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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Say My Name

If you’ve attended or watched a Troy City Council meeting lately, you may have noticed quite a lengthy lead in to public comment.  You can read the full text in any of the archived minutes, but the pertinent bit is as follows

…please do not use expletives or make derogatory or disparaging comments about any one person or group. If you do so, then there may be immediate consequences…

This entire portion was added to the rules and procedures as an outcome of the actions of Janice Daniels early in her term.  She encouraged the addition of these warnings to speakers for what one must assume was HER OWN protection.  

You see, in those early days, she had to sit through quite a few lengthy meetings in which all manner of residents voiced their strong opinions of her.  Many times she’s referenced the so-called “attacks” she receives via these remarks, though she never acknowledges that these statements are often REACTIONS to what SHE HERSELF has said.  Often, it’s a resident repeating the Mayor’s own words and expressing dismay.  

Telling the mayor you are unhappy with her treatment of you is, apparently, an ATTACK.

Fast forward to the last council meeting in which a supporter of Mayor Janice Daniels got up and got rolling with her comments.  She started with high praise for Mayor Daniels. 

Then she went off the rails.  

She spat out the names of the Recall Janice Daniels organizers and chastised them for their “radical, hateful and bully tactics.”  She accused them of being “twisted and sick” for enacting their legal rights by organizing the recall…oh, I mean “stealing our election process of Nov. 2011.”  

‘Cause you know…those over 9,000 people who signed the petition - many of whom were so eager to sign they grabbed the clipboards out of our hands - must have been coerced, frightened and brainwashed, right?  Insert heavy sigh and eye roll…

And then she had a special message to the women of the recall – including me – and venomously spat out our names, too.  Here is what she said to us:

I also want to point out several women who apparently have nothing better to do.  These women are not the voices of the women or the people.  These women are hate-filled LOSERS.  I can only imagine that they look into an enchanted mirror due to their bitterness, and this is what I want to say to you, “Get off your high horses.”

As you might imagine, there was some commotion in the chambers as this woman spoke.  Several audience members gasped (I was one of them!), others sat up and showed great shock on their faces, and even some of the council members looked toward each other or the  Mayor to see if she’d stop the OBVIOUS violation of the rules. 

My own daughter burst into tears later that night when I explained what was said about me and my friends.  "It's TOO PERSONAL," she cried, and she's right.

But what did Janice Daniels do?

She sat in her chair, smiling sweetly at the woman speaking.  She neither moved nor reacted.  And when the woman was done, she called the next speaker.  No emotion, no recognition of the slanderous and disparaging remarks.

Several others spoke, including more supporters of the Mayor.  Every one who spoke in defense of the Mayor disparaged the recall supporters.  Again, that was allowed to go on in spite of the rules the Mayor reads out loud each and every meeting.

When it was time for Council response to public comment, Dane Slater was quick to bring up the situation at hand.  At his prompting, the members of the council discussed what had transpired.  You can read an account of it on the TroyPatch.  Almost to a one, they agreed that citizens doing nothing more than engaging in the legislative process shouldn't be disparaged for speaking their opinion.  Private citizens shouldn't have to be called names for being in disagreement with someone else.  

The bottom line is that six members of the governing body agreed that what we’d heard was wrong, and that future incidents like that needed to be stopped.

One person disagreed with all the other six.  One person didn’t think anything we’d heard was awful.

That person was Janice Daniels.  

It’s time, once again, to call the Mayor’s behavior – and that of her supporters --  for what it is:  it’s bullying.  The actions of that woman in that meeting were the actions of a bully.

Janice  Daniels protects bullies because Janice Daniels IS a bully.

We have to stand up to the bullying that Janice Daniels has brought to Troy.



  1. this "woman" is a lousy excuse for a mayor... soon we can say GOODBYE and good riddance! Vote YES to RECALL

  2. Yes, I agree. Calling out names is over the top and civility should be enforced on all sides. This is why "rules of conduct" had to be established.

    However, with the election so close I believe the mayor had no interest in enforcing rules of the council meetings, especially if it favored her. It has been no secret the tactics used by her campaign; stealing signs, confusing voters and whatever it takes to forward their cause.

  3. I did not see the council meeting. I was at a school function for one of my children. I did read the reported account of what happened and gained a sense of what it was like to have witnessed it unfold. I believe this is more than simply a bullying situation. It is a case of psychotic behavior. It is very scary to now know these unstable individuals are lurking at every corner. I can only hope this behavior does ot escalate into someone being physically harmed. Decency of discourse is beyond the supporters of the "No Recall". There is only one way to put an end to this and vote YES To Recall!

  4. It is amazing that when the people involved in the recall effort disparage the mayor and the people that support her that type of behavior is OK. Let the other side respond in kind then it is bullying. Typically response from far left liberals that don't get their own way.

  5. No one I know on the recall effort has ever "responded in kind" with the kind of speech we heard last night from the Mayor's supporter.

    And I'm not sure what "far left liberal" it is of which you speak...but the recall effort contains hundreds and thousands of residents from all political persuasions.

