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Friday, November 23, 2012

Bob Gosselin - Troy's Enemy Number One

Bob Gosselin prides himself on saving Troy taxpayers money. So why is this Oakland County Commissioner with a police record begging the State of Michigan to sue Troy? Why is he begging the state to force us into an unnecessary, expensive special election to replace his beloved Janice Daniels? Because his politics are more important to him than your money. That's why Gosselin said to the Oakland Press:

“I’ve been talking to the attorney general’s office, and they’re meeting today on this issue,” said Gosselin after the meeting. “They’re trying to make sure their ducks are in a row. But they are going to come down on the city of Troy.”
He said if the attorney general’s office doesn’t sue, citizens probably will, on the grounds that the city allegedly violated state law.

Gee, thanks Bob!

Why does Bob Gosselin want Michigan to sue ME AND YOU? Apparently he objects to the fact that our City Attorney Lori Bluhm followed all the necessary rules to decide that following a recall, we the people of the city of Troy would not need to pay $100,000 to have a special election to replace Daniels. Why should we? Who the heck cares?

Gosselin cares.

So does Michael Ross -- the noted homophobe who worked with Janice Daniels trying to create a Marriage Policy in Troy in which people wouldn't be able to get married in Troy churches without forced indoctrination as to how they should conduct their private lives. This is what the "new" Troy group Concerned Troy Citizens (cough, same as the old, disgraced TCU, cough) proudly announced today on its new Facebook page (the old Support Janice Daniels Facebook page -- not kidding):

BREAKING: Citizen Complaint/Request for Michigan Attorney General to Investigate Troy City Council/City Attorney as they Ignore Elections Director Chris Thomas' Legal Advise RE: Replacement of Troy Mayor due to Recall Election Results. 
Good Morning Mr. Hills,
This is an official request for assistance from the Attorney General concerning decision-making by the Troy City Council and City Clerk under advisement of the City Attorney that suggests alarming disrespect for the office of a state elections official and for citizens of Troy accompanied by substantive appearance of possible election fraud.
The attachment details concerning developments arising from the special Troy City Council meeting Wednesday November 21st . I have copied other Troy public officials in an appeal that they will take interest and offer assistance

Michael T. Ross, M.D.
Pct #15 Precinct Republican Delegate
Glenn Clark and Ray Watts use the media
to beg the state to sue Troy. Credit - Troy Patch
It's astonishing!
They are bragging about this!

So, noted friends of Janice Daniels -- Glenn Clark, Michael Ross and Bob Gosselin, supposed advocates of local rights, low taxes and fiscal responsibility -- are pulling out all the stops hoping the state sues US. Oh, and don't forget Ray Watts  - Daniels' campaign manager for the recall campaign. He was also at the "press conference" called on Wednesday that followed the unnecessary "emergency" council meeting called by friends of Janice Dave Henderson and Wade Fleming. Yup. That is the quality of political hacks who are telling the media that Troy sucks and begging the state to hurt us and hurt us bad.

They must be so proud.

But I just want to be sure you all know that this is all, as the British would say -- bullocks. None of it is worth the paper their anti-Troy letters are written on.

Troy City Attorney Lori Bluhm researched Troy's Charter and worked with the Oakland County Clerk's office to conclude that Troy didn't have to have an expensive extra election to replace Janice Daniels. IT IS IN THE INTEREST OF TROY AND ITS TAXPAYERS TO NOT HAVE A SPECIAL ELECTION. IT WILL SAVE US MONEY!

The Secretary of State's office -- the same office that refused to investigate the 3 fake library proposals TCU put on the 2010 ballot (actually, Gosselin bragged to other Oakland County Commissioners that he initiated the fake proposals to kill the library-saving proposal) -- sent an opinion weeks AFTER our election and long after it was possible to put a February election in motion, to tell us we SHOULD have an election in February.

This was not a binding opinion. And no one knows who requested the SoS opinion in the first place. In spite of the fact that all these angry men are pretending that Bluhm should have asked the state, they are wrong. One of them asked for the opinion.
  1. They want to make the legal recall of their friend Janice Daniels appear to be illegitimate, even though it isn't,
  2. They want to make it appear (yet again) that the city cannot be trusted, something that hurts business and property values (why do they hate us all so much???), 
  3. They don't want to give fairly appointed Mayor Slater a moment's peace, and
  4.  They are furious that they lost on the library, they lost on the recall and they are no longer in charge of Troy. 
This is an illegitimate power grab, folks. And it's going to cost us money.

