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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Conservative Sterling Heights website: Why Paul Smith Should Resign

Someone who voted for Paul Smith enumerates the reasons he believes the man must go on his blog:
Paul Smith has come under fire during his brief tenure both here and in other places for his outrageous behavior at City Council meetings. During the several past months, Smith has:
  • Accused City Manager Mark Vanderpool of illegally distributing material to council.
  • Repeatedly accused the Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Manager and department heads of incompetence.
  • Accused AMC Theaters of lying on a liquor license application and defrauding the city.
  • Accused Waste Management of deceptive pricing practices.
  • Accused Experi-Metal of unethically and unlawfully trying to influence council members into granting the firm a tax abatement. (Story here.)
  • Accused four Council members of accepting bribes in exchange for votes on a tax abatement. (see link above)
  • Used his position on council in an to attempt to bully city businesses into not applying for the tax abatements they are entitled to under the law
  • Accused Chrysler and Ford of taking advantage of the city via their tax abatements
  • Claimed that a local coin-op entertainment business is a gambling hall
  • Insulted one of the Police Dispatchers in a public meeting by suggesting she look for a job elsewhere, thinking he was making a jokeIn my opinion, these ten items are enough to indict Mr. Smith of incompetence and failure to serve in the best interest of the residents.
 Recently, however, a video of Mr. Smith’s participation at a 2009 Tea Party rally has surfaced.

Read more here.


  1. The Sterling Heights City Council is passing resolution calling for Smith's resignation. The motion was written and moved by CM Taylor who is a very conservative council member. Resolution is being discussed now.
    Good for them!

  2. Some of this behavior seems vaguely familiar....give me a minute, I'll figure out who this reminds me of...

  3. And JUST LIKE JANICE DANIELS, he chooses to defend his horrific behavior rather than apologize for it. He practically reciting every defense Daniels ever uttered. It's mind-boggling.

  4. That's exactly what he's doing; he mentioned Janice Daniels. Again the defense - I said it a long time ago...does sound familiar. At least the SH Council is solidly sticking together in calling for his resignation; unfortunately, that isn't familiar.

  5. Does anyone know if at the SH council meeting if Daniels was there to speak on his behalf?

  6. For some reason, his wife reminded me of Debacker.

  7. No she did not. Watched that entire portion of the meeting. What was frightening is the anger Mr. Smith and especially his wife displayed. Mrs. Smith appeared to being trying to intimidate the Council and audience. Smith wanted all the residents who spoke to give their home addresses, the Mayor wouldn't allow it. The Council voted 6 - 1 to approve the resolution; obviously, Smith voted against it. The Mayor indicated that if Smith didn't resign other measures would be taken including appealing to the Governor.
    It's all very weird. They say and do the most outrageous things, claim their First Amendment rights, and insist they're really good people. I just don't get it. CM Taylor did an outstanding job of explaining his reasons for the motion and why Smith's conduct couldn't be tolerated. Too bad that piece of video can't be posted here, it could be instructional for the Troy Council. It could be titled "How a conservative, anti-tax politician stands up for what's right".