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Thursday, August 9, 2012

OAKLAND PRESS: Secret Service visits Sterling Heights city councilman

Hey Janice, Moira and Paul!
This is not a liberal conspirancy. Even the Secret Service is concerned about Janice Daniels' friends' intentions.

Secret Service visits Sterling Heights city councilman who made derogatory comments about President Obama, Jennifer Granholm and Nancy Pelosi
For The Oakland Press
Two U.S. Secret Service agents on Thursday interviewed Councilman Paul Smith, one day after the Sterling Heights City Council voted 6-1 to ask the freshman councilman to resign over derogatory statements he made at a Tea Party rally in 2009 against President Barack Obama and other political figures. Smith said he won’t resign.
Smith said his interview with federal officers at City Hall on Thursday morning went well and it was more of a friendly dialogue than a grilling.
“Some joker called the Secret Service and made a complaint about me,” Smith said. “They told me that their policy is they respond to every complaint and that’s exactly what they did. They asked me a lot of questions dating back to when I was a kid. I answered them honestly and I guess they believe I’m not a threat or some kook."
Yeah, sure they do.


  1. "Smith said the federal agents came to his house earlier Wednesday before the City Council meeting that started at 7:30 p.m. He told the agents he doesn’t conduct city business at home and they agreed to meet him Thursday in a private room at City Hall. "

    Mr. Smith needs to buy a clue if he thinks the federal agents were conducting business related to the City of Sterling Heights.

    Of course, if that is what Mr. Smith is now going to claim, that the images and speech about various politicians were in fact somehow related to his duties as councilperson, then he needs to make that clear.

    At some point the insurance carrier for the City of Sterling Heights may want to consider coverage exclusions or premium increases.

    Mr. Smith: Not fit to have the door hit him in the rear on his way out of office.

  2. If he is not careful, he could give whole new meaning to "Mr. Smith goes to Washington."

  3. Keep in mind, this man and woman live within a 10 mile radius of an Army installation, Selfridge Air National Guard base, Federal offices in Troy and Macomb County, and two major defense contractors. We also have the McNamara building downtown. Timothy McVeigh once wore a uniform and that didn't stop him from bombing a Federal Building in OK. This needs to be taken very seriously to ensure that those true patriots are not in harms way.

    1. Yes, I agree. These two do not fit the usual stereotype of radical terrorists but the ferocity of Mrs. Smith's anger against the government, and all us "sheep" that go along with it and her "us against them" mentality fit the profile. At the very least I can see them contributing the substantial fruits of their successful American Dream to an outside murky group since their plans to work within the system are failing, not because of the system, but because of Paul Smith's shortcomings.