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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Janice Daniels is principled! Unless she can get a free trip! (video)


  1. She also lost her principles when she accepted taxpayer money for road repairs. To be consistent with her principles, she should have sent it to DC to pay down the National debt or provided a refund to county taxpayers. But a photo op was involved, so her principles were temporarily displaced. I call this situational ethics . . .

  2. It was also a photo op for Gosselin and we all know, as Gosselin goes, so does Janice.

    1. I was passing through when I saw that scene on TV, broadly smiling Gosselin and Janice, and the big Publishers Clearing House type check. I had to keep walking otherwise would upchuck over the hypocrisy and blatant campaign photo-op.
      JD must have been feeling pretty good and confident since a short time later came her strategem to marginalize Mary Kerwin's honorary proclamation.