But these bullies are mad. They don't have John Szerlag to smear any more. They don't have Janice Daniels to manipulate and do their dirty work for them any longer. So they have had to crawl out of the dark crevices they dwell in, out into the light of day and do the dirty work for themselves. God knows, they are not doing it for Troy.

But what I want to know is, what's the end game?

Do they want to sue to have Janice Daniels reinstated?

Is this about trying to trick us all and sneak a candidate in under the wire?

I was fascinated when Daniels fan and TCU/Tea Party supporter Dan Brake announced at the special council meeting on Wednesday that he had gone to the clerk's office to demand application(s) to run for mayor!!!! Who was he getting them for, one wonders. Himself? Ed Kempen? Wade Fleming? Janice Daniels?

Just who is it that these fans of Janice Daniels want to foist upon Troy as their Act II? I tremble at the very thought.

Dan Brake was scandalized that he couldn't get an application. But, Dan. That's because there is no February election.

At least there won't be one unless those "fiscally responsible" yahoos succeed in forcing one.

Go visit these yahoos over at their Facebook page and tell them what you think.

And then tell the media and the city council.


  1. These sleaze bags pretend to support "the will of the people." Now that they have it, they dont like it. How a sleazy, bottom feeding political hack like Gosselin ever got elected surprises even me. I guess if you lie to people enough times, some of them will believe it. Puppet master Gosselin has taught this to his proteges Howrylak and Daniels. I suppose he still has the strings of Fleming and Henderson to pull.

  2. I don't want to scare you, but I think this is not a bad piece of work. I wouldn't even consider you crass and rude for this post. However, using the slur "old fogeys" added nothing to the quality of your post and I know if I considered myself old I would be offended as I'm sure some elderly people will be. I also find it paradoxical that you who abhors ethnic slurs(And BTW I do as well) feel so free to use antiquity slurs. I noted too that you used the phrase: "They must be so proud.". You know that almost sounds like something that I would say.

    1. How fortunate we are to have you John providing commentary. Seriously, you need to get over yourself. I the face of the dirty tricks and nonsense these people play, I think the writer has shown remarkable restraint.

  3. Where did the slurs go?

    1. Thank you, John. I heeded your advice and made changes. I tried very hard to keep it fair.

    2. I think you were fair and that's why I gave you the backhanded compliment. I hope some of my well chosen words from days past resonated with you and that as a writer you appreciated my satire.

      Because you have the backdrop from our previous encounters I'm assuming you caught everything. People not privy to our past won't understand my post.

      Like you, I was hoping the reasons for this blog had gone away.

  4. But I did want to say that I don't think you have to be old to be an old fogey. I belive it's a state of mind, not age.

    1. Luddite is an appropriate substitute.
      As is Talibangelical.

  5. The Troy Taliban rides again! And make just about as much sense. These people are terrorists in our community, and people need to recognize it!

  6. Wary and Weary in TroyNovember 24, 2012 at 10:27 AM

    Let's ask ourselves: shouldn't a small government political group that hates federal govt infringement on individual liberties, be just as outraged at the state government over-reach into local, municipal affairs that are determined by the people of the community? Since when do we want the state to determine how we govern ourselves, right, tea party/libertarians?
    When the recall of Daniel's was in full swing they shouted that the recall was a travesty because it would cause a special election, even though the council and citizens were assured and the council all agreed, that it wouldn't. Scare the silly electorate, reframe the argument, rebrand our group, thump our chest and blame every city staffer for whatever they do that TCU doesn't agree with.

    Is it any wonder that people should be skeptical of allowing state officials to determine our fate. They sickening re-districted and gerry-mandered the entire Southeasten Michigan region to their political advantage. The SOS without authority tried to change ballots, the state is looking to ram through a couple of very frightening school bills that could easily change our children's education and the future of our school district. And don't even get me started on the complete lack of censure and criminal charges of House Speaker Jase Bolger. Talk about partisan decision making and influence. Let's get real, the state is no neutral voice of reason or action.

    So, for the moment let's say that the state is not the best group to decide our fate. These TCU/CTC or whatever they call themselves, are NOT interested in an unbiased party looking at this subject. They don't want the courts to review it. (Unless it is Daniels buddy Judge Warren). They want the partisan hacks at the state to get to say how Troy citizens will determine their future. We do have liberties, and Gosselin and his posse are not going to take them from us. Apparently, our work here is nowhere near finished. I think that the recall showed that the citizens of Troy have now employed a zero tolerance for bullies. Time to stop any further corruption of our local government by these self-serving evil-doers.

