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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Must WANT to Be Recalled...

If you missed it, Troy Mayor Janice Daniels made news again this week.

There's a lot I COULD say.  But I'll let some of our readers speak first...

From Rhonda...

               Monday night’s City Council meeting was possibly one of the most sickening events I have witnessed in this city in a while. And I have seen a few. Yes. I am upset about many of the things that Mayor Daniels has said and done over the last several years. But Monday was really beyond the pale. 

                When the Mayor decided with malice and premeditation, to falsely claim that Mary Kerwin received her Distinguished Citizen award from a “Democrat club,” she took her petty, partisan behavior over the cliff. What was she thinking? To get in one final slap in case she is recalled? To attempt to scuttle Mary’s run for State Rep. and prop up her pal Howrylak’s or to throw red meat to the few supporters in the audience that night? 

                Whatever her rationale it once again shows why this women is not fit to hold the office of Mayor. She does not own the Mayor’s seat. It was simply loaned to her by citizens. She should be setting an example for leadership.  As the Mayor, all that is required is to stand up and read the proclamations regardless of one’s personal views, without editorializing on the content of the document. If she couldn’t bring herself to read it, then she should have asked the Mayor Pro-tem to do so. What she did that night lowers the office and tarnishes the body. Again. I will not go into the myriad of ways that she has done that over the past year, but this time she did it on a topic that NOONE can dispute. That giving a lifetime of service to others and your community is a non-partisan issue. 

                Having the good fortune of being honored by the Friends of the Troy Public Library at the Leadership Troy banquet, I will tell you it is humbling. To be in the company of so many citizens that give of themselves and their time to this city is a great honor. When the committee reads the accomplishments of the individual’s that are awarded the Distinguished Citizen’s Award, it makes you so incredibly proud and in awe that someone finds the time in their busy lives to do so much for so many. It also makes you a bit ashamed that you should be doing more. Leadership Troy is an organization that the Mayor should be thanking every day of the week and singing their praises from the treetops. Because as a Tea Party, small government believer, non-profits and volunteers do the work that she claims government shouldn’t be doing. SHE should be volunteering for these groups.            

           Mary Kerwin deserved to have her moment of recognition. I am sure that over her many years on Council, she read and congratulated countless individuals and groups. She has done more for the schools, city and non-profits in the city of Troy than the Mayor will ever hope to do. Volunteers are diverse people; citizens, voters, parents, businesses, students that accomplish so much good for our community that it is unconscionable that a city official would take a public pot-shot at a dedicated citizen for personal pleasure. And make no mistake, it was for Mayor Daniel’s personal pleasure as is evidenced by her refusal to acknowledge the facts and her laughter.  This was not a mistake, an “understanding from the paper,” or any other euphemism that is being bandied about. It was deliberate and shameful and embarrassing. She owes Mary Kerwin and the citizens of Troy a public apology. Once again, we are the butt of ridicule in the media on a national stage. 

                Volunteers are the engines that make this city work. Saturday October 27th is National Making a Difference Day. I urge all citizens of Troy to go out and give back. Find an organization through Leadership Troy that could use an extra hand. When focused on a common goal, volunteers cast aside political ideology to work hand and hand for something beyond themselves. And this is as it should be. Let this be the beginning of changing the focus, tone and conversation. Give back to Troy positively. It feels good. It is good. It does good. 

              We ALL need that more than ever. 

 From Linda...

I had prepared something for last night’s council meeting.  Since I didn’t have time to read it, and due to the deplorable conduct of Janice Daniels, I have rewritten it.

Janice always said how she loves Troy and all its people, so I was quite surprised when I attended the Troy Leadership annual dinner and she wasn’t there.  This annual event, that everyone who is anyone who cares about Troy makes every effort to attend.  So I have to assume, she either forgot, didn’t receive her invitation, there was a conflict or in fact she didn’t know.  But, wait, she did have to sign the proclamations for Mary and for the individuals who were honored from the various organizations that help make this city what it is, even though she did not read them.   Again, I struggle with her priorities or lack thereof.  These fine individuals give of themselves yearly reaching out to others.  I understand she has a conflict of opinions with Mary Kerwin, but that does not excuse this lapse in recognition.  Mary is still one of her constituents, as are all of the recipients. 
I applaud Mary for her fine achievement.  She has a diverse array of education and experience.  This gives her a well rounded view of the issues.  She is a true leader.  This was a clear slap in the face to those who do so much.

But let’s not stop there.  Janice, in her inept way had to go one step further in trying to discredit Mary’s fine achievement.  Last night, as Janice was “attempting” to present Mary with the proclamation, Janice claimed it was an award from the “DemocraticParty.”  Understand, I mean no disrespect for them.  However, Janice could not even read the proclamation properly!  Even when told she was incorrect, she continued on her course of misinformation, because as we know “if Janice says it, it must be true!”  Mary had to politely point to it and suggest she just read what is there.  How embarrassing and shameful!  This is the mayor of our fine city?  What is the next embarrassing moment we are to witness?

I’d question Janice on how many of the committees, that are part of Leadership Troy, does she serve?  What has she given to the city that is not in an effort for political gain?

This woman just doesn’t get it.

I met with her earlier in the day during her “office hours” and, not surprisingly, learned more about how really inept she is.  That is another post later.

She needs to be stopped, this is just another reason to VOTE YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS!

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