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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bob Gosselin's probable endgame?

Here' a comment I wouldn't want you to miss, about the likely endgame of the folks who have brought so much misery to Troy -- Bob Gosselin, Glenn Clark, Michael T. Ross, Wade Fleming and Dave Henderson -- and what they are trying to do with this disgusting power play that requires them BEG the State of Michigan to, in Gosselin's words, "come down on the city of Troy.”

AnonymousNovember 24, 2012 7:14 PMI’d like to preface my comment by saying I have no idea what Gosselin and his crew are planning, but here is some speculation:
When Janice was recalled, the Gosselin/TCU crew no longer held a majority on council and the split council would never agree to replace the open position with someone from the TCU crew. Therefore, an election is desired in order to give the TCU crew a chance to regain a majority of the council. What is even more desirable about this election scenario is that this election would be conducted at a time that would likely have low voter turnout, which unfortunately favors the TCU crew. TCU has a more focused leadership, is better funded and has a base that is better organized and more likely to vote than the citizens who are just looking for someone to run Troy in the best interest of the Troy residents. Remember when turnout was 20%, even a candidate as weak as Daniels got elected. 
If TCU succeeds in getting a new election, expect to see a candidate to come out of the woodwork quickly. This candidate will share the same beliefs as Daniels, but will be smart enough to keep his/her foot out of his/her mouth.
This works out to be a no lose situation for TCU. If the likely opposing candidates to their candidate (McGinnis/Slater) both run, they will split the vote and the TCU candidate will win. If McGinnis or Slater win, they’re no worse off than they are now.
If this election scenario happens, let’s hope some of the people who were awakened to the dynamics of Troy politics thanks to Janice Daniels can rally around a candidate that will be running for office to serve the citizens of Troy, not a narrowly focused ultra conservative interest group.

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