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Monday, October 29, 2012

Outsiders in the Recall issue?

If you listen to ANYONE on Janice Daniels' side of the world, you'll hear that all of Recall Janice Daniels money, volunteers and petition signatures came from out of Troy.
And of course, that's not true.
I've heard many in the parade of (mostly) men who support Daniels say that they know it's all outside influence.
They know nothing.
But here's what we know about the No Recall campaign. They have a PAC and the leader of the PAC is from Alpena.
Because outside interests -- REAL NOT IMAGINARY-- outside interests are fighting Daniels' fight for her. They are bankrolling it and they are in key positions in her campaign.
A bus even rolled into the Polish Center last week from the national Americans For Prosperity -- the Tea Party branch of the Koch Brothers' multi-million dollar fake "grass roots" coalition.
That's a perfect example of the hypocrisy of Daniels and her followers -- the wrongly accuse someone else of doing exactly what they are KNOWINGLY doing.
And if you don't believe it's true that Tea Partiers across the land want to help Janny, here's the evidence from a Free Press article last week:

Also in the crowd was Casey Hill, 20, of Alpena, the head of a political action committee called No Troy Recall. She's living temporarily in White Lake Township and is working to help save Daniels' job.
Hill, who didn't address the crowd, said afterward that keeping Daniels was tantamount to
"keeping the conservative movement going in Michigan."
In Daniels' case and in other recall efforts around the country, Hill said, "It's liberal groups using the recall process to stamp out the tea party movement."

Save Janice Daniels save the Tea Party?
Certainly they must have SOME people to protect who are qualified and not ridiculous disgraces to their community?
Here's a little commercial we did last year when Janice Daniels was getting lots of outside support.
Vote YES to Recall Janice Daniels


  1. A 20 year old from Alpena running a PAC to save the Mayor. Is this a poly sci class project?

    1. Apparently she's been at it awhile. Here's a link to a snippet of her writing to the Alpena press in 2010:

      She opens with "Enough is enough. Each time congress meets, another liberty is taken away from you"

      With this attitude, no wonder Tea Partiers have stymied legislative progress.

      May I suggest in Troy, "enough is enough" for us and this Mayor, and for further straying from the center politically. Vote YES to Recall Janice Daniels. Vote for Mary Kerwin for our State Representative. Vote for Dr. Syed Taj for Congress.

    2. Mayor Daniels thinks the Troy charter is "whimsical" because it enforces term limits. She is the very reason we have these term limits.

  2. You tried so very hard to share the reality of this woman's priority (the Tea Party) with the community through this blog and few paid any attention. If the local media had helped and covered her ideological perspective, this town would have never voted her in. It's interesting to reflect back and note that when she took office and the media DID report about her extreme views, this community reacted accordingly. With outrage and concern. She drew so much attention to herself and simply did not understand that not everyone views the world through that same narrow lens. It's disturbing that she and her supporters expect that, quite honestly. She should have resigned and saved Troy and herself the trauma of all of this. The Recall is a rejection of this hyper partisan stance on a local municipality. She is welcome to her views, but she needs to take them somewhere else. Vote Yes on the Recall!