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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Take the Recall Challenge!

It's crystal clear to the majority of residents with whom I've spoken that Mayor Daniels has to go.  And before you go repeating the trite, "Well, of COURSE they tell you what you want to hear, Sue!" disclaimer, keep in mind that not every one in Troy knows me or that I support the recall.  Sometimes it comes up RANDOMLY in conversation and initiated BY SOMEONE ELSE while I'm out and about living life.

I know...hard to believe that people other than those who work for the recall are upset with our mayor, right?  Bwwahhhaaaa....uh, no.  Not really.  In all walks of life, in all manner of venues, from all ages of residents, this mayor is nearly universally vilified. 

She's earned that reputation all by herself...with her own words and actions.

Some of her most ardent supporters (so ardent you have to begin to wonder what dirt she has on them to keep them so loyal and defiantly so even in the face of such overwhelming evidence of her ineptitude) continually say things like this:

"I think she's doing a WONDERFUL job!"
"She's really done great things for Troy so far!"
"Mayor Daniels is a lovely person with a kind heart!"

So in the interest of fairness and open communication...let's lob a challenge out there. 

TELL US SOMETHING POSITIVE MAYOR DANIELS ACHIEVED IN TROY.  I KNOW some of her supporters read here.  They like us to THINK they don't, but then they go and reference the material herein over and over.  It's flattering.  THANK YOU!  So it's to you I'm speaking.  Tell us the truth you believe about Daniels.

Make it something for which SHE alone is responsible -- as in something she spearheaded and voted for, brought forth in a resolution and had approved INCLUDING her vote, and/or enacted with her vote that remains in place for the greater good of our city.

Reference remarks she made during budget study sessions and/or decisions she was influential in making that saved us money during those same budget sessions.

Tell us how she's grown the city's revenue with increased business/commerce -- but again, something SHE has done since taking office.  No fair riding the coattails of that evil former council or manager she spoke of with such ire!!!

Share a story of how she brought a diverse group of our citizens together in harmony.

List them in the comments here.


  1. Hey, looky here! I'll even start. I think the Mayor for a Day project was nice. Even IF one of the winners happened to be the son of her cronies, and even IF it wasn't sanctioned by the city for greater and more fair oversight...the concept was lovely.

    I hope whomever replaces her in November runs it through the proper channels within the city next time. It's a great way to engage our youth.

    (Gosh...I hope I didn't just list the only thing anyone can think of...)

  2. Well, I must giver her credit as she is responsible for getting a vast diverse citizenry of Troy to come together to work at getting her removed! They represent all races...all religions...all political between...young...old...female...male!

    1. Oh, HUZZAH, Tim! You are so right. She certainly has forced more engagement than I think I've ever seen in Troy. EXCELLENT POINT!

  3. She's made us aware of the immedidate need for a Social Media policy and ethics code of conduct for council and committee members. Of course this was inadvertent and in response to her actions.

  4. Daniels has reminded me (over and over again) that bigotry still exists, even in a diverse community like Troy. She has bullied gay teens, and created an environment where people feel free to denigrate Asians openly in council meetings while being recorded and to yell out their car windows "N(*&^" to African Americans in other cars. Oh, and she openly promotes a group that tries to convert Muslims to Christianity on her faux city webpage.

  5. I posted the following comment in response to a KTS blog post earlier this year. I do believe it is a fitting response to this blog post's call to "Take the Recall Challenge."


    Thank you, Mayor Daniels. Because of your ignorant, rude, degrading and deceptive words and actions…

    - a diverse group of Troy citizens have come together to form TRUST to hold you accountable for the damage you do every week to Troy's reputation;

    - this same group continues do their best to Keep Troy Strong and make it a great, vibrant and friendly place in which to live, work and shop;

    - many friendships have formed among the people in TRUST who may not have met otherwise;

    - the citizens of Troy have had a front row seat in learning about how the council-manager form of government works (something you still don't understand);

    - the citizens of Troy and beyond have learned that the best way to earn someone's respect is to NOT insult them over and over again (which you seem to do every time you speak);

    - the citizens of Troy have learned that you are nothing more than a puppet and Bob Gosselin and Glenn Clark are pulling the strings;

    - the citizens of Troy have learned that you are doing everything you can to impose your revisionist Tea Party views on the rest of city;

    - and because of that, you are a danger to freedom, liberty and democracy; and

    - the citizens of Troy and beyond have learned the importance of studying the issues and candidates and asking questions BEFORE they vote to prevent them from electing someone like you.