  7. I'm an avid reader of this excellent blog, yet rarely opine.....but feel the need to today. As these events of the last few days have unraveled, coming on the heels of an extremely negative and contentious election perpetrated by the Republican/Taliban, I find myself stunned that this community continues to elect these flawed "faux" leaders, like Howrylak and Gosselin. When they could have had true experienced community advocates like Kerwin and Schilling. As long as the people of Troy continue to support people like H&G with their votes, we will continue to be led by their jackassery. The people of Troy are getting exactly what they deserve. Which is very unfortunate. Honestly. When are people going to WAKE UP??????

    1. Gosselin and Howrylak received votes from outside of our city. I doubt, unfortunately, that those citizens are aware of the tactics used by this group of political thugs.

      We need to send a message outside of our city that informs other voters as to the methods this group will use and to the background of the candidates and their activities. We need to tell our neighbors in Rochester, Rochester Hills, Clawson, etc. what we know about these individuals and how they have wreaked havoc on our community.

      Also, unfortunately, is the fact that they go out of their way to damage our city, the city they live in. This is nothing more than their quest for power! They have no interest whatsoever in what is right for our community and this is an excellent example. They will stop at nothing for that power!

    2. I agree 100% that spreading what we have learned and experienced here in Troy to the surrounding communities is essential. It is imperative that people have accurate information to make informed decisions. It is the deception and lies that are so damaging and disturbing to our community. It is obvious that we don't have the luxury of going back to our sheltered trusting self focused lives. We must sound the horns and beat the drums to an ever expanding audience.

  8. People of Troy, make no mistake we are under attack from the far right wing of the tea party!
    All of the Janice Daniels have regrouped for another attack.
    Don't stand by and allow them to take your freedom from you. Support your city leaders who are working for you.
    Make your voices loud and clear, leave our city alone!

  9. Maybe Bob gosselin should be more worried about paying his own property taxes than spending the tax dollars of those of us who do pay. The tcu group really has messed up priorities and buy into the hypocrisy their leaders are pushing.

  10. I’d like to preface my comment by saying I have no idea what Gosselin and his crew are planning, but here is some speculation:

    When Janice was recalled, the Gosselin/TCU crew no longer held a majority on council and the split council would never agree to replace the open position with someone from the TCU crew. Therefore, an election is desired in order to give the TCU crew a chance to regain a majority of the council. What is even more desirable about this election scenario is that this election would be conducted at a time that would likely have low voter turnout, which unfortunately favors the TCU crew. TCU has a more focused leadership, is better funded and has a base that is better organized and more likely to vote than the citizens who are just looking for someone to run Troy in the best interest of the Troy residents. Remember when turnout was 20%, even a candidate as weak as Daniels got elected.

    If TCU succeeds in getting a new election, expect to see a candidate to come out of the woodwork quickly. This candidate will share the same beliefs as Daniels, but will be smart enough to keep his/her foot out of his/her mouth.

    This works out to be a no lose situation for TCU. If the likely opposing candidates to their candidate (McGinnis/Slater) both run, they will split the vote and the TCU candidate will win. If McGinnis or Slater win, they’re no worse off than they are now.

    If this election scenario happens, let’s hope some of the people who were awakened to the dynamics of Troy politics thanks to Janice Daniels can rally around a candidate that will be running for office to serve the citizens of Troy, not a narrowly focused ultra conservative interest group.

  11. As I sat and read all of the replies to the above information, I was once again saddened at the fact that we are all supposed to live in this beautiful city. We have had a very rough year and since the recall proposal passed to recall Janice Daniels, it has only gotten worse. I too am troubled that a person who is supposed to represent my best interests, has decided to cause more trouble for our city. What pleasure do these people derive from constantly trying to screw over the citizens of Troy? Are they that shallow when they don't get their way they have to cause more trouble in order to be noticed? What the new TCU is attempting to do only shows me that they DO NOT care about the City of Troy, nor do they care about our citizens. I just want them to tell me why they are doing all of this? What do YOU want to prove? What will it take for you to cease and desist? Why not just go and prey on someone else? We in Troy are ready to move forward-Why won't you allow this to happen?

  12. Even Sauron paid the taxes on Mt. Doom.

  13. I have lived in Troy in 5 different decades. In many different economic periods. Cultures have changed. For the first time, I feel like throwing in the towel and leaving Troy to these terrorists.

    1. Completely agree ! I have never seen a group such as tcu try so hard to destroy their own city and property values just to prop up a couple of complete losers. Losers who have no means of making any of their sound bites come true. BOb gosselin and Glenn Clark have no allies and no political ability. They are what is wrong with this country -unqualified people thinking they should be placed in positions over those who actually have education, qualifications and ability. Their sense of entitlement is astounding.