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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't give up on Troy -- Fight Back!

from Linda

Recently, a friend of mine asked if I was pleased with having been successful with the recall. My reply was, of course, yes. However, it goes beyond the fact that we removed someone who was inept and an embarrassment to our fine city. It awakened many citizens who had fallen into the state of "unconscious voting." I had also been in that state for many years. I would vote a straight Republican ticket. For the non-partisan positions, I would briefly, if ever, look at the newspapers right before going to vote, read a little, look at the names and pick which one I felt "sounded good." Well, no more. Living in Troy has really opened my eyes to the importance of not only my vote, but the diligence required to make a sound decision in casting that vote. It is unfortunate that many of us take the privilege to vote for granted and use it haphazardly. This is evidenced by many of our elected leaders at all levels.

Based on the behavior and beliefs of the group led by Gosselin/Clark, I can’t say I am looking forward to any of the future elections. We all know that we will have the same garbage to deal with during the campaigns. The lies, manipulating, covert actions that led to the past debacles on council. These were the same candidates that cost the city money for the Hooters lawsuit threat, tax cap (sold as a “tax cut”), fake library proposals, not to mention other fiascos. What is ironic is this preceded the election of Janice Daniels and the aftermath we are experiencing. We have to continue to stand up to this group.

Having said this, we still need to continue on our mission to educate the citizens of Troy and keep them awake and sound the alarm to awaken those that are still in the “unconscious” state when it comes to what is happening in their city. We did very well, (in spite of the anti-recall gang) in getting our message out. Let’s keep it going.

As a Republican, I have always voted a straight ticket until this last election. Not any more. Now, I WILL NOT VOTE for a Republican if I know that they are unqualified, unethical and unprofessional and do not have my best interests at heart. I know many would call me a RINO for this, but think about it. Does electing someone like Janice Daniels put a positive spotlight on the Republican Party and what it stands for? Or, to the contrary, does it shed a dark shadow on the individual and the party they are representing? I will not, under any circumstances, be a hypocrite to my beliefs and vote for someone just because they belong to my party. Call me whatever you want, but the writing is on the wall.

What does this mean? Am I truly not a Republican? No, I am a Republican who wants the party to put forth individuals who have the qualities I have outlined above. It is time for our party to help us put an end to this gang and their egregious tactics, all in the name of power and nothing more. We currently have a Republican County Commissioner who has an immoral past, owes property taxes and who knows what else. Is this someone you want representing you? Well he does. YOU RE ELECTED HIM! So is it okay for him to say, “do as I say, not as I do?” I want respectable individuals in office.

I also encountered a former Oakland County Commissioner (who, by the way had the the help of the aforementioned one in getting appointed.) During this encounter, I was sitting in a meeting listening quietly. He came into the meeting, grabbed my arm to pull me around and started taking my picture with his cell phone and yelling at me. He kept saying, “go home you RINO, we don’t want you here. Go back to your union friends, etc.” He not only did this in the meeting room, but followed me down the hall and into the parking lot. Is this who you want representing you? Well, he is one of the spokesmen for the group that wants the State involved in our city business.

This group also preaches small government. Remember Janice making this statement religiously like a puppet? Well, is having the State involved small government? Again, do as I say, not as I do? They claim to be fiscally responsible. Is forcing the issue of a special election at a cost to the taxpayers being fiscally responsible? Do as they say, not as they do. Other municipalities have gone through a recall and not received a letter from Lansing. Sound suspicious? What happens if the State decides we need a special election? Does that negate what those municipalities have done to date? This latest fiasco with the letter from the State and this gang’s support to push this forward, rather than agree with our City Attorney’s opinion, is nothing more than their trying to invalidate the recall and try to gain “control” of council once again. I say, NO MORE!