  6. The unnecessary attacks on those who have coordinated the recall effort and those who support it is an act of desperation by JD's supporters. And desperation, as we all know, is a stinky cologne.

  7. I see Councilman Henderson is likening this to when folks had an issue with Gordon Schepke willfully using the term "Chi-Comm." Not the same. At all. Mr. Schepke was being nominated for an important role on the Planning Commission and those offended by the use of the term because the saw it as a slur took issue with him being chosen by Mayor Daniels to serve in that position. He never apologized and in fact refused to do so. He decided, as did Mr. Henderson, that they should not have been offended in the first place. He repeated it even after folks came to professionally ask that it not be used.

    This was just slander and mean spirited. Period. And the fact that Henderson does not see the difference and that he supports Mayor Daniels who made a point of saying she had no problem with it is yet another example of willful ignorance at the council table. They're both in over their heads and it's tragic to watch.

  8. I'm glad that Sue, who spoke after, strongly asked for this women's attack on individuals to be stricken from the record and not re-broadcast. Otherwise, I think it would have been overlooked. It's telling to me (be sure to catch the smug expression on the Mayor's face with the close-up) that when the Mayor blandly demurred and said she didn't see this women's remarks as crossing the line and needn't be omitted from the re-broadcast, that she was thinking that this would be a great tool for her campaign effort.

    This offending women (W.M) who spoke creeped me out. Not only for her personal calling out of names of private citizens and applying insults to them but also for her doing a quicky personal assessment of council members who, in her opinion, should be toeing her line, i.e., Henderson, Fleming and Tietz., otherwise they'd be traitors. She found Henderson disappointing, Fleming really disappointing (because of his transit center vote), and Tietz, totally fawn-worthy; the latter expression was inappropriate, and embarassingly crossing into fatal attraction territory from what I could see.

  9. And now the entire council will be stepping in to keep order at council meetings because the mayor was too inept to handle it. That's nuts. There's a reason they don't interact with everyone who speaks. Things can get out of hand.

  10. Oh please, annoymous at 3:18! Janice sought out the position as Mayor and is very open with her hatred of others. She is an elected official, she needs to put on her big girl panties and deal with what she asked for. TAXPAYERS exercising their right to recall should not be slandered just because someone disagrees with them. I personally wish some type of legal action is taken to make this woman or anyone else think twice before they pull this again. Between that woman and that Dr. Suess guy, you can see that her team isn't comprised of the best or brightest. And also anon 3:18, when a recall supporter uses bigoted language against Asians, African Americans, Mormons, Muslims, and women, like Janice's supporters, I will call them out. However, I sincerely doubt that this group would ever disparage any group. To a person, they have integrity.

  11. Wary and Weary in TroyOctober 9, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    This charade is why Daniels needs to go. City business is suffering with her in the mayors seat. Her continued presence is actually creating a situation in which precious time is being spent on things that do not advance our community... in any way. The truth is, Daniels was a large part of the problem before she became mayor. Standing at the microphone at public comment week after week to berate the city administration and sitting mayor and council. She helped to set the negative tone that we are all now forced to put up with.
    She can claim her First Amendment rights all she wishes, but since taking the mayors chair she has shortened the speakers times to comment and now she wants to determine which comments to like or dislike depending on whether they support or not. What is she? Caesar putting thumbs up and down on citizens as they come before her? (Sorry, sticking with the lion theme:)
    Vote YES to Recall Janice Daniels.

  12. I, for one, am proud to all all the "hate filled losers" my friends. I appreciate all that you do in your efforts to save our city from ruin. It has been a privilege to work with all of you in our fight for the library. Although I have taken a more of a passive role in the recall campaign, I applaud and support everything that you all are doing. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

  13. Yesterday, I delivered a Vote Yes lawn sign to an address. The homeowner who had requested it came out and told me she couldn't understand how Janice was elected. After some discussion, I was able to discern that the woman was philosophically far right, that she had voted for Janice the first time around, and was now supporting the recall. Oh, and by the way, she thanked me for being involved. So much for the idea of the "hate filled" left wing pushing the recall.

  14. I find it laughable that a supporter of Janice Daniels are accusing the recall team of being "hate filled losers." Consider Daniels, herself, for a moment. For the last few years she has spread messages of hate and distrust in the community. She has made many false accusations about City staff; not least against former manager John Szerlag. Daniels has deeply offended the gay and lesbian community. She has deeply offended many people who embrace diversity. She has alienated the business community; particularly the Troy Chamber of Commerce. Is there anyone left she hasnt offended, I wonder. A group of concerned citizens, which are bipartison in terms of political ideology banded together to recall a bigot who has continually spewed hate and created nothing but bad feelings. And she also has the nerve to take credit for things done by staff that were in the works long before she sat at the council table. I consider all of this and I listen to the remarks made about Sue Martin and Linda (forgive me if I misspell your last name) Kajma at the monday council meeting. "Hate filled losers?" These women and the organization they believe in are anything but. It seems to me that hate, cynicism, and a tendency to bully are coming from those who continue to defend Janice Daniels.