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Thursday, November 8, 2012

And About Recalls...

I know there has been much screaming in the streets, gnashing of teeth and general all around hysteria about recalls in some sectors.  So I feel it only fair to share the following with you:


Very hard.  It's terribly difficult to even get a recall issue on a ballot, for one thing.  You have to have a reason, obviously...but even before THAT, you have to have interest in the reason.

Then you need signatures.  And not just a few.  Have you ever gathered signatures for anything?  No one likes signing petitions.  No one likes being ASKED to sign petitions.  No one likes being asked more than once to sign the SAME petition they've either already signed or refused to sign.


The RECALL JANICE DANIELS team gathered over 9,000 signatures nonetheless, and I was honored to be a part of that effort.  But we walked in rain, wind, snow and heat.  We stood on corners and got insulted, flipped off, screamed at and otherwise harassed by fellow residents for merely exercising our protected rights.

And that's just the beginning.  Have you ever worked on a campaign?  I have...three in two years.  Non-stop work...non-stop writing...non-stop education of the electorate.  It's exhilarating, exciting, humbling, soul-sucking, joyful, laborious, enriching work...sometimes all on the same day.

But it's work.

There are VERY FEW politicians who are recall worthy, in my opinion.  Janice Daniels was the first ever in my entire life for whom I'd even consider bothering.  I can think of NO ONE currently in office in my city for whom it would be necessary of desirable to go through that effort again anytime in the foreseeable future.  I know of NO ONE who feels any differently than I do.


It'll be ok, Troy.  I don't see an epidemic forming.  Come out of your bunkers.  It's safe now.


  1. Agreed...look at how few recalls ever get to the ballot and how few actually happen....this was wanted by enough people to make it was for good reasons. Glad it is over!

  2. I totally agree, Sue. Between my spouse and me, we collected only 40 signatures around our neighborhood, I can only imagine the time put in to get 9,000. I saw you guys on the weekends at the library, the post office, the community center. I think about all that dedication and time for the signatures, plus the campaigning, blog posting, speaking at council meetings, and I am amazed, humbled and appreciative that you would do this for Troy. Thank you.

    So no, those who are afraid of a flood of recalls, I don't think this is going to happen again. It took extraordinary effort with dim chances of success, most people would not embark on this lightly.

  3. I remember Dave Henderson commenting on social media at one time about starting up a Recall of then-mayor Louise Schilling. It didn't get off the ground. The task is a formidable one. When Howrylak worried at a debate about this Recall causing more, I had to laugh. (I can't believe that idiot got elected.) This Recall is a significant testament to the sense of community in Troy. Many, many thanks to those who helped make this happen. Troy is a better city today because of the effort. No doubt about it.

  4. "I can't believe that idiot got elected".. It is statements like this that will do nothing to move things forward. On another post in this blog, someone feels that 'TCU will not let this go'.. And yet, here we have someone who might be on the other side of the aisle taking shots across the bow with name calling. Letting things go is going to be a two way street.

  5. We have seen some evil, Dave, and its name around here is TCU.

    We've seen them lie, cheat, defraud, threaten, bully. The fact that you can't see it makes a lot of us sad for you.

    Look at all the rats jumping off the Romney ship in the last few days--all of them suddenly saying what a rotten candidate he was, how inept and mistake-prone. Yet they supported him unconditionally until the moment he lost, then suddenly he was incompetent. Yet they were willing to accept that incompetence with him as president just because he belonged to their party. Well not all of us think that way. We won't accept it just because. Wish you wouldn't either.