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Friday, October 26, 2012

Janice Daniels: Never a friend of the library

This video reminds us what citizen Janice thought about children speaking up for the library. There were several in the audience that night, including my neighbors.


  1. Janice, above: "In all my 21 years of selling real estate, never was I asked if a city had a library at all.." she uses this to give weight to her opinion as to the unimportance of a library. Later we find out she hasn't been an active realtor for some time, her actual job is in a mortgage office. More bending of the truth from the woman who would later campaign on a 7-day library promise, and then as Mayor would vote down the Saturday opening of the library, then brag about bringing about the Saturday library hours when defending against her recall. How does Janice really feel about the library? Obviously, whatever advances herself, and the truth never gets in her way.

  2. Does she even have a library card. She might be amazed at the resources available to her.

  3. While collecting signatures for the recall petition, I stopped at a house that was owned by someone who used to work with her. That person told me, unasked, that Janice's co-workers were mystified that she had managed to be elected Mayor, when she was someone who could barely do her job, which was relatively simple. This person described her as a loner, an odd duck who contributed little or nothing to the company. I've talked to many other realtors in the area, all of whom signed the petitions, and they were united in their hope that she'd be recalled because they see her as bad for real estate in Troy. And that my friends, affects every single one of us.