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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recall Rebuttal

A few weeks ago, the Recall Janice Daniels team learned their petition and the majority of its signatures would make the November ballot.  Attempts by Janice Daniels and her team to invalidate signatures that were already invalidated by the county were successful.  She's got a crack investigative team, I tell you.

However, invalidating anything that was already approved failed, and to the ballot we go.

The language of the recall will appear on the ballot alongside a rebuttal statement by Daniels in which she has 200 words to defend herself.  Here is the language of the recall:

("1) for referring to the Troy City Charter as a “whimsical” document in a November 21, 2011 interview with the Detroit Free Press; 
(2) for declaring, during an “office hours” forum on January 9, 2012, that “the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous”; 
(3) for publicly attacking city employees during the January 9, 2012 City Council meeting while reading a 20 minute “position paper” into the record; and 
(4) for failing to support a Federal investment in the City of Troy of over $8.4 million, by voting against the Troy Transit Center project on three occasions (December 19, 2011, January 17, 2012, and February 20, 2012)."

Here is her statement, along with some commentary regarding her spin.  Note that she does NOT reference recall reason #2 AT ALL.  

"The language of this recall contains untrue statements. Stand together with me for smaller government, lowered taxes and less regulation so that our families and future generations will
prosper.  I voiced dismay that the prior council at times ignored our city charter and that they treated it as 'whimsical'. I will never treat it as whimsical. I hold to our city charter and I make no exceptions. 
 The "whimisical" reference was made in response to her refusing to take an oath to support the City Charter. Here's what she said at the time, according to the Detroit Free Press:

"Daniels said she made the change because 'I didn't think it was appropriate to take an oath to the city charter,' which she called 'a whimsical document that changes with the opinions of the City Council.'" 

There was no attack on city employees. I voiced concerns on behalf of Troy residents about the city manager's information presentation. Troy City Charter Section 4.8 states: 'Council shall have the power to inquire into the conduct of any officer... into matters in which the municipality has an interest.' I have a Charter-mandated obligation to question management when residents have concerns. 
Daniels states Council has the power to INQUIRE as to the conduct of any officer.  What she did was NOT an inquiry.  On January 9, 2012, she read into record a 20 minute long diatribe lambasting John Szerlag and his staff, ending with a statement that she had "no confidence" in him.  And notice that in her defense of her conduct, she quotes that "whimsical" document that she refused to swear to in her oath.  The simple fact is that her conduct would have warranted her firing if she were a private sector employee.  And beyond that, it was just plain reprehensible.
The transit center will burden the City with many thousands of dollars in costs. I campaigned that I would vote no on the transit center and I did exactly as I promised. 
It's true she campaigned against the Transit Center...because she thought the federal funds should be returned to the federal government to defray federal debt.  HOWEVER, THAT WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.  Once she took office, had the benefit of looking over ten years of investment of time and research, and once it was reiterated numerous times that the dollars would benefit some other city if Troy turned it down...she still voted no.  Once her fellow Council mates approved it with a majority, she said she had no choice but to get behind it.  And then promptly voted down the very next resolution regarding it.

Further, I've been at every 2012 council meeting where the Transit Center costs have been discussed.  The Troy Chamber of Commerce and Amtrak have both stated they will cover the costs AND be working on ways to draw revenue to the center.  Daniels has been at these meetings and heard the same information.  Yet she persists on repeated INACCURACIES to bolster her sagging image.
I worked successfully to help bring about the reopening of the library on Saturdays and on-line disclosure of every check and contract the city has. 
First, let's tackle the on-line disclosure of every check and contract the city has.  That's part of "Open Troy"  and the informational 'dashboard' that appears on the city website.  This was in the works LONG before Daniels even considered running for office.  SHE HAD LITTLE TO DO WITH ANY OF IT, yet wants to take all the credit.  Classy.
But...the worst of her transgressions, in my the library AGAIN.  Janice Daniels, the champion of the VOTE NO contingent on the August 2011 library millage...conspirator with those who put three false ballot measures on the Nov. 2010 Proposal 1 ballot...LOUD detractor of the Feb. 2010 millage request that would have saved the library and every other service in the city...the force behind our city's millage cap that keeps us in jeopardy during times of falling revenues...SHE HAS DONE NOTHING to support our library.  And remember, SHE VOTED 'NO' TO OPEN THE LIBRARY ON SATURDAYS.  It's in the public record!! 
Referencing ANYTHING to do with the library is a slap in the face of every good citizen who worked tirelessly to find a way to keep it open for all of us.

