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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dan Brake - The Man Who Would Be Mayor

Ah, Dan Brake.
He wants to be mayor. See him below. Looking like a leader at a library funding debate. He said "Don't fund it!" He joked the library wasn't a library at all - just a football.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
And just who is flanking him? Why it's his two political mentors! Bob Gosselin (group shudder) and Janice Daniels (group guffaw).

Mr. Brake wants to mayor sooo very badly that he was among the folks, if not the one and only, who started this whole election disaster. See for yourself.
And for all Tietz chatter at tonight's city council meeting about who is only speaking to whom... it's interesting that Brake only wrote to Tietz and Henderson...
If you peer at the names Brake Sharpied out, you can see all the names. (Nice going, Mr. Brake -- kinda like giving your check numbers out on YouTube!)

Brake letters

But perhaps the most impressive Mr. Brake has shown himself to be, as he desires to become mayor of our fair city, was tonight at the city council meeting playing Matlock.

Brake: "Aha, city attorney! You claimed you had NOT spoken to the Secretary of State! I hold in my chubby little hand a letter from the SoS's office PROVING that you spoke to them! And I'm using Janice Daniels' words against the city manager to tell you I don't have faith in you, too! And I say checkMATE!"

And then the city attorney responded.
City Attorney: "Yes, it's true that I didn't speak to them. But the city clerk did (ya dim bulb, ya!)."

Because either Brake or those big shot tea party officials in Lansing dont know the difference between a city attorney and a city clerk. Sigh.

Will there be a day we remember Janice Daniels as one of the more intelligent TCU-ers to seek office?


  1. I thought it was fun tonight when Mr. Brake tried to speak during "agenda item" public comment time on a nonexistent agenda item. Then he got all belligerent. It was precious.

    1. The item he wanted to address was "council comment." Apparently he wanted to comment on future comments that might have been made by council if they chose to comment?

      What a fool.

  2. And when Mr. Brake spoke last night at the city council meeting I was there in the audience. There was another of his mentors, Mr. Glenn Clark, proudly smiling in the audience. It's the same crazy politicians bringing us the same brand of crazy over and over again. Someone, please, make it stop.

    1. Yes, we need to continue to expose these Janice Daniels goons for what they really are trying to do to this city.

      I pray for the council members to stay strong-that is the ones who really want peace in Troy.

  3. We need to focus our attention on identifying people who will serve the City of Troy with intelligence and integrity dedicated to all the members of our community vs. extreme interest groups who root their actions in bigotry.

  4. Anybody know what Brake would bring to the table if he somehow did become mayor? What does he do for a living? Has he read any books or anything? Taken a college course? Managed any people? Accomplished anything in life?

  5. As pointed out to me by someone highly knowledgeable about such matters, Dan Brake is essentially the latest consigliere for the TCU "mob" led by the head of the family, Robert Gosselin.

    These people may be sick and twisted, but they are very cunning. Gosselin gets his sycophantic toadies to do his dirty work. People like Glenn Clark, Martin Howrylak, Janice Daniels and Ed Kempen are the dumb lieutenants who carry out the orders, while Gosselin keeps his hands "clean." Kempen puts out the phony "friends of the library with no new taxes" petitions--Gosselin was surely behind it. Janice tries to kill the transit center and the library--Gosselin again. Clark...who knows what he's done besides become a pariah in the republican party for the disgusting lies he tells about fellow party members who dare to run against his candidates. Marty does his bidding by using his office recognition to sink every proposal to keep the city running smoothly.

    I'm not saying these people are not culpable. But this is an organization bent on grabbing power in our state by using local offices as name recognition stepping stones to higher and higher positions. This is what makes them so dangerous--their extremist views can only flourish if no one pays attention and keeps voting them forward.