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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Does this help you understand Janice Daniels?

When Janice Daniels smeared gay people, she wasn't sorry. She didn't stand up and defend gay people. She doubled down and insulted them again and again and again!

When Janice Daniels invited her friend to council to slam the transit center he smeared Detroiters, and it came to light that he'd smeared Arabs and gay people and unions and everyone else, Janice Daniels didn't defend all of those people or say he was unworthy to speak to council. She defended the bigot! Because he was her friend.

When her friends smeared Asians, she didn't apologize for them or apologize to the head of the Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs when she came to Troy to complain.

When Janice Daniels tried to smear Mary Kerwin only a couple weeks ago, Daniels' friends didn't come forward to defend Kerwin, nor did Daniels apologize to Kerwin.

My, my, my. Janice Daniels seems to have a very high bar when it comes to apologizing and defending victims of bigoted and unfair attacks.

Who HAS she defended?
She defended these people -- her close friends the Smiths -- even after the Secret Service visited their home.

My my my.
If Janice Daniels stays in office, imagine how many more of her friends will make news. Not to mention Janice's rare ability to lead the news...

Please recall Janice Daniels.


  1. Sedition, within 20 miles of major military bases and installations. This is inexcuseable. We don't need more Timothy McVey's, or Ft. Hood shooters, and people who support them. Anyone who makes, carries, or endorses these signs is insane.

  2. Sharon, your latest posts are running like Janice Daniel's greatest hits :-) It is amazing how the awful stream of her numb nuts prouncements, associations and behavior just kept coming. I'm sure she can still have the meda spotlight after her mayor days are over, and I will find it amusing then, when she is no longer our mayor.