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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who's that Dick Lanier guy?

Richard Lanier is one of Janice Daniels' loudest supporters, particularly on the second generation TCU Facebook page. Ever wonder about this man, who claims teachers, police and other people who give their lives to protect and teach our children are the looters of our society?
You won't be surprised. Selfish is as selfish does...

from Kelly

Based on the Troy Citizens United Facebook page (TCU), one Dr. Richard Lanier, DVM, appears to be extremely ANTI - big government and pro anything that is against any form of government, barring one Mayor Daniels. The problem, you see, is our gigantic, out-of-control government, incorporating all of the tea party "buzz" words you can imagine: "big government, liberal media, burying our grandchildren in debt, bring our country back." I have had the pleasure of dealing with Dr. Lanier regarding my very neighborhood. He seems to believe there is a thin line between public and private. Let me explain…

Dr. Lanier and I live in the same neighborhood. This neighborhood, like most in Troy, has a public elementary school within the confines of a 4 square mile. Dr. Lanier's home backs up to said public school. So his back yard is filled daily, for 9 months out of the year, with children walking the track, playing soccer, being, well, children. American children. Socialist children who rely on PUBLIC TAXPAYING DOLLARS for their education. The nerve.

Well, Dr. Lanier's home also happens to be situated right next to 12 feet of city property, owned by the city of Troy since the development was built. Always, always city property. One can assume the purpose of this city property was to allow for access to the above mentioned public school. Based on police recorded complaints filed over the years, a public walkway for children to access the school. Except for when Dr. Lanier felt that these children were bothersome or impeding on his beautiful landscaping. That is when he decided to tell those children, always when an adult is not present with the child, mind you, that they were not allowed to walk on "HIS" property, they must walk around the block through the teachers parking lot to access the school. That they may not access their very own public school on city property. He has even turned his in-ground sprinkler system on students (this is not hear-say - I will gladly refer you to the young adult who was the victim of this). Dr. Lanier has encroached on city property, planted trees and put up a fence in efforts to hinder usage of this city property - that the TAXPAYERS OWN!

Well, after years of children falling over concealed rocks hidden under compost, getting their bicycles stuck, being told they cannot walk on the grass, and sprinklers conveniently being put on at 8:45 am and 3:35 pm (school start and dismissal times) , we, the American taxpayers, had enough. We started a petition, appealed to both the city and the school district, brought forth a vote buy city council in November of 2010. And low and behold, Troy City Council narrowly approved that this city property was, in fact for public usage, and approved a sidewalk. Now - this did NOT cost taxpayers any additional funds. The cost came from the sidewalk repair fund, a fund in place for almost 20 years for instances such as these. Dr. Lanier demanded that no fence be put up on his side of the sidewalk. The city complied. Only when schoolchildren began walking or riding their bicycles close to Dr. Lanier's lawn did he INSIST the fence then be installed on his side to protect his landscaping. At the taxpayers expense, nonetheless.

Based on the Troy Times article from November 25, 2010, Dr. Lanier said this would negatively effect his property value, and he would lose all privacy in his dining room. It would seem to me Dr. Lanier should have considered this before purchasing a home adjacent to city property and behind a public elementary school. Score one for the American children. Surely this is the type of American Dr. Lanier wants to live in, right? Surely.


  1. The problem with many of his ilk are that they bought into something and now want to change the rules to benefit themselves. This guy is a veternarian who works in Warren. I grew up in Warren and work there and I make sure people who ask for a vet referral are told to stay away from his practice. So make sure to spread the word to your family and friends, avoid this guy's practice.

  2. Thank you for this background info, Kelly. Sure explains a lot. Good for you.

  3. His parents sure had some foresight when they named him Richard.

  4. If that dude got his DVM from MSU, I helped pay for that degree.

    1. Whoops. Mistake. That dude is really old. My dad helped pay for that degree.

  5. Between he and that Cristian Teodoridis, I had to stop reading that page. Lanier is as selfish as the come and Cristian's hypocrisy is disturbing. (The guy took money from the teacher's union for his campaign but celebrates Scott Walker? Come on.) Zero credibility. They do not represent conservativism; they are obnoxious political hacks.

  6. Actually Mr. Lanier is a selfish, closed minded, boor.