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Friday, November 2, 2012

Jim Campbell's Open Letter to Troy Voters

The former president of the Troy Republican Club writes...
To my fellow Troy residents,
I am very proud to have been elected to serve you as a city of Troy councilman. Unfortunately, I am not so proud of some of the issues and controversies that have surfaced since the election involving Mayor Daniels.
On day one, Mayor Daniels decided to revise the traditional oath of office that Councilman Henderson, Councilman Tietz, and I took along with her. She took it upon herself to eliminate any reference to the Troy city charter without ever discussing the oath revision with any of us. I saw this as rather strange behavior on her part. Just for the record I went back to the city clerk the next day and formally retook my oath in the traditional manner.
Little did I know that this event would be only the beginning of a rather long string of bizarre and unacceptable behaviors that would be brought forth by Mayor Daniels. I don’t think it is necessary to go through the laundry list of the events of the past year, suffice to say that none of her tirades, accusations or unprofessional behaviors has done anything to promote the city of Troy in a positive light!
The council has spent far too much time attempting to control her actions both in the public view as well as behind closed doors. The focus of the council and the city management has been diverted from doing the business of the city for too long.
It is also very important to clearly understand that the statements, opinions and attitudes that have been stated by Mayor Daniels are hers and hers alone. She does not speak for Mayor Pro Tem McGinnis, Councilman Slater, or me.
Mayor Daniel’s recent performance presenting the Troy Distinguished Citizen Award to Mary Kerwin proved to be the last straw for me. Again, I am sure everyone is well aware of the disrespectful manners shown by Mayor Daniels, just another sign of her lack of capability, professionalism and ideology.
I personally want to apologize to Mary Kerwin and Leadership Troy for the appalling and unnecessary treatment that was thrust on you by our Mayor.
Now the day of reckoning is drawing near for our mayor. The recall ballot provides a clear picture of the reasons for the recall. Each of the items on the ballot can be verified with public information. Unfortunately, the mayor’s ballot rebuttal is full of distortions written to show her as the “Victim”. Rest assured she is no victim!
Just to add a little more drama to the situation, now the Michigan Tea Party is planning on supporting Mayor Daniels against the recall effort. Interesting that the person who is running her “NO Recall” campaign is from Alpena not Troy? This is also true for many of her other supporters and cash donors. In the meantime our mayor is making personal appearances at homes and business that display the “Vote Yes Recall” signs. Her mission is to try to have them take the signs down. Could this be considered intimidation?
It’s rumored that the Tea Party supporters will have a strong presence at the polling locations in Troy. Gee, what a surprise!
Apparently the tradition of having a non-partisan election in Troy is another thing of the past?
November 6, 2012 is not only a critical day for the country; it is also a crucial day for us in Troy. Are we going to turn our heads from the unpleasantness and obnoxious behavior of an elected official who has tarnished our city in so many different ways? Or are we going to stand up and say that we the people of Troy demand and deserve better?
If you are proud of the city you live in and believe in our motto: “Troy-The City of Tomorrow Today” then you choice is clear: Vote “Yes” to Recall Mayor Janice Daniels.
Exercise your right to vote!
James Campbell
Troy City Councilman & Troy Resident


  1. What a surprise one of the liberal wastrels coming out against a fiscal conservative

    1. Except for the fact that Campbell was previously the President of the Troy Republican Club. But let me guess...he is not Republican enough for you.

      Janice Daniels is not a fiscal conservative...she is a fiscal extremist. Fortunately, she will be a non-issue in just a few short days.

    2. What a surprise that a JD supporter type makes a silly ridiculous juvenile statement like this about a CM who is actually a rational human being.

    3. If fiscal conservatism means being totally incapable of understanding a municipal budget, then Janice is surely that. If fiscal conservatism means being wholly ignorant about a federally funded transit center that will help the business climate in Troy, then she is that. If fiscal conservatism means moronically voting against what would amount to $7 per household tax increase for waste removal, then she is that. Under your definition, then, fiscal conservatism means extraordinary ineptitude. Congratulations! The mayor passes your test for being fiscally conservative, because she has consistently demonstrated just how inpet she is. I thank the Lord she'll be gone soon.

    4. Like others replying to you, she is a fiscal extremist, driven by an unreasonable ideology. So extreme, she alone on the council voted against the contract to hire a manager to keep the transit center cost within budget. She, alone I believe, of all council members, voted against the budget because it contained a minute millage increase for trash collection. Her reasoning on the trash millage, if it had swayed the other more reasonable, clearer thinking conservatives on the council, would have cost citizens far more to pay individually for trash collection. That is not fiscal responsibility. That is stupid, blind, unthinking, bull-headedness.

  2. I'm glad I quit the Republican Party over 20 years ago. You who are left in the Republican Party own the kooks and quacks like Janice and all the other teabaggers. I never thought there would be a constituency that would proudly proclaim to be Luddites and wish to return to the nineteenth century ways, yet I was wrong.

    Speaking out against their faults, as did Mr. Campbell, is the least that you should be doing. If you support the people like Janice the party will continue on the road to ruin.

