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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Must WANT to Be Recalled, Part DOH

And now let's hear from local media...

From Deadline Detroit (Click to read entire article)

Leadership Troy named Kerwin their 2012 Troy Distinguished Citizen last month.
The Troy City Council followed suit, issuing a proclamation honoring the city’s “distinguished citizen.”

That’s nice.

What’s not so nice is what happened when Troy Mayor Janice Daniels presented the proclamation to Kerwin at Monday’s Council meeting.

For some reason (maybe voices in her head told her it would be a good idea) The Janice interrupted reading the proclamation to say Kerwin’s “Distinguished Citizen” honor was awarded by the “Troy Democrat Club.”

From Eclectablog (Click to read entire article)

Janice Daniels: too stupid to govern

Tea Party Mayor of Troy, Michigan and all around embarrassment to the state of Michigan Janice Daniels is in the news again for once again displaying an astonishing level of ineptitude and stupidity. I have written about Daniels multiple times in the past and it’s hard to say which of the highly offensive and insulting things that she has done is the worst. This instance certainly must be a top contender.

And GOSH, aren't we lucky.  Thanks to Janice, Troy's news has now gone nationally viral AGAIN...

 From Huffington Post...(Click to read entire article)

Where Troy Mayor Janice Daniels goes, controversy always seems to follow.

And even an action as innocent as presenting an award at a City Council meeting resulted in headlines for the embattled mayor, who is the subject of a recall election in November.

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