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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Literal Truth: What a No Vote Gets Us

The Mayor and her antics have been a really valuable source of teaching for the citizens on many levels.  But as a language arts teacher, I especially love how she helps me by giving me examples of literary techniques.  The two she uses best are HYPERBOLE and IRONY.

Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It's often used to create strong feelings or impressions, but is not meant to be taken literally.

Here are some examples:

EXAMPLE 1:  a supporter of the Mayor recently stated that there was an "AMAZING show of support for Mayor Janice Daniels" during a pre-council meeting rally in her honor.  Here is a picture from that event:

I count roughly ten individuals, one of whom is a child who cannot vote. Amazing is one word.  I can think of a few others.  Coincidentally, that same supporter, also pictured, stated that the TPD was in force that night "in case things got out of hand."  Actually, they were represented in force at the meeting because they were being honored for winning a sharpshooting award.  But let's not let facts get in the way of our hyperbolic statements...

EXAMPLE 2: the Mayor is a businesswoman who brings that experience to her position as Mayor.  She claims her real estate experience as part of that resume of skills.  She has also referred to herself as a small business owner.

Click here to see the business the Mayor owns. 

Methinks her business acumen is "knot" quite what we were led to believe.

EXAMPLE 3: the Mayor would show us how the city budget has enough money to fund five libraries without the need for a dedicated millage.

She later retracted that, labeling it herself as an example of a "hyperbolic statement" made by a private citizen.  She's was hyperbolic, and she was a private citizen -- RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE.  Her silence at the budget study sessions was deafening, though, showing that her knowledge of municipal operations was also represented in a hyperbolic way.

Irony has several definitions and uses, but the one that applies here is "situational" irony --  the contradiction between what one expects and what actually happens.

EXAMPLE 1:  The Mayor prides herself on the fiscally responsible use of tax revenues.

She holds her "no" votes on every single Transit Center vote up as proof.  She has also voted down every measure I can think of in the city budget that would have had anything to do with the nominal increase of an operating millage (like the pass-through type millages that cover our sewage/garbage service) or the spending of city monies on things she calls wasteful -- like the membership in the Michigan Municipal League.

But IRONICALLY, once the majority council passed the resolution to pay the MML membership dues, she spoke up enthusiastically about wanting to attend the next MML conference on Mackinac Island for "networking."  On the city dime...

EXAMPLE 2: The Mayor opposed the Transit Center Project and termed it a wasteful use of federal funds that should be sent back to Washington to offset the national deficit.

Now, we can talk all day long about how inane and ignorant her stance on this was given that the money would never be sent back to offset anything except another city's ability to thrive.  But the real point is that she voted no on the use of federal funds, loudly and piously.

Last week, she accepted federal funds from Bob Gosselin for improving roads.  There was no talk of wasteful spending, only a simpering photo-op with her long-time mentor.

Janice Daniels's abilities as Mayor of Troy are a hyperbole until themselves; everything about her skill in leading this great city has been blown out of proportion and exaggerated.  

Janice Daniels actions, voting record and public statements have been the epitome of irony.  She speaks out of both sides of her mouth, and is anything but honest and transparent.

Voting no on the recall means three more years of this style of leadership.  If that's what you really want...go for it.

But if what you really want is a strong Troy, poised to move forward into the future with sound leadership, integrity and prosperity...VOTE YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS ON NOV. 6.


  1. I see people talk about this "impressive rally," but I drove by and saw clearly that barely anyone showed to support the mayor.

  2. On the TCU facebook page one of the pictures of the rally is in front of city hall with no one in the picture?? Also, it seems inappropriate to hold a sign that says "suck" while standing with your kid (mayor for a day no less). These individuals seem to want what some of us have, without having to do the work (like getting qualified/educated in a field). How about getting a real job instead of selling knot figures?

  3. It is just like the great "Wave" a few of their guys did this weekend. They are legends in their own minds.

    When I went to her "office hours" last Monday, she said she still believes that the general fund (or as she and Gosselin call it "slush fund") has more than enough money and that it shouldn't be so large. When I asked how she would account for budgets down the road, she couldn't answer. She did have one of her "guys" in attendance. This was obviously to answer questions for her. When I told him I wasn't speaking to him, but to her, he replied that he is part of this "meeting." It was actually humorous to ask a question, he answers and she repeats it.

    This has got to stop. VOTE YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS!

  4. Hey, didn't she accuse the library supporters of exploiting children because kids rallied for the library? Now she has some kid in her picture holding a sign?

  5. Yes, she did. And here's the library rally video.
    Don't see anyone with a "suck" sign there. And again, these kids were supporting a library that they personally used!
    That kid (was he the first mayor for a day? Then he's her cronies' son -- she even politicized THAT!) is advising us on how to vote about our mayor? Huh?

  6. That sign ... so classy and dignified. This Mayor demonstrates time and time again a lack of decorum befitting Troy.