that's not reasonable, and Janice Daniels, Troy Mayor, is no different -- not that we EVER expected her to be.

Case in point:  check out this recent post from her Facebook (PROPAGANDA) page:

Let's break this down point-by-point:

1.  New building permits -- yes, they are up from this time last year.  We heard that at a council meeting last month.  There was a portion of that time during which Janice Daniels WAS NOT THE MAYOR, so we know it's not all because of her.  We also know that overall, the economy is beginning to bounce back somewhat.  We know that's NOT because of Janice Daniels.  So for her to take credit for it is...well...worth as much as most words she speaks.

2.  The library IS open on  Saturday...but NOT on Fridays any longer.  And not seven days a week AS SHE PROMISED.  And it COST US MORE to open it on Saturdays than to leave it open on Friday.  In fact, Janice proposed that change, argued for it, THEN VOTED AGAINST IT.  Fact-check me; it's on record.  So why take CREDIT for something she VOTED DOWN???

3.  Real estate sales increases:  yes, that's true.  SALES have been up...VALUES have not been up.  There's been a back-log of inventory due to foreclosures, short sales and MASS EXODUS because of people like Janice from those who knew a different city than we have now.  Let's still not ignore the fact that leading EXPERTS WITH EXPERIENCE have predicted (at 99% accuracy) that our commercial/industrial values will continue to backslide for another 3-5 years. 

Less value overall -- LESS REVENUE TO THE CITY.

4.  Open Troy dashboard...again, in process LONG before Daniels and company showed up.  Again, another thing she wants to claim as her own that has very little to do with her.  See a pattern here?

5.  Great events being held in Troy at private venues...yep, that's true.  Troy Sports Center has ALWAYS been successful, we've always had diverse events take place here, and like one of her supporters says right there, Troy has ALWAYS been an amazing place to live, work and play.

ALWAYS...not just since November, Janice. 

But nice try.  Those of us who have been watching see rather you trying to make Troy into something different...something less wonderful and amazing.

And we're not about to let you.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Putting words -- or her own foot -- in her mouth?

Janice is at it again.

Earlier this week, Troy Mayor Janice Daniels was featured on Charlie Langton's radio program.  Though Langton seems inordinately preoccupied with the whole gay slur episode from before Daniels was mayor, he DID try to give her a way out of her comments.

He tried REALLY HARD to give her an out.  She either refuses to see it, or she is incredibly ignorant to the effect her words have on anyone but herself.  Try as she might, she does not seem to understand the power of a sincere, heartfelt, NOT back-handed apology.  And so, she stepped in it again.  She probably outed a client of hers by making a pretty horrifying and bigoted statement describing her knowledge of relationships with homosexuals.  It went something like this:

Langton:  Do you know any gay people?
Daniels:  Well, of course, I am working someone who I suspect very well could be gay and I even touched his arm!!!

You go, Mayor.  But let me ask you...did you wash that arm immediately, or did you wait until he left?

Today, the Freep ran an article about the episode on the airwaves. You can read it HERE.  But the most interesting paragraph reads as follows:

Daniels told the Free Press the conversation about homosexuality is being foisted on her. 

She said she continues to strive for small government, less regulation and improving the city's revenue base. She said she recently voted against the city's proposed budget because it contained a millage she deemed unnecessary.

"I'm not the person my political opposition is trying to paint me as," she said. "I'm working on building a vibrant synergy in Troy."

She might be right; she may not be the person some are painting her as.
I think she's worse.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bottom Line

