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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Looking Back...Looking Forward

Today, Councilwoman Maureen McGinnis will be sworn in as interim Mayor of Troy; she'll hold the office until Monday night when Councilman Dane Slater rotates into the Mayor Pro Tem position that will be vacated by McGinnis on schedule.

The Council and interim Mayor will then begin the task of working together to appoint a new mayor for Troy.  I am hopeful that the full body will be able to look forward together while reflecting on the mistakes of the past to figure out how best to serve ALL the residents of Troy.

Indeed, it is a wise person who can look back to see where things went off the proverbial rails.

Radio talk show host Charlie Langton gave Janice Daniels that opportunity yesterday on his show.  Two or three times he repeated the question, "What would you do differently?"  In true form, Daniels never answered, responding only with a complaint that the media was unbalanced...that if only the media had reported things accurately, she'd have gotten a fair shake.  In the Oakland Press, she even stated that the media was responsible for the poor portrayal of her to the public:

Daniels declined to have her photo taken for this article, stating that the media has “never been fair” with her photos.

“Your newspaper helped perpetrate (the recall),” she said.

Now, I'll be the first to say that I am NOT a photogenic person; I rarely like pictures of myself, hate seeing myself on the Council Jumbo tron, and cringed when I saw playback of myself during a Town Hall discussion or on the local news.   

But last time I checked, how I am photographed/filmed has very little effect on my ability to complete the tasks with which I am charged. 

No, being Mayor of Troy is not about looking good for pictures.  It's about being the representative for all residents...acting for the will of all citizens...reflecting and representing the desires of the entire community.

Being Mayor of Troy is not about personal ideology.  It's about collective needs, goals and purpose.

This current council has shown the ability to work together.  Not since the very first early votes on the Transit Center have we seen real division or discord that extended beyond the Mayor's chair.  Under the calm and wise navigation of Dane Slater, I have no doubt that the engine of Troy's democracy will be sent down the right tracks.

The people have spoken, and any future leader would be wise to listen. After too long, Troy can finally get BACK on track.  We're wiser for the journey, and hopeful for the future. 

We SAVED TROY again. 


  1. Sue, it's really time to stop the nitpicking, and to stop whoopping on people. The recall is done, Janice is out. There is absolutely NO point in continuing to level the critical guns at her any more. You are really crticising her for not wanting a picture? You really need to move on. I also take issue with your closing comment 'any future leader would be wise to listen'.. It's as if you are already digging in some heels for any future confrontation. There is no confrontation looming now. Troy is going to move on. I'm fine with the result of the recall, even though I didn't fully support it's reasoning. Janice had (has) her issues, but, she will now be 'private citizen' Janice, not mayor Janice. Leave it alone .

    1. You know, I do see your point. But (you knew I'd have a rebuttal, right? LOL...) the thing's NOT really about her picture. I'm not criticizing her for THAT. That just epitomizes what Janice Daniels will not accept; she was not treated unfairly by the press with their photography or reporting. They gave a true picture in all ways of who she is.

      She alone is responsible for her words and actions, and her continued inability to own that is what caused the constant negative attention she received.

      Further, simply saying that any future leader would be wise to listen is no threat, no assumption of conflict...nothing more than an observation.

      Thanks for your opinion, though. As always, and for as long as Sharon allows me, what I write is simply my own opinion.

    2. You say its not really about her picture, but are you sure. From her perspective, I would think different. Considering she has been criticized not only for her politics and so on, but also for her appearance. The hat, the coat, the, i think the term was, 'deer in the headlights' look (or that 'strange look on her face'). Who WOULDN't be camera shy after all that scrutiny? She is soon to be no longer a public figure, no requirement to 'mug for the camera' any further.

    3. She still didn't answer the question.
      She still blamed external factors.

      I have no dog in this fight. And I have my own fights to wage. But I've been watching this thing unfold over the past year. To blame the media (and, I am presuming, the photos in the media) for her recall is irresponsible, disingenuous and only confirms what those who voted her out believe.

      She had the opportunity by the very media she blames to be gracious in defeat. Mitt Romney managed to do that in front of a much larger audience! Instead she dug her hole deeper and started to pull the dirt in over herself.

      She lacks the self-awareness and ability to reflect upon her actions that is essential to serving public office. She's not the only politician to do so. And some of them were voted out of office on Tuesday as well.

      But to blame those who wanted better for her failure is just as "whooping on people" as you accuse others. And yes... future leaders would be VERY wise to learn from not just the mistakes Janice made, but by the mistakes all who have held that office have made.

      That's what wise people do; learn from the mistakes of others.

    4. Nancy d. For someone who says they have no dog in the fight, and their own fights to wage, you seem to have a strong opinion anyway. Is there something else you would have preferred to happen other than a successful recall? Janice dressing herself in sack cloth and ashes on the steps of city hall while loudly proclaiming a mea culpa? What the hell more do people want?

    5. "And some of them were voted out of office on Tuesday as well. That's true Nancy D. But, others, such as Howrylak, Bentivolio, and Gosselin were voted into office.

    6. She could have taken some responsibility for what she brought on herself instead of blaming others.

      She could have had more of a thought about the City she was supposed to have been representing than just herself. That would have been gracious.

    7. To the end, she demonstrated her frivolous, flighty, nonintrospective manner. Behind the "media", behind the pictures, were her words, deeds and actions. Actually, I thought the media was kind to her and gave her more than a fair shake. Every time a reporter gave her a way to smooth things over, she deliberately said worse.

    8. No sackcloth necessary. But a mea culpa, aka: recognition that there might have been missteps along the way on her part, would have been nice.

      More to the point.... It would have been GRACIOUS. And if you wish to contend that is expecting to much, that's fine. I can live with that.

