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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Must WANT to Be Recalled, Part Third: Put Her Out of Our Misery

So here we are, victims yet again of the ineptitude of our infamous and controversial mayor, Janice Daniels.

Once again, Troy is the laughingstock of news sources, print and television media and the social network around the nation.

Here is what I had to say to our Mayor, her fellow City Council members, the City Manager, City Attorney and administration of Leadership Troy:

Dear Council and Ms. Daniels,

Enough is enough. 

The Mayor's antics last Monday evening at the council meeting were quite possibly the most reprehensible and clearly purposeful acts of disrespect I've seen from an elected official in this city.  Instead of simply reading a proclamation in honor of the outstanding citizen of Troy, Mayor Daniels chose to politicize a situation that is inherently absent of political ideology.  Instead of holding Mrs. Kerwin's lifetime of service up for example, Ms. Daniels chose to make a laughingstock of Mrs. Kerwin and the organization that chose to honor her.  For years, Leadership Troy has worked to promote what makes Troy great: service by all for the one purpose of making this a city worth our residency.  In one moment of selfish partisanship, Ms. Daniels showed us she has no concern for anyone but herself.

Her treatment of Mrs. Kerwin has once again propelled Troy into the local and national spotlight.  As a result, Janice Daniels has now disrespected every resident of this city.

We can hardly afford one more black mark at the her hands.

Since the Mayor is clearly not self-aware enough to see how bad she is for Troy, I encourage every council member, the City Administration and the governing members of Leadership Troy to request her resignation immediately.

As of this evening, I've not had a response from anyone on council.  However,  Mr. Henderson had this to say today on his public Facebook site:

"i have.chosen not to johnny pile on anything the mayor does, there is no shortage of groups ready willing and able to do that. let the recall run its course and see where we are at"

And his assessment of the reaction from the crowd while the Mayor argued with Mrs. Kerwin:

"my comments about the rudeness ocurring in the back of the room is a concern. you do realize thats a form of bullying and intimidation right? i certainly cant imagine anyone condoning that. none of us were raised by wolves, but many act like it. the kerwin presentation was odd, im not sure where the information the mayor presented came from. i know what i read. the whole evening was full of political manipulation on all sides. and i was told this was an apolitical role."

Mr. Henderson is quite clear on his stance regarding the Mayor and her probable recall:  he will be voting no, as he stated at the October 8th Council Meeting.  So he won't criticize the MAYOR for what she does, but he WILL criticize those who reacted to her antics.  I was there...those outbursts were SHOCK at what was happening.  It was horrific.  But Mr. Henderson calls it bullying.

Have you had enough of this yet?  If so, you can do two very helpful things:

1.  Write the council yourself and encourage them to demand her resignation.

2.  VOTE  YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS on November 6, 2012.  


  1. Mr. Henderson is criticizing those in attendance for reacting to the Mayor's political nonsense? That's funny. Because I thought he looked like a tool not paying attention in the background on the video. The Mayor is about to give a proclamation to Troy's Citizen of the Year and he's in the background taking a drink. But the citizens in the chamber were the ones he criticizes? Let me think about this some more. Seriously? The Mayor marginalizes both the award AND the recipient with her commentary and condescending laughter, but it's the citizen reaction he criticizes? Someone needs to give some PR coaching to this doofus.

  2. Wary and Weary in TroyOctober 24, 2012 at 9:33 PM

    For Councilman Henderson not to at least acknowledge that this was a very shameful thing for the Mayor to do speaks volumes. There simply is no defending it, no matter how much he will. To blame the audience for their shocked reactions, is once again to go to the playbook of victim AGAIN. Come now Mr. Henderson, please for the love of God, have some decency to admit it was wholly unfair and unacceptable to treat Mary Kerwin so disrespectfully.

  3. Sue, what a beautifully written articulate letter. It's not hateful and vengeful like some of the comments I've criticized before. It is passionate. It is concise, clear and forceful. I see passion, disgust, disappointment, bewilderment expressed in your letter. Those are all good and fair emotions. I encourage you to keep using this tone. I love your use of the words "encourage" and "request" as opposed to "demand". That's effective writing.

    Please don't once again see my sincere comments as patronizing. And BTW I realize that having my approval is not on your bucket list and likely not on your radar screen at all. But, I did feel that I owed you one for misjudging you in the beginning. Bravo!

  4. Wrote council. I am starting to think having Gov. Snyder appoint the interim-mayor-for-a-year may not be such a bad idea, the two sides (pro-Daniels, anti-Daniels) seem to be polarized and that is reflected in the CMs as well, with neither side able to admit egregious, over the top behavior for fear of disturbing their constituency. I'm going to think of some candidates (neither TCU, Fans of Dave, or TRUST), to suggest to Gov. Snyder in the event that it is needed. I liked the public commenter who said he only asked basic requirements of the city: safety and roads cleared, and don't make the position a bully pulpit for one's stance on social issues. I echo his sentiments. It shouldn't really be a hard job, i.e., take in the info, make your decision, vote, and perform ceremonies with appropriate conduct and enthusiasm, which up until yesterday I thought was Mayor Daniels's strong point.

