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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Janice Daniels' friends scrapbook

Just in case the signs in the videos starring Janice Daniels' buddies Mr. and Mrs.Paul Smith went by too fast for you to see, here are some stills to add to Janice's scrapbook.
At a June 18, 2012 Troy City Council meeting, Smith said his wife is a
 close friend of Janice Daniels' and was with Daniels when she decided to run for mayor.
Smith is a Sterling Heights City Councilman.
Troy City Councilman Doug Tietz was a speaker at the event.

 These stills came from this pro-Tea Party video.


  1. There's something very wrong with those people.

  2. So, is that Mrs. Smith (Janice's "good friend") in the pictures holding a sign with bullet holes through the former Speaker of the House's face? The one that says Pelosi "can't die soon enough"? The one that says Pelosi "loves ... your fags"?

    Absolutely disgusting.

  3. Unbelievable. You've got to be sick in the head to put pictures of public official with bullet holes in their heads and nooses around their necks. Referring to our president as "shit on a stick"? The racism veil is completely stripped away by these cretins.

    Who does this kind of thing? Sterling Heights, welcome to our nightmare. If you need recall advice, come see us. I'd alert the Secret Service, too.

    What the hell has happened to people?

  4. Why are you doing this to these people?

    Do you have their permission to put their pictures up here?

    It seems as if you are trying to make a big publicity thing out of their first amendment.

    It was shameful how channel 4 wouldn't balme YOU for making something out of nothing.

    Tactics like this mean there is no shame for people that would do this.

    1. "something out of nothing"??? This says a lot about you.

    2. Hope the Secret Servcie and FBI are on this guy and his wife's tail PDQ. Start a file and investigate their associates, connections and contributions. Have fun Paul Smith and wife, bet you're glad you exercised your 1st Amendment rights!

    3. Anon 8/8/12 11:20,

      It's no different than pointing out the Westboro Baptist Church. If you're not familiar with them, they are the ones who boycott the military funerals for fallen soldiers. The Smiths (and the WBC) have the right to their First Amendment rights, and no one is having them arrested or making it illegal to do what they did. They are free to hold the opinions they have and express them, just as you and I are. People are merely expressing their own First Amendment rights to draw attention to the level of hate and bigotry demonstrated by the Smiths, and condemning it. Just because one condemns how the Smiths used their free speech, doesn't mean one doesn't think they have the right to it. By not condemning it, however, that implies that you approve of their message. I assume you do approve of their message, because you said "it was shameful how channel 4 wouldn't blame YOU for making something out of nothing." If by nothing you mean the images and words on those signs, then I think the average person may disagree with your assertion that it was "nothing".

      Also, Mr. Smith is a public figure now that he has been elected to a government position. If this is how he views the government and his constituents, they have the right to see this and judge for themselves if this is acceptable. They don't have the right to remove his free speech, merely hold him accountable for it.

    4. Is exposing bigotry making something out of nothing?

    5. THIS IS TRANSPARANCY!!! You reap what you sow, Janice.

    6. These videos have been sitting on YouTube for three years. I showed the videos because Doug Tietz is in an obvious leadership position. I didn't know this other guy was a councilman. But again, what he said on Tuesday night (correcting the reporter that it was a spear through the president's head not a knife???) was far worse than these signs. This man is a lunatic.
      Do you really NOT want to know if your city officials are insane? Really? I do. I want to know if my representatives are disgusting bigots and HATE many of their constituents. YOU must think information is dangerous. YOU think they are the victims? You're misdirected, sir and or ma'am.

  5. If you saw the channel 4 piece, you know he stands by his signs and said even worse. He doesn't mind.

  6. Wow.. Way to present a positive image of Sterling Heights!

  7. Sterling Heights Council Member Paul Smith on Channel 4 happily says about the metal object depicted through Obama's skull:
    Reporter: "You had a knife through his head..."
    Smith: "No it was a spear... it was like a..."
    Reporter: "Does it matter if it's a spear or a knife?"
    Smith: "It's what you do to traitors. He's a traitor..."