    So, THANK YOU, Janice Daniels. The damage and embarrassment you have brought upon Troy during your short time in office has provided the citizens with a painful lesson that will not soon be forgotten nor – God-forbid – ever be repeated.


    These are the positive things that Mayor Daniels has achieved in Troy. Now it's time for the citizens of Troy to do something positive… RECALL JANICE DANIELS!

  6. Janice Daniels and her kkkklan of supporters and fellow dumkoffs have put faces on the word hatriot. Chicom and boogeymen, mugger movers and the heroin express; McCarthyism and racism have come out from under the rocks in Troy under the banner of TCU.

    Ancient history has come to life for the young students of Troy and surrounding communities. The Know-Nothings were just a dry fact, but now they may be seen in public. The average student can probably spell zealot now.

    This is a positive thing, as the average citizen now appreciates why their vote matters. The average citizen now understands that for some, the ends apparently justify the means.

  7. Did anyone else receive the offensive, distgusting mailer Janice Daniels sent out this week? The one with the picture of the demure Christian woman being fed to the lions? The one filled with lies and falsehoods? The "NO" signs are popping up all over my neighborhood and it makes me ill. I'm sending my third check to the RECALL effort today. This woman MUST BE RECALLED!

  8. It is extremely important that we don't just vent our anger here, but keep working to make this recall a success. Recent posts have pointed this out, but Janice's new mailer is just the first in the onslaught of lies she will put out for the next month.

    We need to get out, walk, talk, call, email to everyone we know to keep this pressure on. Janice is going to be financed by every Tea Party group out there who are looking at this recall as a referendum on their movement.

    Now is the time to go to work to remove this stain from our city.

  9. If you thought she would go quietly you were underestimating her. Her response was predictable. The tactics she, along with others in her support network, have utilized for several years will be on full display. Don't be disheartened or discouraged. This is politics; however unfortunate that is.
    It would be wrong to assume all those who have fallen victim to her rhetoric are racist, homophobes who are stupid. If you are a liberal or progressive don't assume the conservative movement is always wrong, is stupid and is bigoted. One thing I've learned from this fiasco at City Hall is that the City of Troy has a long history of conservative governance. The very low millage rate, low rate of city employees per population, privatization efforts, adoption of pension reform years before other government entities did so, strong zoning ordinances, strict conduct related city ordinances, tough enforcement of laws concerning the purchase/consumption of alcohol, support of value based organizations (Community Coalition against youths using alcohol and other substances, Boys & Girls Club, Troy Youth Assistance, ordinances prohibiting and very tightly regulating "adult" businesses) and family friendly/supportive facilities and activities (TBB, Youth Soccer and Football, aquatic center, great family friendly parks), is evidence of a conservative city government. And guess what? We all liked it; conservative and liberal alike. Oh, there was one other thing city government did; they didn't try to dictate lifestyle or political belief systems on the residents.
    Then along came Mr.'s Pryor, Gosselin and the others. Being a conservative, non-intrusive government wasn't enough; they were going to change things. And they did. Conservatives? Does anyone remember Mr. Pryor's attacks on the police when they enforced the traffic laws? How about Mr. Howrylak's rants against anything that attempted to expand or encourage business (zoning changes, abatements)? The opposition to a baseball stadium, the I-75/Long Lake exit fiasco, the Hooters waste of time and money, and the list goes on.
    Today there's an editorial in the Oakland Press declaring the goodness of the Mayor's "conservatism" and opposing the recall. To my conservative, Christian cohorts, my question is; are they really conservatives or they really just the other side of the politics of personal beliefs and preferences I believe our current federal government represents? As a conservative who's read the documents and researched the governance of Troy, Mayor Daniels and her group are fighting a war where there's no enemy. If you haven't read about and researched the issues, and intend to vote to support her because she's "from our side", you are no better than the members of Congress who voted for Obama Care without even reading the bill. I resent being called a RINO if I don't support an inept, offensive politician. To my liberal partners in this endeavor; there are more than enough facts to support the cause. Let's get behind those; this is not an issue of Conservatism vs. Liberalism, it's a battle between right and wrong.