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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pride Source: Daniels Proposes Marriage Policy for Troy

An astonishing article, originally in Between the Lines, not just because of what Janice Daniels is all about, but also because of what the other council people say about her.
The battle is on.

By Kate Opalewski

Originally printed 8/16/2012 (Issue 2033 - Between The Lines News)

TROY - Mayor Janice Daniels is making headlines again. This time, she is considering putting restrictions on marriage and divorce in the city of Troy with a Community Marriage Policy. She continues to draw attention to herself while facing a possible recall in the Nov. election, which was added to the ballot in July after 8,877 signatures were collected and verified by the Oakland County Director of Elections.

A Troy Community Marriage event was held at the Zion Christian Church in July where Mayor Daniels hosted a meeting with 40 religious, political and civic leaders to discuss her goal of reducing the area's divorce rates and to raise marriage rates.

According to the policy website, local clergy sign a covenant agreeing not to marry any couple who has not had a specified, substantial amount of pre-marital counseling. They also agree to create strong, lasting and satisfying marriages through the use of trained marriage mentor couples.

"I believe that marriage strengthens communities; therefore my involvement in setting the stage for a community marriage initiative is in keeping with the stated goal of mayor as a promoter and defender of the community," said Mayor Daniels in a recent post on her Facebook page. "If we can divert tax dollars from addressing societal challenges to infrastructure improvements (roads, sidewalks, drains, etc.) we will provide a better environment for the private sector to grow businesses and for families to move to Troy."

The policy, established by Mike and Harriet McManus of Potomac, Maryland, is not designed for same-sex couples. "That's a different culture with different issues. I have no competence in that field. I plead ignorance," said McManus, President of the Marriage Savers group. While McManus was able to provide a plethora of statistics and information regarding heterosexual married couples, when asked whether or not same-sex couples would be recognized under this policy, he said "It would not affect them. This policy is meant to restore traditional marriage only."

"The implementation of a 'traditional marriage' policy in Troy would be a thinly veiled attempt to insult and marginalize same-sex couples and their families. Not only does it send a message to LGBT adults - you are not welcome here - it also tells sexual-minority youth that they cannot aspire to 'happily ever after' like their peers. And that message, of course, can have devastating effects," said Dr. John Corvino, chair of the Wayne State University Philosophy Department and co-author (with Maggie Gallagher) of the new book Debating Same-Sex Marriage.

While the policy has not been introduced to council members yet, they are aware of Mayor Daniels intentions. "I wouldn't support her desire to legislate or develop policies on this issue and I do not agree with her decision to use her position on the council to forward her personal ideologies," said Mayor Pro Tem Maureen McGinnis.

"Mayor Daniels is again mixing her personal ideology with the business of the city of Troy. The city has absolutely no business getting involved with personal issues of marriage. Further, in my opinion, the Mayor has no authorization to represent her views or views of other council members in the name of Troy on a project such as this," said Troy Councilman Jim Campbell. "Her justification that her policy will save money for the community and it can be used to improve the infrastructure of the city is totally unfounded. Based on her past performance I am sure the policy does not include ALL the people in Troy."

Mayor Daniels has been the center of controversy since December when she posted an anti-gay statement on her Facebook page in June prior to being elected into office in November. In response, the Troy High School Gay-Straight Alliance organized a protest urging Mayor Daniels to step down. Later, she told the GSA students that the homosexual lifestyle is "dangerous" and wrote a lengthy position paper personally attacking city employees and council members. She further upset citizens of Troy after voting against the Troy Transit Center.

"In the past I have had the pleasure of working with many of the kids at Troy High School through various venues. When all of the uproar started I was very proud and impressed with how many of the students from both Troy and Athens came forth to speak on the issues that had surfaced. I am still proud of them today," said Campbell.

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    1. Sorry. The links should work now.

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  2. Good for the members of council who are taking a stand for what is best for Troy. They are serving the city's interests. I'm impressed with their statements in this article. I applaud them.