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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yes, Doug Tietz DOES have major conflicts of interest as a Troy city councilman!

Heavens! Concerned Troy Citizens has caught those wicked people at TRUST in a LIE! Just read below! 

Wow! CTC sure caught TRUST up to no good! TRUST had to respond to explain why they told an absolute... TRUTH.

And then to prove they were telling the truth they supplied the proof.

So how do the critics of TRUST respond to this? How do they feel that CTC was wrong?

It just shows that to some people facts and truth simply don't matter. It's all about the game to them.


  1. What? Glenn Clark lied? What has Troy politics come to?

    Oh, that's right. It's standard operating procedure for Bob Gosselin's tin soldiers. Lie, deceive, prevaricate, obfuscate, fabricate, etc.

  2. Wary and Weary in TroyDecember 5, 2012 at 6:45 PM

    Well of more importance to me was the who's who of contributors to his campaign with Carmen Johnson as treasurer. Cross her off the list. She is clearly not a non-partisan. Neither is Tietz as we see. TCU Peter and the Wolf routine is getting old and predictable.

    1. Two proposed names that made the finalist list
      definitely have political ties and came from Fleming and Tietz. Carmen Johnson ran for city council in 2009 with Deb Debacker running her campaign; she does answer the question of affiliation with a political party, honestly though and by listing Barbara Harrell as a reference, I'm assuming she's active in the Troy Clawson Republican group. Bert Copple was the Republican opponent to Sander Levin in the US Rep 12th district race in 2008.

  3. It's old news and I don't know why TCU responded that CM Tietz's relationships with Knollenberg and Bullard were lies.

    Personally, I am sick of aspiring politicians using city council office as their first step in a political career. Oddly enough, I think we are getting a better field of candidates for the temporary fill-in council seat. Can we do it this way all the time, haha.

  4. Ah, yes, Doug Tietz. The man who ran for office demanding that the city make the salaries of City workers public. And was tired of the city council bickering. And after he served on council, he wanted to go back to his business.

    He failed to mention that his business is burrowing into the the government for his own gain.

    1. Um... Doesn't his employment make him one of those awful government "looters?"

      Going along with his thinking in that video, and in the spirit of additional transparency, I think everyone he makes a living off of should be posted.

  5. Is anyone else wondering why Concerned Troy Citizens was so bent on calling this information a lie? Do they have something to hide? Are they wishing people wouldn't start to connect information and people?

  6. Below is the juvenile post Concerned Troy Citizens has on its Facebook page regarding TRUSTs clarification. Come on, people. Really? These are fiscal conservatives with integrity? Doug clearly worked for Marty Knollenberg. Period. There's a connection. He worked for Bullard. Period. There's another connection. That's the point. Doug should NOT be speaking on this subject, as a result. Not as a sitting council person. Certainly not as one who never agreed to uphold the City Charter, per instructions from Janice Daniels.

    Hear this loud and clear Glenn Clark and company: Whether it is the case or not, Doug Tietz looks very much like an idiot career politician serving his ideology (the extreme right) versus the City and clamoring for his next consulting job. PERIOD.

    From the CTC FB page:

    "LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE AWARD: The Rotten Garlic Clove Award goes to TRUST for lying about Councilman Doug Tietz's employment. Just because a google search brings up old employment information does not mean that the Councilman works for any of the employers this left-wing group claims. Members of our group have previously worked at Sears, McDonald's, Burger King, Kmart, Cedar Point, etc. Would it be ethical to state that any one of our members currently works at these former employers? Once again, TRUST can go with old information without VERIFYING said information all day long. It just proves that they are interested in the politics of personal destruction and guilt by association by stating old information which suits their liberal agenda. Time for the liberal activists to grow up in the big city of Troy. Troy voters reject their negativity on face value. PERIOD."

    1. So is it "old" information as of the November elections? What a bunch of fools that group is.

    2. Wary and Weary in TroyDecember 6, 2012 at 12:57 PM

      I don't know why I am continually open mouthed stunned at these people's ability to take a position with no reality attached. They are in such a FOX news like echo chamber that they honestly can't hear or distinguish other information. It is very cult like and brain-washed.
      So what if Tietz worked for these politicos then or now? HE DID. That is fact. They go from saying that he never did and Trust is lying, to so what if he did Trust is spinning. They turn on a dime to fit whatever narrative they want to support in the moment. It is completely unprincipled and dishonest.

      It is also worth noting that they like to make it seem like Trust started the negativity in Troy. When in fact, there was no Trust until AFTER the Prop 1 library millage. TCU was in FULL negativity mode during the Feb 2010 millage and the Prop 1 millage. So, Trust did not start this, TCU did. One need only go back and look at the CC meeting archives of public comment to see that. Trust just shined a big ole light on them and they went crazy negative in a defensive posture.
      It is funny that TCU screamed about the Feb 2010 special election, was A-OK with the Kempen petition which would have mandated a Feb 2011 special election, was furious about the Aug. 2011 library millage, and is SUPER A-OK with a Feb 2013 special to win the mayor's seat. So, they are willing to spend OUR money when it is for their personal political/ideological gain. Just not for anything that helps maintain city services for all citizens.

  7. There have been no posts here lately. And I wonder, are you giving up? I wouldn't blame you. The idiot politicians who do this for a living are hard to take on. And Dan Brake seems like he's nuts and is thriving on being the new Gosselin-appointed council gadfly who has no idea what he's talking about, but thinks he does.

    The residents, particularly die hard Republicans, are clueless and refuse to educate themselves. It's very sad.