Reward these good accomplishments. Allow me to continue to serve you faithfully as your Mayor."
And now she wants a REWARD for LYING, ATTACKING, DECEIVING AND CHEATING?  I think not.


  1. Sue, you are an excellent 'counter spin' doctor.

    1. In countering something, is it still spin if it's factual?

  2. We highly recommend interested voters watch the 20+ minute video of Janice giving her "reasons" for voting against the transit center while attacking city employees. Just click on the link.

  3. This city will never go forward unless she is removed from office. She has proved herself time and time again to be a lightning-rod for controversy as well as having a self-serving (instead of city serving) voting record. We're getting a new city manager, let's start a clean slate with a new mayor (rotating among Mayor Pro-Tems) as well.

    Sometimes, Mayor Daniels, it's time to move on. John Szerlag realized that, it's your turn now. You've made your name well-known, suggest you do a Palin now,i.e., resign. Tea Party speaking engagements on a much bigger scale, where you can inspire the love of the Constiturion in more people than you ever imagined, are awaiting you!

  4. She was campaigning against the library since the Fall of 2009 when John Szerlag submitted the Plan A/Plan B scenarios to offset the loss in tax revenue. Remember when she wore a black shirt with NO printed on the back in tape so that the camera would pick it up while she was at the podium? She NEVER supported additional funding for the library. Not before she was a candidate, not while she was a candidate, nor while in office. She is either dishonest or delusional.

  5. Let's not forget that Janice and her TCU cronies spent at least two years worth of council meetings standing at the podium insisting that the transit center money, all 9.5 million dollars of it, was coming out of the Troy city budget, when in fact, it was ALL federal money to build it. They never stuck around after public comment for council rebuttal to this lie...why? Because the answer that it was federal money would blow a hole in their personal narrative of city waste, which they've used endlessly to fire up their fellow tinhats.

    It wasn't ignorance on her part, it was deceit, pure and simple. And now, this stellar example of principle is our mayor. Oh joy.

    Recall her now and end the madness.

  6. I could not even come up with the lies this woman puts forth. I am sure it's hard for most of the people reading this blog to even comprehend how someone like this thinks. She certainly doesn't take personal responsibility or accountability. I own what I say, wish our Mayor could be adult enough to the same.

  7. Just watched some of the YouTube videos of the Mayor, reminds me of the rantings of Monica Conyers. Truly frightening.

  8. I support the recall, but that recall statement is absolutely awful. Items 1 and 2 come off as rather petty as they target specific one-off comments. Wouldn't it be better to couch items 1 and 2 in terms of a broader disregard for the charter and a broader pattern of discriminatory animus toward gay citizens of Troy? Item 3 is vague. Only item 4 has gravitas. It should have been the first item, not the last.

    This worries me. She will try to recast this as a petty attack on her based on some personal opinions.

  9. 8882 valid signatures say otherwise. She makes a lot of people sick to their stomachs. The vast majority of people who signed the petitions I took around were anxious, even eager to sign.

    Let's not forget that back when an independent poll was conducted on whether Janice should be recalled, well before the petitions went out, I might add, 73% of those questioned wanted her recalled.

    Go to if you need further clarification or want to donate. This is a mission to save our city's reputation and send a message that bigotry, intolerance and extremism won't find a place to grow and fester here. As far as I'm concerned, that is the bottom line.