  5. Henderson conveniently forgets all of the abuse and bullying that Janice Daniels and her supporters heaped on the previous council and city manager before she became mayor. I guess he was too busy being apolitical to notice.

    1. It's interesting to note how Henderson will so steadfastly support her and make statements about how she hasn't been let alone since she took office. Um, Dave? No other former mayor has been hounded like this ever before. Ever.

      Every former mayor has had political opponents. But again, none of them were hounded, covered in the media or the target of so much displeasure like Daniels is.

      You were a political opponent of Louise Schilling. You and Janice and all her many political cronies beat her up verbally in person at the council mike and on social media. Why weren't the reporters at her door constantly like now with Daniels?

      You wanna ponder why that is?

      Oh. That's right. It's because Mrs. Schilling didn't say and do the asinine things Janice Daniels does.

      It's called cause and effect. She is no victim.

      Vote yes to recall her on November 6.

    2. I just love the armchair counciling. Why havent some of you blowhards run for office? Because you just would not be able to take the heat.

    3. Anon 9:23:

      If I ran for office I would not be making ignorant and divisive statements, so I would not be bringing heat on myself. The other members of council seem to be capable of doing so. I love the apologists attacking people who are holding the mayor accountable for her bad behavior that is bringing shame to Troy. Everything that has come her way, she has brought on herself.

    4. Wary and Weary in TroyOctober 25, 2012 at 11:58 AM

      Anon 9:23 Sorry you got stuck with the seat at such an ugly time in our city's history.
      But, most thinking politicians stay out of the fray. Look at L. Brooks Patterson. A seasoned pol. Do you think he gets in the mud, or takes swings at every criticism that is hurled? No, he ignores. The fact that you keep posting and swinging says that you may be having trouble with the heat.

      Some years ago, in backyard conversation, people I know and respect would have considered running for council. It seemed like a wonderful way to be involved in civic issues, giving back to the community and honorable. Today, it is a different story. That started about 3 years ago, when the public comment went from an occasional speaker taking the council to task for something. Then came the weekly haranguing from Daniels and those like her. Constantly firing personal, ugly attacks at the mayor, council and administration. Not to mention the obvious partisanship at the table with Howrylak (when present) firewalling and saying no to event the most benign issues to make a personal point.
      Now sadly, there is hardly a person in Troy that wants anything to do with city government, unless they are resume building for a political career. No one wants to endure the constant,hate fueled behaviors that are presently out there.
      Oh, and blowhards? That is childish. Both sides of the divide have the constitutional right of "petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances." Just because you don't agree, doesn't make them blowhards.
      PS Anon 9:23 if you aren't sitting on the council, why aren't you? Easier to anonymously armchair criticize others for what you yourself won't do?

  6. Henderson was never apolitical. He was very vocal and more than willing to call city employees and council members idiots, dishonest, crooks and worse. This holier-than-thou act that he puts on now regarding being civil and not piling on people is hypocritical and disingenuous. Henderson is as big of a joke as Daniels. He's just a tad smarter and has the ability to not inform everyone what he's really thinking all of the time because he can recognize when it's not in his best interest.

  7. Henderson is trying the same ploy that Smith in Sterling Heights uses over and over again: Intentionally misunderstanding the question/issue in order to defend their position.

    In this case, Henderson attempts to make Daniels the victim in the story: the poor public servant who has to defend herself against the mob (pack of wolves) who has nothing better to do than attack an innocent victim.

    We can only hope that Troy does the right thing in November. With any luck, Sterling Heights will do the right think next year.

  8. 3. Vote Mary Kerwin for State Representative.

  9. Dave Henderson,

    I watched the meeting from home and heard dissent from the audience when Mayor Daniels made an error in Ms. Kerwin's award. I don't consider that "rudeness". Thank God the audience did that, it slowed Mayor Daniels down in her deliberate "political manipulation" (your words).
    And who do you expect the audience to be made up of when one is to be so honored; most likely your family and friends, who are not likely to sit passively by if the proclamation is "read" wrong. That you would equate that with "bullying and intimidation", I am amazed. You called this one wrong, Dave.
    Here's a hypothetical example. Suppose Mayor Daniel's son was being honored with a proclamation, suppose she wasn't mayor, suppose she was in the audience, and the presenter made a mistake and said he was in the Army instead of the Marines. Would you call it bullying if Daniels and others called out a correction?

    You are right that your role should be an "apolitcal" one. Please try to treat it that way, and don't continue to show such bias.

  10. Thank you Sue and Rhonda for summing up yet another fiasco caused by none other than Janice Daniels.

    Her behavior on Monday shed light on many aspects of her method of operating.

    First, a Mayor/leader should be able to read. She couldn't just read the proclamation, she looked at it and had to add her words to it, while pretending that was what was said.

