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Monday, November 26, 2012

Class at last

I can't complain.
I think the council was extremely classy tonight.
...Even brave.
All of them.
Congratulations, Troy.

The audience was a bit scary, but that's OK.


  1. I was pleased to see CM Henderson make a reasonable, responsible decision that considered the full body of the electorate.

    (I'm not kidding.)

    1. I completely agree Sue (also not kidding). I really appreciate CM Henderson being professional and looking to the best interest of the City of Troy, which is the job of council. Seriously, we're talking about a ceremonial postion for a really short period of time.

      I am disturbed that I am thinking this, but I'm going to say it out loud. I'm not accusing anyone of anything bad, CM Henderson least of all at this moment. But I'm concerned it might be part of a larger political game ONLY because of the dirty tricks played by the TCU folks throughout their history. I have no evidence and I sincerely hope it isn't true, but call it conditioned response.

      In any event, the new council member will have to be someone who is seen as acceptable to a majority of council which should have to be a moderate. I hope a good selection candidates who are not political extremists of any stripe will be turning in applications.

  2. So, he is not Gosselin's lapdog anymore?

    1. I think it's far too early to say something like that. One good deed doesn't change someone's entire previous character, does it?

    2. Just to be clear, I never used that line.

  3. Wary and Weary in TroyNovember 27, 2012 at 9:14 AM

    The council was behaved and business-like and I appreciated that. I especially appreciated when CW McGinnis said that they were not going to allow the kind of ugly comments that were made at the podium last night. I am sick of people not following the rules.

    I must say that I was stunned by CM Henderson. And... I am worried. Worried because as CW McGinnis stated it felt all the world like some people had information about the SOS/AG that the rest of council or staff wasn't privy to. I am worried because Henderson foreshadowed a situation that would be very advantageous for TCU (I am not calling them something else, they are the same). If they force the issue further and the state sides with them and Slater is out, that is 2 seats they could literally take with the remaining votes on council. So, I think caution is the key here. The fact that Kempen and Brake were so hell bent on getting those applications and bringing the media with them, makes one wonder what they know.
    This is not over, although I truly wish it were.

  4. Thank you for the positive commentary. I knew you had a "nice" streak in you just itching to come out.

    BTW, I was in the audience, but I won't take your assessment of the audience personally.

  5. Kudos to Councilman Henderson for his two votes last night, in support of appointing the new mayor.

    I’m not a fan of him. Yet, I made it a point to thank him in person when I met him this morning at the Transit Center groundbreaking ceremony.

    I told him that with his vote, he helped Troy move forward in a decisive manner, and by that, hopefully avoid another chapter in drama. I told him he has earned my respect! And he was appreciative of that.

    I see opportunity in the future for him (and maybe others on Council) to act in a statesmanship-like manner, and break ranks - if necessary - in service of the greater good of the community.

    One can only hope…

  6. There is a noticeable difference in the council's demeanor when they are not dealing with the former Mayor or the fallout from her recall. It reaffirms just how divisive she was. I am optimistic that this council will hit its stride once all of this stuff is finally worked out.

  7. Wary and Weary in TroyNovember 27, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Well, not so fast right? The just released letter to the Clerk dated Monday Nov. 26. Perhaps some people may have known about that after all. CW McGinnis even mentioned she wondered if someone knew something that others on council did not. My uneasy, nagging feeling about this being planned to take out Slater, could turn out to be not so far fetched. Henderson asking Mayor Slater if he really wanted to resign just in case the state stepped in (he asked this twice), makes me wonder if he knew this was coming and said all this to give himself cover, knowing Slater would maintain his position. I hope that everyones faith in Henderson was well placed and deserved. His facebook postings would indicate that he has not moved away from his old self.