What the Recall Janice Daniels campaign IS:
  • The citizenry exercising their right to participate in the prescribed legislative process – JUST AS JANICE DANIELS WOULD HAVE US DO. 
  • A Constitutionally protected right of the citizenry. Janice Daniels LOVES the Constitution.  Ah, but there’s the rub…Daniels prefers us to exercise only SOME of our Constitutional rights.  She’d rather we leave the ones that affect her alone.
  • An opportunity for ALL voters to have a “re-do” after experiencing the real evidence of Daniels’ true merit, behavior and skill in her position.  That means that if YOU DO support her…you get to say so again.  Why would that upset anyone?
  • A civics lesson.  Countless individuals have become engaged, educated and knowledgeable in the workings of a municipality.  Never again will some residents cast a ballot without being 100% sure of their vote.  We could call this a win for that alone.
  • An overwhelmingly successful endeavor carried out by some of the most respectful, caring, intelligent and sincere individuals I’ve ever met. You need only compare the words and behavior of those in support of the recall to the words and behavior of those in support of Janice Daniels to see what I mean. 
What the Recall Janice Daniels campaign ISN’T:
  • Dependent on Daniels having committed a crime.  REMOVAL from office is for when politicians commits crime(s).  RECALLS are for the electorate to express displeasure with ineptitude.
  • Costly to the taxpayers; it will be on the regular November ballot at NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSE.  It has been funded SOLELY by private donations from concerned citizens.  To date, any money has been from contributions by individuals, not businesses: 85% from current residents, 15% from FORMER Troy residents.
  •  Bound by time limits beyond those prescribed by statute. The recall team was well within their legal rights to start the process when they did. But Daniels's supporters are whining that it's too soon -- we should simply let her finish out her term and let voters decide her fate in four years. However,  NONE OF US should be subject to Daniels finishing her term on the sole premise that she won an election when the overwhelming evidence shows that she is incompetent and, in fact, harmful to the best interests of all of us.  The reality is that if the city really WERE run like a business as Janice Daniels would have it…she’d have been fired in January after her despicable tirade on the City Manager and employees at large.  No one would have waited around to allow her to keep making more and more mistakes.
  • Borne out of “sour grapes.”  There are very real and valid reasons that Janice Daniels needs to be recalled.  It goes far beyond simple displeasure with an outcome of an election.  Were that true, a few council members would be up for recall, too…
  • RELATED TO HER REPREHENSIBLE JUNE 2011 FACEBOOK COMMENT ABOUT HOMOSEXUALS.  Try as many like to cling to that (like Charlie Langton; listen to the podcasts here), it’s all about her HANDLING of issues like that – and more – WHILE IN OFFICE.  A comprehensive explanation of why she must be recalled can be found HERE.
  • A partisan/Liberal effort by “cry babies,” “spoiled children” or “frothing window-licking mouth breathers” as Randy Jasky ( would say.  You can see his delicate treatment of the 9,300 signers of the Recall Janice Daniels petition on the Troy Patch HERE  and HERE
Trust me:  not all 9,300 Troy residents who signed the petition belong to the same political party.  Lots of them told us they actually voted for Daniels but have now seen her for what she really is and want her OUT.  Signers include registered Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents or undeclared allegiance, and range in age from 18-94. They are your friends and neighbors.  Inordinate numbers of them were BEGGING to sign the petition – grabbing it out of our hands before we could even finish asking if they’d like to sign.

The Recall Janice Daniels campaign is a necessary endeavor.  Residents of this vibrant and diverse community must come together to do what is right for all of us.   

We must Recall Janice Daniels.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For Deb DeBacker...


Janice Daniels to be on radio Wednesday at 7:37am

Janice Daniels will be on WXYT AM 1270 7:37am Wednesday morning, interviewed by Charlie Langton. He does PR consulting for her, trying to save her from being recalled. Think they will mention that???? Call and ask 248-356-1270

Monday, June 11, 2012

Apparently Martin Howrylak doesn't want to play with local "republicans"

Oooo, a little scandal brewing?

Looks like our local political puppetmaster, kidnapper, tax scoffflaw and hooker fan -- Bob Gosselin -- has infuriated Martin Howrylak to the degree that MH refused to play in their fixed reindeer games.

Howrylak released this message on Thursday:
Martin Howrylak for State Representative – District 41 – releases statement regarding tonight’s “debate” in Troy.
Troy, MI (June 7) – “Voters deserve a fair and honest discussion with the candidates on the variety of important issues facing us this election cycle.

I look forward to having that discussion with the voters, and my fellow candidates for office, over the course of this campaign. We owe it to the voters to have an honest, open and vigorous debate about the issues facing Michigan.
Unfortunately, there have been serious and very legitimate questions regarding the fairness of the debate that is being hosted tonight. In addition to the questions that have been raised regarding fairness is the fact that the organizer of this debate has already made an endorsement in this race. Because of these questions regarding fairness, and the endorsement already made by the organizer, I will not be able to participate. I believe the voters of this district deserve better.
Again, I look forward to a vigorous and fair debate with my fellow candidates, but rather than participating in the event tonight, I will be out knocking on doors listening to the voters and discussing their concerns one-on-one."
** This statement is in reference to an event for Republican primary candidates in the 41st State House district to be held this evening at 7 pm in Troy.
Contact Martin Howrylak – 248.649.5814
Kooky Deborah DeBacker, who tells Troy parents that our IB school is "anti-American," thinks the "forum" debate went swimmingly, as she wrote on her FB page:
Thank you very much TCRF for the fair and balanced forum last night. I believe that Matt and I were fairly treated. Very good and thought provoking questions.
I guess she would feel that way, considering everyone involved has already endorsed her.

Now here's the snotty reaction to Howrylak by Babs Harrell on the Troy Clawson Republican Forum FB page:
Barbara A. HarrellAs tired as I am, I just couldn't go to bed without thanking my TCRF members, supporters, as well as Matt Pryor, Deborah DeBacker, everyone who asked great questions, and the great production crew at CMN. They all helped make our 41st district Republican candidate forum tonight a great success! Sadly, the other candidate, Martin Howrylak, apparently had some issues he chose to keep to himself rather than discuss with us and he bailed a couple hours before the event was to begin.

Trouble in paradise?
Like Janice Daniels and her little game in Troy where only her extremist fans need bother apply to play--if you don't like the Harrell/DeBacker/Daniels filthy rules, tough.
I'm guessing Gosselin backed DeBacker because he likes his candidates weak and not-so-smart, so they will do whatever he tells them to. I guess the free-thinking Howrylak is just a little too self-assured and independent for Gosselin's taste.

