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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Businesses moving in? Thank the previous mayor and council!

While Janice Daniels will have you believe that the recent upswing in numbers of new businesses moving to Troy is due of her brilliance and steady helmsmanship, we all know that isn't true.
I ran into a veterinarian who opened a new practice in Troy in October of 2011, a month before Janice Daniels took office, who told me that previous zoning would have forced her to have a practice on a major street because of the perceived noise level of a veterinary clinic. This vet couldn't afford to develop on prime real estate, but when the previous council worked with the city to radically change and relax zoning ordinances with the express purpose of bringing in new business, she immediately looked for new digs in Troy.
Same goes for the new restaurant Smashburger. Although Janice Daniels did appear at the grand opening (though not for the ribbon cutting -- did she not see the email for that?) and showed off her true skills flipping burgers, one hopes she did not attempt to take credit for the new business.
As the reporter from the Troy Times wrote:
Troy City Planner Brent Savidant explained that the parcel where the restaurant is located was rezoned from office to business in 2010, a time when the office vacancy rate was hovering near 40 percent. Savidant said the developer, Dennis Bostic, thought the different zoning would improve the marketability and redevelopment potential for the site. “It’s (now) a busy spot,” Savidant said.
So as we all know, mayor Daniels is going to rush to the fore to take credit for these new businesses, but please remind her and her followers, the business upswing is thanks to the previous mayor, council and staff, all of whom Daniels has time and time again deemed incompetent and unworthy of the salaries they earn and the offices they held.
Who is unworthy?
It's time Troy sent Janice Daniels packing and let her return to flippin' burgers.
Recall Janice Daniels.

Due to popular demand, I am removing the video of Janice flipping burgers. Videos from Patch are always auto-play, but I loved having that video here. If you'd like to watch it, go here.


  1. To bad she didn't train this hard for her current job. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that new businesses and home starts were well underway prior to her election in November. Taking credit for things you didn't do is the lowest. Kind of like when she claimed she was responsible for the great snow plowing last winter, where there was NO snow. Many thanks to the previous Mayor and council and may we have a return to adult, qualified leadership in November 2012.

  2. Thank you for acknowledging Troy's Planning Department and the amazing work of that team! The revised Master Plan and all the work of the Planning Commission are outstanding and set Troy apart in terms of management excellence. That all happened even though Daniels and Troy Citizens United (Henderson, Fleming and Tietz) were railing against city employees at every turn. Let's hope city staff hangs in there through November.

  3. Here's how Dave Henderson tries to take credit when a blogger pointed out the success of previous councils and those currently there who have been there through some of this:

    "Regarding the reason the city of Troy wound up in the top 26 cities... it's because of all of us, not just a few on previous councils or in city management in the past (which is what the blog in question states)."

    Only there nine months and already he thinks he's part of how Troy got ranked so highly.



  5. I agree. The auto play had me thinking JD was haunting me.