  8. I'd be willing to bet if you asked Paul Smith and the rest of the people holding signs like this in these videos if they thought America was a better place when women were second-class citizens and segregation and colored-only discrimination was legal, they wouldn't take long to say yes.

    Anonymous 11:20, how can you possibly think something is "being done" to these people? This is the real, unvarnished "them" for all the world to see. They are low forms of humanity.

  9. Thanks for posting this. The Channel 4 story did go by a little fast and I wanted to know more about the signs besides the fact that they are icky.

    They actually use the term 'wetbacks'? How very anachronistic.

  10. It looks like this blog post is what set off this whole controversy:

    1. I see Sterling Heights is having their council meeting tonight. I wonder if Daniels has had the chance to tell her friend Smith not to mention her when he is defending his statements. Take it like a big boy, Paul Smith!

    2. I wrote that blog post; it's my blog. I didn't disseminate the video, I'm just reacting to it. I don't know who the anonymous person was who originally sent it to me, but it was something I couldn't ignore. Mr. Smith's behavior as a councilman has been atrocious; this was just the icing on an already well-frosted cake.

    3. Read your blog post, looks like you have a real crazy there re his actions on council, my sympathies!

      I just can't get over the smiling bland visage of Mrs. Smith in those photos and imagine her spending hours making those crude, disturbingly violent posters that also have racist, anti-women and anti-gay undertones. If a child or teenager was observed making stuff like that a psychiatriac exam, followed by counseling would be in order.

      How shocking that this is coming from two mature individuals, probably grandparents!

    4. Janice Daniels needs to show some spine!

      She needs to stand up for her friends in their time of need!

      If she supports the types of views portrayed by these signs and expressed by Councilman Smith (and apparently his wife), then she needs to stand by Smith and speak for him as he has done for her.

      If, on the other hand, she finds this to be offensive and inappropriate, then she also needs to speak up about it.

      Sadly, I suspect that Janice Daniels will do neither.

      Addl. info on Councilman Smith:
      The Curious Conservatism of Paul Smith

      Link to offensive email from Mr. Smith.

      Wake up and smell the propaganda !!!!! FOC (Fiat-Obama-Chrysler) - 1200 jobs promised

    5. Council passed a motion 6-1 asking Mr. Smith to step down tonight. He of course, refuses to do so.

      Re: his wife helping to make the signs. She blew a gasket during the meeting tonight accusing everyone on council of trying to cut Mr. Smith "off at the knees". She said he is a good family man with a good reputation, and he is not a bigot, and people are trying to destroy him. Unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that he said what he said, and the signs showed what they showed. Denial...much more than a river in Egypt.

      If you're interested, visit my blog where tonight I posted the text of the resolution of "no confidence" in Mr. Smith.

  11. Anon 11:20

    You ask "why are you doing this to these people?" Umm...they made those signs, went to a rally, found a reporter, and gleefully posed for the cameras.

    They also continue to stand by their signs. No one is doing anything to them that they haven't brought on themselves.

    I'm so sick of the focus being shifted to those who bring these things to light from the people who actually did them.

  12. The point of putting something on a sign and parading out on a public street is so people will see it. This is what they wanted, now they are getting the attention they so richly deserve. Janice is just the gift that keeps on giving (sarcasm!). How many more of these neo Nazi trolls does she hang out with? We have seen quite a cast of characters paraded before council. Mr. Smith, Mr. Wisz, Mr. Glenn, she is great friends with Mrs. Smith (who likes the words wetback and fag), and let's not forget Mr. Gosselin and his impressive arrest record. Who will we meet next in this saga? I hope this video goes viral. This is transparancy - thank you Sharon! We need to shine a light on these people so they scurry back to their holes. First time ever- a friend of mine and her daughter who live in Troy were turning into their sub and a couple of men yells "Nig$%#". I hold Janice personally responsible for bringing this negativity and bigotry to Troy. She and her friends own it. They are destroying this city.

  13. To think that they CHOSE to make and stand with those signs. It's heartbreaking. Whether you have issues with Granholm, Pelosi, and the President or not, the graphics and words are horrible.

  14. Looking forward to watching online as Mr. Smith is asked to resign at tonights councl meeting.

  15. smith's not going anywhere.