But what I want to know is, why does proud Conservative Christian Deb DeBacker enjoy the backing of slovenly Bob Gosselin who has a police rap sheet and an unethical, immoral streak that are miles long?
How come people like Gosselin and DeBacker insinuate their judgmental noses into everyone else's personal lives, yet make no apology for their own disgraceful behavior?


Sunday, June 10, 2012

McCotter Voter fraud involves Troy "Republican"

The "republican" leaders in Troy have become so extreme, that many are leaving the party, rather than be caught in the same club with these people. How bad are they? Well, if what we read below in the Detroit News is correct, maybe there's an orange jumpsuit in Barbara Harrell's future?

Commentary: If anyone is committing voter fraud in Michigan, it is Republicans

Mark Brewer

It's been the GOP's best fear-mongering tool for decades: Scare the public that Michigan voters are engaging in election fraud in order to justify enacting voter-suppression laws. But the truth is, Michigan voters aren't the ones who've been engaging in election fraud. That's been the Republicans.

One of the GOP's favorite myths is that "dead voters" are voting in Michigan. Seeking proof, GOP Secretary of State Ruth Johnson started a secret study after she was elected. Tens of thousands of voters were studied. The Bureau of Elections staff found no evidence of "dead voters" voting in Michigan.

Undeterred, Johnson tried to prove another GOP myth by ordering all local election officials to report whether any non-citizens voted or attempted to vote in the Feb. 28, 2012, presidential primary. With about 1.2 million voters in that primary, if GOP rhetoric were true, one would expect that hordes of "noncitizens" voted on Feb. 28.

The truth? Four voters -- less than a handful, and .0003 percent of all voters -- may have been non-citizens. Were they even Democrats? No. All four came from Republican areas of the state!

While Johnson has failed to prove that dead and noncitizens are voting, it is Michigan Republicans who are busy actually committing election fraud. It began last month when former Democratic State Rep. Roy Schmidt switched parties to file as a Republican just minutes before the filing deadline.

The same person who submitted Schmidt's GOP candidate affidavit also submitted the false candidate affidavit of fake Democrat Matt Mojzak, the best friend of Schmidt's nephew. Schmidt and GOP House Speaker Jase Bolger plotted the switch for weeks and Bolger helped with the candidate's filings. The incident is currently being investigated by the Michigan State Police.

With the Schmidt and Bolger scandal unraveling in west Michigan, we learned that more GOP election fraud occurred in southeast Michigan. Rep. Thad McCotter submitted nearly 2,000 petition signatures to be eligible for the August primary ballot, but the Secretary of State determined only 244 of those were valid. Signatures from a previous campaign as well as photocopied signed petitions were used. That's election fraud. The attorney general is now investigating.

McCotter's 14 petition circulators included five McCotter congressional staffers, a candidate for the Livonia School Board, the president of the Troy-Clawson Republican Forum, Milford Township's supervisor, an Oakland County road commissioner, and GOP activists. This scam was widespread.

These hypocritical and illegal actions are all part of the GOP playbook. They don't care about giving everyone access to the ballot. They care about winning at all costs -- even when that cost is breaking the law and deceiving the public.

Mark Brewer is chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party.

Shocker! Deb DeBacker is a xenophobic anti-intellectual

Wow, I spent 5 minutes seeing if I could find evidence online that Deborah DeBacker is a wacko. I found it in 3 minutes!
Here is one (of many, no doubt) letter to the editor she wrote to the Oakland Press about something ridiculous and anti-intellectual.
I mean, really? Is this what she sits around getting angry about?
This is a person who has a very miniscule world view and wants everyone to think exactly as she does.
She is running to be our representative for the 41st District seat in the Michigan State House. Does she represent you?
Published: Monday, March 29, 2010

International Baccalaureate schools are anti-American
The recent article about International Baccalaureate schools quotes the program’s aim as to encourage students to “understand that other people, with their differences can also be right.”
This type of curriculum intends to create a critical thinker; someone who thinks right and wrong are situational — what is right today maybe wrong tomorrow in a different situation. He thinks that truth is fluid, with no absolutes. The IB-created student is a dialectic thinker who truly believes that perception is reality and who makes decisions based on feeling, not cognitive thought.
The dialectic thinker is at the opposite of a didactic thinker, whose decisions are based on facts, who believes in absolutes, who believes right and wrong are static, not situational. The didactic does not abandon individual principles for consensus derived group principles. A dialectic thinker is easily manipulated while a didactic thinker is not.
IB programs aim to create citizens who do not believe that our system of capitalism and free markets are the best way to live as a free person. Patriotic Americans should never enroll their children in IB schools.
Deborah DeBacker

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Deborah Debacker, like Janice Daniels, was against saving the Troy Library

Just like Janice Daniels, Deborah Debacker was against saving the Troy Public Library each time an effort was made to save it.
Debacker is now running for the Michigan State House and could win that position this November.
Who supports her? Only classy folks like Auntie Kidnapping tax scofflaw Bob Gosselin and anti-gay hysteric Tom McMillin. Just what we need, another anti-freedom nutjob in Lansing.