  2. The residents of Troy were awakened about the issues and local officials in the city these past 2 years. Now that the library has been saved and the recall successful, they can not hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.
    The citizenry needs to keep learning, reading, paying attention and holding accountable the people that represent them. That includes Howrylak. We need to keep eyes open and demand that the council work together for the good of our community.

    1. May I point out that not everyone feels that the existing situation (sans Janice) is not for the good of the community. Even though the recall was successful, there were a fair number of people who did not support it. Look at the numbers. Janice had a lot more things going against her than some of the other politicians who are in place now. They won their elections based on the support of the people. People were not asleep during this particular election. Sure, Janice is out, but, not everyone agreed with it. I would say many of the same people who did not agree supported Howrylak, Gosselin, Bentivolio. I dont think you can successfully recall every politician, No matter how 'closely' you watch them.

  3. This was posted on the TCU FB page. Somebody may want to to the good Dr. on suicide watch.

    Richard Lanier Dvm:

    This is my email daily devotion sent the morning after the election. The freedom we have enjoyed for over 200 years is shrinking.

    So Moses and Aaron went in to Pharaoh and said to him, "... If you refuse to let My people go, behold, tomorrow I will bring locusts into your country, and they shall cover the face of the land ...." Exodus 10:3a, 4-5a

    Is the storm in the northeast the first of the locusts?....followed by the collectivists?
    Who is John Galt?
    about an hour ago

    Seen by 12
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    Richard Lanier Dvm In New York and New Jersey, rain and 60 mph wind gusts Wednesday evening and overnight carried the potential to swamp homes again, topple trees wrenched loose by Sandy, and erase some of the hard-won progress made in restoring power to millions of customers.

    "I am waiting for the locusts and pestilence next," New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said. "We may take a setback in the next 24 hours."

    AP News
    21 minutes ago

    1. I don't think the Dr. should feel bad, after all, Howrylak, Gosselin and Bentivolio got in, they are about as right-wing and Tea Party as you can get.

      Majorities in the House and the Senate are still the same, Republican and Democat, respectively. Obama is still president. So status quo, from the day before the election.

  4. Anon 9:42am-- Having the negative/divisive lightning rod Daniels out will allow the community to move forward. I also suggest that where many people in Troy did not have an interest or information on issues and candidates prior to the past few years, they are now paying attention to local govt. I also state that we want the non-partisan council to work together for the good of the WHOLE community. Should go without saying really. I am painfully aware that means different things to different people. We should all be closely watching our elected officials, as what they do has a direct effect on our property, schools and lives. I truly believe that this council is ready to get back to work without the distraction and do the city's business. I am entitled to my opinion after all.

    1. Agree with you, Rogue Nation.

      Of course not intending to start a recall against every politician that we disgaree with, Anon 9:42 AM. But I'm going to be more aware of issues facing our city, watching council meetings, making my opinions known, and making a truly informed decision at election time. Maybe time to pay attentiion to the school board and Oakland county gov't, too :-).

  5. As someone who walked many nights and weekends to gather signatures from people at their doors, I can tell you with some certainty that two out of every three people who said they wouldn't sign said it wasn't because they liked Daniels, but that they didn't like recalls.

    I would bet a large number of the people who voted for her did so because they were voting against the recall, more than supporting her. I've talked to many signature gatherers who said the same thing.
    Regardless, she's gone and our vigilance will remain.

  6. My opinion...this wasn't about politics (i.e., the more liberal wanting someone else). If, for example, Dave Henderson, Doug Tietz or Wade Fleming had been elected Mayor instead of Janice Daniels, there would have been no recall movement. Janice Daniels was an aberration as an elected official, she managed to offend in so many areas (social issues, commercial interests, incidences due to her egocentric personality).

    While the vote was close (52% yes vs 48% no), it is interesting to view how the different precints voted at
    The Yes's WEREN'T concentrated in any particular area, in fact 24 out of Troy's 31 precincts had a majority of Yes's, and the remaining 7 precincts were very close. So overall, there is no split geographically. That is a relief as one non-Troy poster over on Patch who was trying to stir up trouble the day before the election said there would be a "civil war", and Troy should be split apart (quel drama!).
    I think Daniels got a lot of support votes simply for her social issues stance (homosexuality and Christian religion promoting) which is wrong for mayor and city council to involve themsevles in, it doesn't concern the governing of Troy. Just do what you are elected for.
    I see brighter days for Troy ahead. And for Janice Daniels, too; she has a flair for conservative talk radio, I can see her getting her own show or at least starting out as a co-host or substitute host, the money would certainly be better than mayor. Not my cup of "tea" to listen to, but to each his own.

    1. Since the split in opinion on the recall appears to not be geographical, I wonder if it was age-based, gender, educational level, or perhaps regular church-goer. We'll never know!

  7. I saw the results at two precincts. Republicans won everything except for Debbie Stabenaw's race. But Janice Daniels lost in these conservative precincts by an impressive margin. This was not a partisan outcome -- unless you think the Republicans voted for her and the Dems were with her.

  8. The irony that Mayor Daniels blames the media is almost too much for me. I, too, blame the media for not revealing the scummy games Gosselin, Howrylak and Daniels have played with this community's psyche. I know a number of hard core Republicans who finally saw the realities and voted for Kerwin, Schilling and Taj. Those who vote by party line, overlooking ineptitude, are responsible for a lot of the trouble we are seeing here in Troy and across the nation. As a conservative Christian I am astounded to see others hold these people as an example of my faith. THEY ARE NOT. Howrylak's dirty, awful campaign is something Jesus took note of, I'm sure. Everyone who condones it should pray for forgiveness.

    I truly think many of the "No" votes were not about supporting her, but for not supporting the very idea of a Recall in the first place. Thank God that simplistic mind sight didn't prevail.