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Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Small government" Troy conservatives hand power back to state

from Linda


Residents of Troy, beware! Most of the residents have started to wake up, but we still need to help those who haven’t.

Wednesday, I sat in Judge Langford Morris’s courtroom and listened and watched while the Show Cause Hearing in the Secretary of State’s lawsuit against Troy was taking place.

A little background; our city operates under Home Rule, as do many other cities. In a nutshell, this means that the city operates under its municipal charter and also becomes solely responsible for registration of voters and for conduct of all election within its boundaries.

Here is a little background on Home Rule from the Michigan Municipal League.

The 1908 state constitution and in particular Article VIII, Section 21, gave the electors of each city and village the ability to frame and adopt a charter and “pass all laws and ordinances relating to its municipal concerns, subject to the constitution and general laws of this state.”

As noted by the Constitutional Convention of 1907 through its “Address to the People” the idea was to give each city or village the ability “to frame, adopt and amend those charter provisions which have reference to their local concerns.” . . . .“each municipality is the best judge of its local needs and the best able to provide for its local necessities.”

In 1963, Michigan citizens approved a new constitution which included many of the home rule provisions . . . .while Article VII, Section 34 seems to strengthen the hand of local control by stating that “The provisions of this constitution and law concerning counties, townships, cities and villages shall be liberally construed in their favor.”

Much as in 1908, convention comments from the drafting of the 1963 constitution indicate the idea was to give local units of government a broad framework by which to operate. The comments describe Article VII, Section 34 as “a new section intended to direct the courts to give a liberal or broad construction to statutes and constitutional provisions concerning all local governments.”

So, why sue Troy? Read the following and see if you can see a common thread here.
After the recall, City Council held a study session to appoint an interim Mayor until our next election date of November, 2013, per our city charter. It was quite clear that councilman Wade Fleming desperately wanted to be the one. Unfortunately, he wasn’t chosen. Thus, began the fun and games.

Coincidentally, soon after, the Secretary of State threatens to sue Troy indicating State law presides over our charter and ultimately does sue.

Many of you have heard of Robert Davis, the political activist from Highland Park that goes around making a career out of suing for various things. Well, he jumped on the bandwagon and also sued Troy and was in court today. Guess who was right there giving him and his attorney paperwork and information on Troy? Dan Brake! Remember him? He’s running for mayor. Not only was Brake offering misinformation, but he was also helping brew another theory from the minds of the Gosselin/Clark show.

Concerned Troy Citizens “are Troy residents, business owners & activists who are concerned about the direction that certain public officials want to move our city to.” and they are fighting “for common-sense values in Troy City Hall --- rid of the special interests that want bigger government, higher taxes and unnecessary spending that results in diminishing our core services like police, fire and roads.”

They are the Gosselin/Clark show just like TCU, just another change of name. Well, they were pushing hard for a February election and were also in court. They wanted Ed Kempen or Dan Brake for Mayor. They have known our process for replacing the mayor for a while now. If this group is concerned about big government and spending, why are they so adamant about a special election and suing the city of Troy? POWER! They lost their Tea Party candidate in the recall and need a fix.

Glenn Clark was all over the media today inferring he represented the citizens of Troy and he is glad there will be a special election, the citizens deserve it. What the citizens don’t deserve is Glenn Clark.

Bob Gosselin, the Oakland County Commissioner, was also right there with Brake and Clark. He can’t be left out of anything that may manage to help his guys get their power back.

These guys were all over the attorney for the Secretary of State and the reporters like bees on honey. It was so blatantly obvious that they were pushing this, that it was disgusting. Now, they will tell you that they did it for you!

Yes, the Gosselin/Clark show, is brought to you by a power hungry group that will tell you anything THEY think you want to hear.. They will pull out the fear card, tell you not to believe anything that has been supported by fact because it just isn’t so and will use the smoke and mirrors, conspiracy theories, blame the recall group, and what other low, scheming methods they can come up with, just to regain POWER and take back THEIR city.

Well, I have said my piece and this is OUR city! I am very upset today because the Home Rule City act has just been thrown under the bus and those masquerading as “Concerned Troy Citizens” helped to push it there. The recall laws are not exactly clear and in need of clarification. As one of the defense attorneys said today, if Sonny Elliot said it was sunny, it was clear and blue sky outside. The same for “foggy” and “stormy”. Well, if he were in court today, he would say it is “foggy and stormy.”

I’ve not heard of any other municipal recall that received such “special treatment” from the Secretary of State. What is additionally baffling is that Chris Thomas, Director of Elections implied he read about our process in the newspaper. In today’s hearing, the attorney for the Secretary of State said “the State does not follow city elections.” She went on to say that the “public interest is in the State’s favor.” What public? Gosselin, Clark, Brake, Dr. Ross and Janice’s attorney. (Yes, Dr. Ross was also hounding everyone today.) So why the lawsuit? You be the judge. From the conversations I overhead today, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

These guys are on a roll; trying to push their agenda by implying misconduct of others, etc.

I haven’t given up on our fine city. On the contrary, I am on a mission to make sure that all residents are fully educated on this and each and every issue in the city. Please join me in telling all your friends and neighbors the truth from Troy. This should not be limited to Troy residents. This group’s reach extends beyond our city limits. Tell everyone you can about the disastrous deeds that this so-calling “concerned” group has wreaked on our city and plans to continue doing. Don’t give up, fight back!


  1. Dan Brake is going to run for mayor. Here's the start of his website.

  2. Dan Brake gives every appearance of someone who is losing their mind. We do not want this guy as Mayor. The fact that this is the type of person Gosselin can get to do his bidding says a lot about Gosselin. Why do people keep electing him?

    Also, who is Janice's attorney? You have to wonder about any lawyer who would go near these people. (Look what happened to Janice's transit center expert.)

    1. What happened to JDs transit "expert" aside from appearing like an ignorant racist jerk?