    Second, a Mayor should listen to those around her. She rudely interrupted Mary when Mary politely tried to correct the situation. She tuned out anything that was not on her agenda.

    Third, a Mayor/leader should be aware of and involved in the community she serves. Janice did not attend the Leadership Troy annual banquet. She will probably claim she didn't know about it or give some other lame excuse. What charitable institutions is she a part of?

    Fourth, a Mayor/leader should be able to admit when she is wrong. Honesty is a trait that Janice Daniels seems to be lacking.

    Fifth, a Mayor/leader should have integrity. A Mayor without this is not worthy of the public's trust.

    There are many, but the final one I would like to add is from an article on CNN regarding Traits of a Good Mayor:

    “A good leader needs to know when it is time to move on.”

    Move on Janice. If she can't do this, then we need to take the reins and VOTE YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS.

  11. The issue with running for office here started when Bob Gosselin make it a partisan spectacle. When Mary Kerwin first ran for council, Fleming's campaign attacked her. She had been friends with his wife on the Troy School Board! It was awful. Who was the puppeteer? Gosselin. This is why good, solid, smart people run the other way. I thank God every day for Maureen McGinnis, Dane Slater and Jim Campbell being at the table. Even Tietz seems to be a professional more often than not. Fleming and Henderson are a joke and are a big part of the reason for the divisiveness that exists today. Fleming's fear mongering Monday night about the appointment of a new mayor was blatant. I'm confident the four with full brains will be able to come an agreement.

  12. I find it comical, in a dark comedic way, that Mr. Henderson stated Madame Mayor was the object of the "B" word. If you really want to go to the topic, Mary Kerwin was the one being bullied. Mary, without surprise, handled the situation gracefully, honorably and astonishingly. So much more than anything Madame Mayor could have accomplished had the roles been switched.

  13. Janice should really be thinking about how fortunate she might be to be recalled. If she happens to survive the recall, there will be no let up of scrutiny on her by people who refuse to accept such gross ineptitude and downright stupidity from a so-called leader like her. I don't know how long she'll be able to handle it. If I ever had any sympathy for her, it vanished when she did her radio interview with Charlie Langton.

    Remember the poll back in February that said 72% of Troy residents said she should be recalled? Let's hope they all show up for her sake and ours.

  14. Wow. Dave Henderson really has no judgement, but really no surprise there. His constant defense of bad behavior is just bizarre, but I guess it goes along with his total disregard for this city (I want to drive while doing real estate work and no one should stop me). So once again Janice behaviors like a child and those who call out the behavior are the problem. I suggest both Janice and Dave get some therapy quickly. There is no way to live a successful life with these behaviors.

  15. Alright, one and only response here. I stated the incident in question was odd. I spoke with the mayor about it the next day, asked a couple questions and moved on. If you haven't noticed I'm not going to get up in a council meeting and brow beat someone, or make the incident worse. And I challenge anyone to find where I called anyone the names claimed above (never happened). When I spoke at council meetings prior to election, my comments were directed at the entire council and management team, not at a specific person. I had specific criticism toward a couple council members... But I assure you, I've never said anything near as unacceptable as what frequently gets posted here. Sorry I like to drink an evening coffee. I did not anticipate that being a focal point on fox news, and many of my friends texted me with comments about it. I will try to control that urge for caffeinated beverages while the camera is trained in my direction. And the rudeness I mentioned on my blog wasn't directed at the point in time when the Mary kerwin award was taking place, but for the roughly half hour straight when your neighbors were talking during public comment. I'm not defending the accidental or intentional misstep on the award, I have no way of knowing how or why that happened. Beat me up when I goof, and as stated above, when you run for office, I hope no one puts as much pressure on you for a year solid. I can't even imagine what that must be like and I'm rather close to the situation.


    1. Read again, Dave...someone used the 'b' word to refer to bullying. And you have called some of us bullies. And once again, here you are in defense of yourself and the Mayor, clearly ignoring the impact her actions are having on others and the extent to which they impact. Here you are again referencing the pressures on her, but ignoring that SHE causes them. Here you are again pointing fingers at one side of the audience, when in fact there were supporters of the Mayor sitting on both sides of the room.

      Did some of us react audibly during the public comment? You bet. Like when the same speaker who called me a "hate filled loser" got up and said Iv (and others) was a "hater of liberty" and worse, and no one stopped her. Or when another gentlemen egregiously claimed that 'big unions' and the same people running the WI recalls were behind the recall here.

      But that means nothing to you, right?

    2. Hi Dave,
      Well, how do you think it would feel to be the high school boy who came out against her for the gay slur and got death threats at his home? Or Asian people who saw an Asian slur go unapologized for by the mayor when her supporter (and your pal Schepke) used again and again and again? Or how about being gay and living in Troy and hearing the mayor go on the radio over and over and smear gay people to defend herself? She is a bully and a disgusting ecxuse for a public servant. You feel sorry for HER? YOU are sick.