  3. He is a former President of the Troy Republican club. The labels are ridiculous and used to divide. How is she a fiscal conservative? She has done absolutely nothing to earn that title except run her mouth - she doesn't have the ability to be effective as a fiscal conservative because no one respects her and she doesn't have the ability to build a consensus. As such, se is usually the lone vote on any issue. Doesn't help us at all. Either does name calling.

  4. The only thing Janice Daniels has accomplished in the last year is getting elected. She is a prop for a group of extreme people who have let their paranoia about people who don't think like them, worship like them, live like them take over their lives. This group hates black people, gays, poor people (ironic, since many of them seem to be living right on the edge of poverty themselves) and they are convinced the very government that provides them endless protections from enemies abroad, pollution, public name it...and preserves their freedom to live without obstruction in this great the enemy. Every demagogic group needs an enemy to rally their troop's hate. Folks like Janice and her crowd have enemies everywhere to hate. Their brand of fundamentally anti-American viewpoints and actions will destroy the Republican party.

    Jim Campbell is one of the smartest, most decent men I've known since moving to Troy 20+ years ago. He was my son's scout leader for years and went on a 2-week hiking trip to New Mexico with him. My son says he was a wonderful, level-headed teacher and mentor. I wouldn't trust Janice Daniels to water my lawn.

  5. Here is something I recently learned, the Koch Brothers that financially back the tea party had a father that was one of the founder members of the John Birch Society. Look it up. It was an ultra-conservative group that wanted small government and mistrusted government to the point that they would arm themselves and prepare for the inevitable civil uprising. Scary. Very Luddite-like, as a previous poster states. They were against civil rights in the 1960's. I wonder why. The tea party is basically Birchers re-born. This well financed, backward moving group is making in-roads in our city. Republicans better get a grip and realize that backing these nuts, just to go against the Democrat is NOT in the best interest of the Republican party, Troy or the 11th district. YES RECALL. YES KERWIN YES TAJ Otherwise we are on our way down a very slippery slope.

  6. Be glad when this is over so you can crawl back into your holes. Tired of both sides trying to outdo the other in nasty politics

    1. Which side are you?

    2. The rethuglicans won't quit and neither will I.

    3. I'm on the reasonable rational side and labels are ignorant and irrational.

  7. I'm just waiting for the JD supporters to label Jim Campbell a rino, because after all, only "they" are the true conservatives. *eye roll*


    Troy Republican Committee shared a link.
    14 hours ago
    Troy Mayor Janice Daniels to speak at this event on Sunday!

    THIS SUNDAY 12:30 to 2:30 PM. The Tour will arrive 1:00 PM and it will be a whistle stop so be on
    Recording artists Lloyd Marcus and Diana Nagy from San Francisco will participate plus national speakers including Andrea Shea King from Florida, Hon. Elizabeth Letchworth (Washington D.C.) and Selena Owens (North Carolina) plus others. See more here:

    1. I will be there with my recall shirt on!

  9. Wary and Weary in TroyNovember 3, 2012 at 4:28 PM

    She can't attend Leadership Troy award dinner, Community Coalition or other TROY events. But is free for this. Wow. RECALL JANICE DANIELS !

  10. All of this is so silly. It's not the end of the world if she's mayor for another three years. She was elected for a reason. The world won't end folks.

    1. No ... it won't end. But this community could tank in a heartbeat. A mayor who has built a brick wall between herself and half the community as well as the city staff does not bode well for the city. She admits she doesn't even understand the budget and it overwhelms her. She has alienated the business community. She is the definition of ideologue creating a fractured community. Please. You want 3 more years of this?

    2. I hope that this 1 year of Janice Daniels (Tea Party) Mayor of Troy will be enough evidence for the people that the extreme Tea Party Taliban is bad for Troy. I hope that Janice has given enough people reason to remove her from office. I hope that people will realize that it is not just Janice but the entire Troy Tea Party / TCU group / Bob Gosselin / Martin Howrylack / Glenn Clark / Ed Kempen / Deb Debacker/ Cristian Teodorides / Christina Bloomfield / Dave Henderson group that is the problem.

      At all opportunities these people need to be blocked from power. They are extreme. They are ideologues. They are dangerous and they will stoop to low levels of lies and bullying to get their ways.

      Vote Yes on the Recall.
      Vote Yes for Mary Kerwin
      Vote Yes for Louise Schilling

      This is not about politics. This is about truth and honor. This is about what's right for Troy and the diverse population that lives here.

  11. Of course the world won't end, but she is an embarrassment to our community and we are exercising our right to a recall. The T-party has shown it's ugly face and we have a right to say we do not accept it.

  12. Why are some taxpayers so glib about their investment? Perhaps they don't even live in Troy, but see fit to tell us the world won't end. I see the same casualness in that statement as many of Janice's supporter seem to take with their personal finances, which is why they are in the position they are in. Decisions matter, who we elect matters, being educated matters, investing in our community matters, it all boils down to what our community and houses will be valued at. There are many of us who are willing to take the responsibility of taking care of our investments.