The Republican Party lost Oakland County during this past election and I cannot help but think it is due to the tactics of this group of power mongers. The Party needs to step up and pay more attention to what is happening in our area. Some have, but not enough. We need to write those in the party and tell them that we want qualified, ethical and professional candidates that will represent us with integrity and do what is in our best interests.

Locally, as Troy citizens, we need to continue to spread the facts. The facts with back up documentation. Troy citizens deserve to live in one of (I think it is THE FINEST) cities anywhere. A city that welcomes everyone, is one of the most diverse in the State, has the finest schools, the finest quality of life amenities, one of the lowest tax rates in Oakland County, the finest municipal employees, is one of the safest cities to live in and one that they are proud to call home!


  1. It sounds like identifying with principles rather than a party could solve a lot of problems with this city. Both parties stand for ideals. Ideals inherently ignore practicality and blind us to the information in front of us. Only by striving for pragmatism - not only above party affiliation, but to the exclusion of party affiliation - can we solve the problems facing our city and our country.

  2. I live with a voter who would like to be a Republican, but thinks they have lost their minds (and their souls) supporting the most inept, unqualified people. Bob Gosselin is the worst. He only wins because of what you have stated Linda, people don't pay attention to much beyond labels. He says what he thinks voters want to hear, but can't deliver on any of it. He has lumbered between one elected position to another and has done NOTHING. Oh, and if you live in Troy you should know as a state representative he was totally against immigration, legal or otherwise. He'd like to keep things lily white and Christian (which is odd considering his numerous arrests on morals charges).

  3. The only RINOs around here are the Ron Paul Libertarians masquerading as Republicans. Ever since the GOP let Ron Paul put his tin-foil hat making instructions on the GOP web-site, these guys have been a scourge to the party, but keep up the work. They're like roaches, they scatter under light.

  4. I am like Linda in many ways. Up until the last few years my idea of due diligence was going to the polls and voting. I had done my duty as an American citizen for nearly every election since I was 18. I admit, I did very little research. I read the paper the night before the election to read the blurbs the candidates answered (or more often than not didn't answer) to the questions the League of Women Voters asked. I am a true independent. I hold dear some republican principals, I hold dear some democratic principles. I have always believed that the strongest congress / senate is one that has a good mixture of both parties. Then, at least, everyone's voice is heard. All options/ objections/ fears can be brought forward for discussion. Our elected officials can learn from each other and learn how to work together to compromise and find the best avenue to take to solve any problem. It meant that each official knew going in there was going to be some give and take, arguing, tears, even yelling, but in the end together they would make a decision that everyone could embrace. Even with my very little attention to politics I used to see this happen more often than not.
    I don't see this anymore. I don't see our elected officials communicating from each other, I don't see them learning from each other, I don't see a spirit of compromise or willingness to give a little to get a little. What I now see is a government full of elected people who behave like children. They call each other names and if they can't have their way or if they can't win, they take their ball and go home and to hell with everyone else.
    It wasn't until the Library fiasco in 2010 that I was able to identify the root cause of this change. That was when I was introduced to TCU and their brand of politics. People who read this blog know only too well the antics, lies and games these extreme ideologists played.
    Now, I too, have changed. I am able to identify the major players that are to the radical right. I know which groups of people they belong to. I have learned the Tea Party philosophy, and I know how to identify it in literature. I know everything in print is suspect. I know that if someone cites a source to back up their statements, I damn well better personally check out that source. Now, I narrow down my candidates by looking at their platforms, endorsements and financials. Partisan or non-partisan, if I don't like who supports them or who donates to them, I don't vote for them. I now know that those who are Tea Party affiliates are not above withholding information. I know they will say anything, they will do anything to get a vote, once in office their true colors will return.

    I am sad to say, that the Tea Party Extremists have made if very difficult to trust any Republican Politician. I am fearful that even the moderate of the republicans will compromise on their ideals just to appease the extremists.

