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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twenty-four Hour Rule

From some perspectives, last night's meeting was a barn-burner.

Therefore, I'm invoking a twenty-four hour rule on commenting because I am taking my own advice:  words and actions have consequences.  We need to choose them wisely.

For now, then, do me a favor.  Watch the last few minutes of Web Cast 1 and then the first several minutes of Web Cast 2 from last night's meeting.

Ask yourself a few questions:

-- Is this the mayor we want for the next three years?
-- Why do council members with no formal legal training seem to act as though they know more than the City Attorney?
-- Who is the Mayor truly trying to represent?

Share your thoughts in the comments...and I'll be getting ready to share some of my own soon...


  1. With one, maybe two exceptions, I don't think I want any of our current crop of local elected officials representing me. We have serious budgetary issues, legitimate claims of poor stewardship by both current and former council members, and lingering concerns of deep partisanship over the library issue. Good governance would be trying to find ways to move beyond these issues and determine ways to serve the community both by resolving the budget issues and by transcending the personal attacks that littered the library issue (which many people, justifiably, took very personally). Instead, we seem to have a group of council members who would rather treat other with disrespect in the middle of council meetings. bicker over the language of a law that's being minimally enforced in the first place, and place their own personal vendettas and agendas at a higher priority than the public interest. That's not good stewardship. That's madness. If we want our city back on track, we need to encourage our mayor and council members - regardless of their political persuasion or role in the scandals and debates of the last few years - to begin doing the job we elected them to do: governing the City of Troy.

  2. Every meeting confirms to me that this is not the person we want as mayor of Troy. The time wasted in discussing her bio issue in council as well as her private time with the city attorney, and her lone vote against a well-qualified person for the Historical committee (who happens to be involved in recalling her) showed me beyond a doubt that Janice Daniels is in this gig for herself and not the best intersts of Troy.

    I'm also concerned about certain CMs disregard of professional staff opinion, i.e., the city attorney and the chief of police. They seem to be taking a partisan stance. And I don't understand Tietz's "don't tread on me" attitude about the fireworks resolution to be sent to the state...this was a recommendation to the state to re-consider fireworks legislation (which many cities are doing), not a new code being added to Troy by-laws, why the No vote, except to pander to Libertarians/Tea Party?

  3. The Mayor's constant interrupting of CM Slater was another embarrassment for her and the City. The elevated seat and the title have given her self-awarded power

  4. None of the actions initiated by City Council had anything to do with moving the city forward. They represented personal agendas and inconsequential matters; who cares what the Mayor's bio says? Could it be that she's attempting to use the city website in her campaign against the recall? Wouldn't the use of public resources for a political purpose be illegal? If she's skirting the legal restrictions but intends it to be an anti-recall campaign tool that's very underhanded and unethical.
    Council approved the distracted driving ordinance a long time ago. Why is it being revisited? I neither seen or heard of any public outcry against it.
    The call for all the salary and pension information is interesting. Didn't Mr. Fleming approve contracts and salary packages for employees as part of City Council? If so was he not paying attention then?
    Partisan politics instead of non-partisan city government. Just like congress; the nation is floundering and they chose to investigate steroid use in baseball. The city needs sound, considered, forward looking guidance and they're worried about their bio's on the city website and what an employee made ten years ago.

  5. Answering your questions:

    1)This woman is not a mayor ... she is a politician. We do not want her for three more years.

    2)Several of the councilman assume they know more than anyone. Fleming and Henderson were especially righteous last night. They just absolutely know what's right! They do!

    3)The mayor is representing herself and a group of senseless ideologues in Troy. They're well meaning but haven't a clue about running a city. But they are running it, nonetheless. Right into the ground.

  6. I think the council meeting Monday evening showed the true colors, lack of understanding and responsibility of our mayor and certain council members.
    Mayor Daniels continues to attempt to prop herself up as a leader, which she is not. After being told by two city managers and the city attorney that the bio she wants to display on the CITY website is not acceptable, she attempts to go around all of them and present the same item to the council for their approval. Of course she anticipated an immediate 4 to 3 approval. Then she is told, again, by the city attorney that her bio may put the city at legal risk,based on the current recall situation. But, what the heck does she know, she is only the city attorney!
    Then it begins: CM Henderson and CM Tietz jump in to state that they have reviewed the mayors bio and see no issues with it: wow, what a surprise! CM Tietz even went so far as to say "Who Cares?"
    Then the dynamic duo suggested that the mayor meet with the city attorneyto discuss the bio further. DUH! The city attorney already had done that and her position remained the same. I believe the CM Slater tried to point this out as well.
    Fortunately, CM Fleming had some respect for the legal issue and sort of back away for the conversation.
    However, then we have Daniels, Fleming, Tietz and henderson gut the distraced driving ordinance based only on their personal views. I have never seen any citizen stand before the council to protest the ordinace or never read any article of protest in the local papers. They voted with no regard to the feedback for the police chief, the city attorney or the citizens of Troy.
    Then of course no meeting would be complete without our mayor proving her lack of understanding of the rules of order as she shouted down CM Slater. Rounding off the meeting was CM Tietz taking an exception to non existent-content in the fireworks document,which he must have been reading for the first time? Regardless of his oversight he still voted NO!
    Let's not forget the Fleming-Henderson team trying to put city retirees on the hot plate by publishing all the details of their retirement on the city web site. I thought CM Fleming was on the council when all of these items were approved?
    So what's CM Flemings game plan with all of this? What's the real value and impact of the city operations?
    Perhaps we are seeing the start of CM Flemings campaign to become the new mayor after Daniels is recalled in November?????

  7. Eccentric ObserverAugust 15, 2012 at 2:55 PM

    Wade Fleming's next invocation: "Thank you lord Jesus for this blessing of misfortune that has befallen our soon-to-be-broomed mayor, and lord Jesus, thank you for granting me this opportunity to try to reclaim my spot in the Troy political scene as my erstwhile allies in TCU try to figure out what side I will be on tomorrow, and lord Jesus, help me figure out which side I should ally myself with when Janice is gone and it's three to three."

  8. "Let's not forget the Fleming-Henderson team trying to put city retirees on the hot plate by publishing all the details of their retirement on the city web site. "..

    Why is this a problem?

  9. Wary and Weary in TroyAugust 16, 2012 at 10:42 PM

    It seems that the TCU gang like to take information about city employees salaries and benefits and twist them and lie about them for political gain. THAT is the problem. One need only look to the city millage of Feb. 2010 and every day after that as an example of it.
    What is the reason they give for wanting to post it to the city web site? Are they seeking clarity? Are they seeking to embarrass? Are they seeking to find ways to eliminate or cut? What is the rationale for doing this? Are they going to protect the identity of the individuals? Can some members of this city council (and some of the previous council) possibly make the people that work for our city feel any less valued?