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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Janice Daniels shouldn't be able to advertise her "philosophies" on the Troy City website

Now let’s think about what the Troy city attorney said Monday night. She doesn’t think that Mayor Janice Daniels would be wise to post certain information on the city website.
What did she want to post? Janice Daniels wants to go against tradition in our city government. Instead of posting her biography like everyone else, Janice thinks she deserves special dispensation to post her “philosophy,” sprinkled with all the dog whistle words that show people she is a Tea Party conservative.
I assume the purpose of posting biographies is so that the people know which council member to go to about various issues they would have with the city. Go to the real estate person for some issues, to the lawyer for others.
But for Janice Daniels there’s not much advantage to posting her resume. She doesn’t have great experience. She ran for office as a real estate agent, but apparently was not an agent at the time she ran (meaning she was not telling the truth). She also ran as a “businesswoman” who in truth spent much of her career as an office manager.
It’s also kind of ironic that Janice, who says she cares about the private sector more than the public sector, doesn’t want to show her private sector credentials. She wants to show her POLITICAL credentials.
Hmmm. Kind of odd when the mayor and city council are supposed to be nonpartisan—or at least TRY to appear nonpartisan.
So anyway, what did she want to post instead of her work credentials? This:

There is so much here to debate. Like her attendance at South Oakland Mayors meetings—she forgot to attend the one in Southfield in May, never RSVPing or whether her appearance anywhere creates positive synergy.
And that’s the point. This is not objective provable fact. This is subjective, pro-Janice drivel from Janice.
The city attorney doesn’t want to put it up because it’s clear the purpose is to further her own political career – or to convince people not to recall her. Even while claiming it only defined who she was, Janice said that this document would help people figure out who to vote for -- meaning it is partisan, political and inappropriate!
The city attorney was concerned that using this mini-Tea Party manifesto, rather than an objective resume might put the city at risk to be charged with breaking Michigan Campaign Finance laws.
But why would our attorney fear that?
Perhaps it’s because in 2010, Citizen Janice Daniels reported the mayor and some city council members (two who are still in office and no doubt remember!) to the State of Michigan for allegedly breaking Michigan Campaign Finance laws. 
Our little hypocrite is at it again! 
Back then Janice supposedly knew what the rules were, while now they completely escape her!
She and her friends at TCU claimed that the city council was offering biased information sent out a brochure on the 1.9 millage.
Yes, Janice Daniels and friends Martin Howrylak (whom she supports for MI State Rep), Bob Gosselin, Deb DeBacker, Glenn Clark and all the rest of the old TCU cast (who she has now placed on all of the boards and committees) fought bravely against saving our library, nature center, staff, etc. They did so by coming up with the rallying cry, that the 1.9 millage would raise property taxes by 29 percent. Truth was, with property values, and thus property taxes, in freefall, even with the millage approved, our taxes would have continued to go down. And we would have saved facilities, services and staff that are now long gone.
Gee, Janny, thanks.
Janice also filed a Campaign Finance complaint against the city council members she didn't like (some of whom she works with today). So wee innocent Janice Daniels knows precisely why the attorney is concerned today. Janice did the very thing to the city that she is pretending could NEVER HAPPEN!

Of course, Janice Daniels is on the verge of being recalled for her incompetence, pesky continued evidence of bigotry and supporting and even giving bigots important volunteer positions on city committees.
We might be able to assume that she is having a much harder time raising money than the recall campaign is. It’s kinda hard to defend her, after all, which means it’s hard for her to raise money to get her message out and defend herself from the recall.
So what is she doing? She’s trying to use the respectability of the City of Troy to defend herself.
Daniels has both a website and Facebook page. For both she has gone to extreme ends to ensure the pages look like official city pages AND to ensure both pages reject any input or comments from “the people.” Now what on earth is the point of being the people’s mayor, as she claims to be, but refusing to let the people speak?
Well, Janice is a hypocrite.
And as if it isn't bad enough that she creates fake city websites to spread her "philosophies," now she wants to put them on the website we pay for.
And why does she want to put her “philosophy” on the city website?
Is it to help the people?
Or is it to help Janice?
The latter, bien sur.


  1. "Goals" are forward thinking...and thus could (and should) be construed as campaigning. Keep that trash on her personal site.

    Allowing editorial flexibility within the city web site is a dangerous thing to do. Where is the line to where it goes too far? Even if you had no issue with this, what is to keep the next person from taking it a step further?

  2. So this taxfighter is wasting our city attorney's time with her continued personal demands. She also has no qualms about a lawsuit against the city that would be paid for with tax dollars. She doesn't care about the city's reputation, which has caused people to boycott Somerset and other Troy businesses (who pay a nice share of taxes). She thinks nothing of denying the Chamber, which in turn allienates business (again who pay taxes). I don't think she understands her actions don't match her words.