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Friday, August 17, 2012

Forty-Eight Hours

Here it is two full days after Monday's council meeting...and folks are still talking up a storm about two major issues that were discussed.

Issue #1
You can read an article on Troy Patch about the Mayor's request to put her personal philosophy and bio on the City website for purposes of letting people know "who to vote for or not," in her own words.  Remember that statement -- she was specifically told she could NOT do any such thing for that exact purpose, and yet she still SPOKE THOSE WORDS in defense of her request.  You can see the play back of the meeting HERE; watch the last few minutes of Web Cast 1 and the first few minutes of Web Cast 2 to get the full picture.

Issue #2
You can read an article on Troy Patch about the distracted driving ordinance issue. The distracted driving ordinance has been hotly contested by Councilman Dave Henderson since its inception.  Dubbed the "cheeseburger law" by Henderson, he's been against TPD having discretion to ticket under the ordinance vs. ticketing under stricter reckless driving laws.  Councilwoman McGinnis stated that she couldn't really see a negative aspect to keeping the ordinance in place.  Former TPD Officer Slater stated it would be "foolish" to get rid of it.  And in the face of evidence from the Chief of Police that it's done well and not been used arbitrarily but rather as an educational tool for both police and drivers, Henderson still persisted in forwarding a motion to abolish the third portion of the ordinance .Henderson, Tietz, Fleming and Daniels -- dubbed the "gang of four" by a local resident did just that, though...voted to get rid of it.

All of this begs some questions:

-- Why do realtors and business people purport to know more about legal and law enforcement issues than the experienced professionals the City of Troy has hired?
-- Why does Councilman Henderson, and now joined on nearly every issue by Fleming and Tietz, immediately jump in and defend every single thing Janice Daniels does, even when given nearly "irrefutable proof" (his favorite buzzword) that it's unwise to proceed with her wishes?
-- Why are Councilman Fleming and Henderson suddenly so interested in the pensions/benefits of RETIRED City employees, including police officers?  
-- Do they not realize that proceeding in an unwise fashion on this issue could harm the future of all union contract negotiations, even knowing that our Police unions VOLUNTARILY opened their contracts two years early under a different administration that was more sympathetic to their outstanding service?
-- Why DON'T we have a social media policy that governs what an elected official can use and place on personal websites?
-- Why is it ok to suggest the City Attorney take EVEN MORE TIME to tell Mayor Daniels why her city website request is potentially harmful, but using the City staff to work on universally beneficial projects is a waste of taxpayer dollars?
-- Why was a successful ordinance on driving voted down, yet one of adding more layers of government voted in regarding fireworks?  So some of the council wants to eat in their cars w/o fear of being ticketed, but don't want their beauty sleep disturbed?
-- Why is big government bad, then, only when we don't like what it advocates, but awesome when it serves our own selfish needs?

The only answers to these questions lie in seeing elected officials with more interest in their pet peeves than in serving an entire community.

The answers lie in what is becoming an obvious rush to get some things passed while there still exists a majority to do so.  Once the recall is successful, we'll have a different make-up on council, and the selfish desires of partisan politicians serving only their cronies won't be as easy to shove down our throats.

The answers lie in seeing some council members for what they are.  And that's not good for Troy.

Start solving the problem by supporting the Recall Janice Daniels effort.

Recall Janice Daniels...Save Troy.


  1. I really can't wait till the recall election... we need to get out and vote a resounding YES to recall Janice daniels

  2. If you want to support the recall movement, there is a fundraiser being held at Joe Kool's on Big Beaver between Rochester and John R on Sunday night at 6pm. It's going to be a great party for the very best of causes. $25 at the door. Well worth it.

  3. Councilman Slater does a beautiful job making clear the game this mayor is playing. I don't appreciate her acting all innocent that she needs council input when it is clear city staff has spent time counseling her and advising her on this. She wants to leave the City open to exposure and is wasting staff time. So much for her protecting my wallet. She's wasting our tax dollars. Government waste and folly. That's what this is. Plain and simple.