    Finally, I wish I had a magic ball that could tell me what I can do as an individual and what we can do as a community to educate those among us who are unable or unwilling to fully exercise their right to vote. Because, I for one, am very tired and very frustrated at the political divide that separates our city and our country. I am tired of the lies, the misinformation, the tricks and games that are being played. I have to believe that there are more people like Linda, and I and those who read this blog that truly want an intelligent, compassionate, team for a government, because if this in not true, the direction and places our country could go under the rule of the extremists is terrifying.

  5. Wary and Weary in TroyNovember 26, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    The ideology driven, underhandedness is almost too much for reasonable people to grasp. You hear what these extremists are doing and think "surely they don't actually believe or MEAN that, do they?"
    But then you read about our own state legislature considering bills to give tax exemption to fetuses, after they abolished the child tax credit. Or our SOS denying drivers licenses to young immigrants protected under the Dream Act. Claims that the earth is 9,000 years old. This indifference to facts or proof is scary and the blind allegiance to their cause is dangerous and cult-like.

    How do these ideologues, many of whom claim to be Constitution loving, Bible following Christians justify their behavior? Again, reasonable people can not imagine how they don't see the polar opposition of their espoused beliefs and their real behaviors. The hatred, fear-mongering, lying, utter disregard for those less fortunate and a complete separation from the foundation of this country on rights of individuals.
    They disregard individuals freedoms more than any "liberal" I have ever met. The right claims to be all about them by being louder and less "truthy" about it. No liberal I know would dream of infringing on the rights of women with regard to making choices about their body, would never presume to tell any LGBT person how to live or love and would never tell hard working immigrant students they couldn't drive a car in America. They also would never insist schools soft peddle science, or try to ban books in libraries. So liberals actually live the idea of individual freedoms and liberties. The extreme right is all about infringing and denying others unless they agree with their own ideas about the world.
    One of the greatest problems that we have facing us today is that we no longer have an unbiased, robust press. Truth and facts are our biggest losses in the war to win. We can not rely on the press to help us understand, learn and make good decisions about the issues of the day. So we must rely on each other to spread the word to our community. We have to be vigilant about making sure that the Tea Party, who has morphed into who knows what of extremes, does not achieve their number one goal of filling elected offices and school boards across this country at every level.

    That is what is happening in Troy right now. With Daniels' recall, TCU had a set-back and they aim to take that back at any cost. Literally. Every citizen in Troy that is against the extremists of TCU, who have been bamboozling decent people with their lies and ugly politics, needs to become part of the solution to stop this right here, right now.

  6. Here is the beginning of a 2004 post by Digby. I think it speaks to what others are noticing and saying concerning the reactionary right of Troy. Some may need to look past the reference to President Bush. Others not.

    " Tooth And Nail, Might And Main

    As we think about the relentlessness of the Republican machine and its propensity for playing hardball, it pays sometimes to remember that their ruthless tactics are actually a matter of temperament rather than ideology. Conservatives have always been this way. The problem today is that they are operating with a radical agenda, an incompetent president and a country with much too much power to be allowed to run wild with either.

    This interesting post from Steamboats Are Ruining Everything takes us back to 1820 and reminds us that brutish conservatives are nothing new:

    William Hazlitt explained the nature of it in his 1820 essay, "On the Spirit of Partisanship."

    Conservatives and liberals play the game of politics differently, Hazlitt wrote, because they have different motivations. Liberals are motivated by principles and tend to believe that personal honor can be spared in political combat. They may, in fact, become vain about their highmindedness. Hazlitt condemns the mildness as a mistake, both in moral reasoning and in political strategy. "They betray the cause by not defending it as it is attacked, tooth and nail, might and main, without exception and without remorse."

    The conservatives, on the other hand, start with a personal interest in the conflict. Not wishing to lose their hold on power, they are fiercer. "We"---i.e., the liberals, or the "popular cause," in Hazlitt's terminology---"stand in awe of their threats, because in the absence of passion we are tender of our persons."

    The rest of the post is at